UCW 16 Weigh-In Results


On with the show….  With the headline fight between Bret Bergmark and Kalib Starnes pulled from the UCW card, nine fights were made official at the UCW 16 weigh-ins. Superheavyweights Jordan Murray and Ian Asham tipped the scales at 265 lbs and 295.5 lbs respectively and their fight will now main event the UCW 16 card.

The only fighter to not make weight was Jose Rodriguez.  Jose weighed in one pound over and had one pound to lose.  His coach, Troy Scheer, expects Jose to easily cut the excess pound.

UCW 16 Weigh-In Results

Jordan Murray (265) vs Ian Asham (295.5)

Kurt Southern (155.5) vs Mike Dizak (155)

Eric St-Pierre (159.5) vs Jose Rodriguez (162)*

Adam Lorenz (144.5) vs Dwight Sutherland (144)

Phil St-Pierre (155) vs Warren Phillips (154.5)

Matt Veal (142.5) vs Roland Delorme (145)

Chris Cunningham (156) vs Scott Richardson (155)

Kris Donaldson (153) vs Jason Geiger (154.5)

Vanja Vojvodic (169.5) vs David Letourneau (167.5)


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