UCW 16 Lineup Finalized – Starnes/Bergmark Bout Scrapped


After forty seven card changes due to injuries, fighters not being sanctioned by the commission, and medical foul ups, the Ultimate Cage Wars have released their lineup for Friday’s UCW 16 card.  Unfortunately, Friday’s scheduled main event between Brett Bergmark and Kalib Starnes will not proceed.  The bout has been pulled from the card as Bergmark did not have his medicals completed on the Manitoba Boxing Commission’s required forms. A replacement was not able to be found in the limited time left.  Also dropped from the card in the last week was a much anticipated Jason Tatlow vs Maka Watson fight as Watson was recently injured in training.

UCW matchmaker Gabriel Santos will breathe easier once this card is over as he has had a difficult ride putting together UCW 16.  Santos wanted to ensure  word got out that Kalib Starnes “was professional the whole way.”  Starnes was “a class act” who had nothing to do with the fight being pulled from the card.

The new Main Event will feature a Super-Heavyweight brawl between Ian Asham and Jordan Murray.  Fans should look forward to seeing the strong Saskatchewan contingent once again.  Adam Lorenz joins the Saskatchewan contingent and fans should be excited to see him take on Dwight Sutherland.  Sutherland is taking a big step up with this fight.

Another fight to watch is the Kurt Southern/Mike Dizak fight which has been moved up to the Semi-Main.  This matchup could end up the Fight of the Night.  Here is the finalized UCW lineup:

Main Event
Ian Asham vs. Jordan Murray

Semi Main Event
Mike Dizak vs. Kurt Southern

Jose Rodriguez vs. Eric St. Pierre

Dwight Sutherland vs. Adam Lorenz

Warren Phillips vs. Phil St. Pierre

Roland Delorme vs. Matt Veal

Scott Richardson vs. Chris Cunningham

Jason Geiger vs. Kris Donaldson

David Letourneau vs. Vanja Vojvodic

Great Odds on UFC Fights !

17 Responses to “ UCW 16 Lineup Finalized – Starnes/Bergmark Bout Scrapped ”

  1. Boots says:

    It’s too bad no one would step up and fight Tatlow. He was training super hard for this fight and would have put on a great show !

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  2. Tink says:

    Go SASK BOYS!!!!!!!

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  3. Dean says:

    im definately waiting to see Jose go again. Kick ass man!!

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  4. Also the record should state that the Manitoba Boxing Commission had nothing to do with the main event being pulled.

    It was Monday at 2:15 in the afternoon that the promoter Tony Condello decided to pull the plug.

    There were options that could have been exercised, Like bringing Bergmark in to get his medicals done here. But Condello pulled the plug the second he could.

    They also have yet to remove the fight from their website, or the ad campaign in the local papers.

    Kind of a cheap way to try and generate ticket sales by deceiving the hard working MMA fans of Winnipeg.

    The Commission had only turned down 1 matchup, due to one fighter having 7 professinal fights who was proposed to fight a guy with 4 months of training.

    Maybe if half as much time was put into the bands, and everything NON mma related with this event, there wouldn’t have been so many problems.

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  5. MMA FAN says:

    The commission turned down one fighter..(Jason stewardson) , but he had 7 professional boxing fights ,,,not MMA fights.It should also be noted that his last fight was 1997.Everyone that needed to know , knew that a month ago , yet Jason only found out this week that he wouldn’t be able to fight.

    Thats pretty lame to leave a fighter hanging like that and tell him last minute he can’t fight.

    what a joke!

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  6. tomas says:

    Still looks like a good card ive seen how stressful it can be promoting and i give yall credit. Sounds like all the fighters were professional and were pulled out or dropout for good reasons ( injury ,paper work). Honestly im real bummed that Tatlow vs. Watson is offand i think that fight could have been bumped up to the main event.

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  7. Real Fan says:

    I’m pretty sure the commission had no issue with stewardson fighting on the card, just not against the original opponent. The experience factor between the two was to great. The promoter had enough time find another fighter for Stewardson to fight. The promoter just chose not to. That’s not the commissions fault.

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  8. fan101 says:

    go “No Mercy” Murray

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  9. trent205 says:

    kick some ass Jordan!!

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  10. pitbull submission master says:

    yo what marc said is true the promoter pulled out due to the fact that he could save a buck ,and get in a cheaper talentless pool of guys, aswell i train with kalib for this fight he was ready and willing to fight he had all his proper medicals etc this guy is back and will be figting top talent very soon i will say in closing this show is basically an amateur event by amateur prometers


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  11. Fan Boy says:

    I heard the same thing. Bergmark had time to do and/or redo his medicals, and was willing and eager, but the promoter pulled the plug without even trying. Reason I heard was to save money. That totally sucks for all involved, especially the guys who have put their lives on hold and trained for months, all for nothing.

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  12. jason says:

    My last fight was 1999 but that was just one of the sports that i compete in. Last june i kickboxed in the USA and defeated Mickey Marshall via tko in under 2 mins,who place second at the world championships in Barcelana spain. I also have wrestling and karate backgrounds as do many of us. As well, for the last few months have been trying to learn some ground work. So to label me as a Boxer would not be telling the whole story. But i guess time will tell if i have the chops for this combat sport thing.lol and you are right about the short notice. it does suck.
    and i did that to the commission and they are well aware of my background and said that if it was brought to there attention me against Kalib may have been a go.

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  13. jason says:

    lol “talk to the commission”

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    By Scott Taylor

    Dwight Sutherland did exactly what he came to do. Ian Asham, on the other hand, did not. Not by a long shot.

    Sutherland, the skilled teen-aged fighter from Peguis First Nation, recorded the upset victory of the evening at Ultimate Cage Wars 16 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. No one expected it, but the kid from Peguis defeated the previously unbeaten Adam Lorenz of Saskatoon. And he did it by pulling off another submission victory off his back, the second of his brief career, as he beat Lorenz with a Submission Armbar at 3:41 of the opening round.

    With the win, Sutherland’s record improved to 3-1. Lorenz is now 6-1.

    Unfortunately, there wasn’t a Manitoba Aboriginal sweep at Tony Condello’s June 19, UCW show as Ian (The Monster) Asham had his lights dimmed at the 13 second mark of the opening round by his good friend Jordan Murray.

    Interestingly, Asham’s disastrous loss in the main event was indicative of the entire evening at UCW 16 and the fans in the Convention Centre sent a message to the promoter that he needs to arrange better matches. Not only was the main event cancelled, but overall, it was an extremely quick evening. Only one match out of nine, got into the second round and when Asham lost, boos rained down on the cage and bounced off the walls throughout the Convention Centre.
    In an exclusive interview with Grassroots News Asham himself said he was quite embarrassed, but he knew exactly what happened.
    “It was just one of those things,” Asham said matter-of-factly. “I went at him to throw a punch, he came at me to throw a punch and his landed. That stopped me and the second punch put me down.
    “I was on the mat, waiting for the obligatory punch to the face while I was down, but it never came. The referee said I was knocked out and he was calling the fight. I wasn’t knocked out. I was on the canvas waiting for the shot to the head that always comes. Afterward, in the change room, the doctor said I was never knocked out.
    “It’s part of this business, but I feel badly for the fans. They came for a main event and got 13 seconds. I don’t think that was fair to them.”
    It was an almost impossible scenario for Asham. He had dropped almost 100 pounds to get to the 265 pound limit for the heavyweight division and then when the fight started, he was told by everyone he was over-weight. Considering the guy started at 390 four years ago, he should be commended for the weight-loss. However, in this business, how one looks is often equated with how one fights and Asham just can’t win.
    Even he knows he should stay huge and fight in the super heavyweight division. There aren’t as many fights in that division in North America but there are plenty in Europe.
    “Guys were saying at my after-party that I was done, that I had to retire,” said the 38-year-old Asham, now 3-3 in his career. “They don’t know anything at all. I’m not going to retire. I’m suspended for 60 days because the referee said I was knocked out, but I’m not going to retire. I’ll be back.
    In the other matches, a number of Manitobans fought well as Jason Geiger and Roland Delorme of WAMMA both won their matches and once again members from Scheers Club in Saskatchewan were solid. Warren Phillips, Scott Richardson, and Jose Rodriguez all won their bouts and reporters at ringside believed that all three of those fighters should get better opponents on UCW 17.
    For the fans at the Convention Centre on June 19, the big disappointment of UCW 16 was the UCW’s decision to cancel the main event, Kalib Starnes from Ultimate Fighter 3 against Bret (the Angry Hick) Bergmark.

    Pulled on Monday, June 15, UCW organizers said it was because the Manitoba Boxing Commission wouldn’t accept Bergmark’s California medical records, but Bergmark told Keith Grienke of Top MMA News that the cancellation of the main event had nothing to do with medical records. Beergmark believed that the fight was cancelled because of low ticket sales and the organizers couldn’t afford Bergmark’s contract.

    “(UCW) are a bunch of cheap pieces of (expletive) that are looking to save money,” Bergmark told Grienke. “I am the sacrificial lamb for the main event not happening. The promotion took the first opportunity to bail. If they had any balls whatsoever, they could have told me, ‘tickets sales are not where they need to be, we cannot afford to have the main event.’ Be a man about it. Don’t slander me. They want to scapegoat me. I wish I was alive when my grandfather was, when a handshake and your word was all you needed.”
    However, UCW’s match-maker and President of Operations, Gabriel Santos, said that the Manitoba Medical forms were never completed by Bergmark and his people and as a result, UCW had absolutely no choice but to cancel the match.

    “Bergmark is one angry hick,” Santos said with a chuckle. “Here’s the truth: The Angry Hick agreed to fight on May 5. At that time, I sent his handler, Steve Rusich from Triple Crown Fighters, the Manitoba Medical Forms that had to be completed for our commission. Bret and his people had the Canadian forms. I have all the documentation.

    “On the Friday (June12) before the fight, the deadline day, the medical forms arrived on Los Angeles Commission forms. I spent all day trying to get in touch with Bret and Steve and they did not return my calls. That was it. We couldn’t wait any longer. The commission didn’t have enough time to deal with the forms, in case a doctor had to be called in to go over the forms. As well, we had until the end of the day on Friday to cancel hotels and airfares for these guys coming from L.A. and if something went wrong with the commission after they arrived, we’d have been stuck with the costs. We had to make a decision and we did.

    “I’ve called Kalib Starnes and we’ve talked. He knows the situation. Bret and his people won’t return our calls. I’d like to talk to him, but if he doesn’t return our calls, what can I do? You know how the Manitoba Commission is. It’s very serious. We just couldn’t wait for the proper forms any longer.”

    UCW 16 Results
    The Main Event
    Jordan Murray defeated Ian Asham via KO in Round 1, 0:13
    The Undercard
    Kurt Southern defeated Mike Dizak via Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:13
    Jose Rodriguez defeated Eric St. Pierre via Armbar in Round 1, 2:09
    Dwight Sutherland defeated Adam Lorenz via Armbar in Round 1, 3:41
    Warren Phillips defeated Phil St.Pierre via Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:58
    Roland Delorme defeated Matt Veal via Rear Naked Choke in Round 1. 3:30
    Scott Richardson defeated Chris Cunningham via Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 3:17
    Jason Geiger defeated Kris Donaldson via Armbar in Round 1, 2:17
    Vanja Vojvodic defeated David Letourneau via Triangle Choke in Round 2, 3:10

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  15. Lindsey says:

    The way Gabriel Santos starts off with “Here’s the truth” makes me think that he usually doesn’t tell the truth. Weird that he needs to specify that he isn’t lying.

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  16. Gabriel Santos says:

    Lindsey, I have to say I always do my best to tell the facts as they are my integrity in the security business depends on it. I have been working in the security industry for 15 years and I am not just a security guard. I am The Branch Manager of a 2 million dollar security operation in this city. The facts are the facts and and others talk shit and lie about UCW and they have no facts! Some people and others with power have been out to squash UCW since day 1 in my opinion and it looks like for now it has been successful. The sad thing is that the fighters and MMA fans suffer because I wish there was a MMA show in town every month no matter who operates them!


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