A Canadian Recap of TUF 9 US vs UK: Episode 12


James WilksWe find out the final Welterweight semi-finalist tonight.  It will be the winner of the rematch between James Wilks and Frank Lester.

Both fighters make weight tonight and Wilks and Lester are now friends.  Lester hated Wilks prior to their last fight and fought with that hatred.  The two share the sauna and Lester says he will fight more relaxed as he now likes Wilks.

Its the last meal for Team UK.  Wilks plays a joke on Bisping.  Surprisingly, he takes it well.  You had to wonder if he was going to get hot headed.  Winner and Amasinger get into a food fight and then Winner gets thrown in the pool.  Just as he is getting out, Faulkner throws a bag of flour over the wet Andre Winner.

At bed time, Lester is worried that he will let people down in his fight.  The guy has looked good and has represented US well.  He does not need to shed any tears over his performance whether he wins or loses the semi-final fight.

Its fight time !

Frank Lester vs James Wilks

Frank LesterFight starts and Lester gets a low kick to the groin.  Restart.  Left jab of Wilks looks good.  Hendo is yelling “Pump the jab” to Frank, but Frank is not listening.  The two are exchanging nice leg kicks.  Wilks shoots for a takedown but does not get it and Lester pushes him against the cage.  Lester breaks and lands several clean punches to Wilks’ head.   Lester is winning the dirty boxing in close while Wilks is better with distance.  The two separate and Wilks’ jabe scores a few times.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Lester. The round could be scored either way.  Wilks may have landed a couple more shots but Lester scored with harders punches and stuffed Wilks’ takedowns.

Both corners tell their fighters that they are winning at the break and we start off with Wilks getting low blowed with a kick.  Low blows are all even now.  Wilks goes high with a kick and grazes Lester.  Lester is trying to land a hard left hook and Wilks hurts him with straight left jab.  The left jab is scoring consistently by Wilks.   Front kick by Wilks who is leading the round at the 3 minute mark, when a Lester left hook causes Wilks to stumble.  James controls Frank against the cage and lands some short rights.  The two break and exchange lefts.  Henderson wants Lester to throw first as his counter is not effective.  Wilks is hurting Lester with nice punch kick combinations and some great knees.  James Wilks dominated the round.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wilks.

Third round will decide this fight.  Wilks lands a big right to start and hurts Lester.  Wilks goes for a shot but still cannot take Lester down.  Wilkslyotoshirt should keep the distance standing as that is where he is winning the fight.  Wilks dominating again half way through the round and he drops Lester with a couple of great knees and lands some punches and Herb Dean steps in and ends the fight.

James Wilks makes it to the Welterweight final where he will face DaMarques Johnson.

Dana White sums it up “there is no doubt that Wilks is the better fighter but Lester is one of the toughest fighters that he has ever (expletive) met!”  Lester is upset and sorry for his performance.  He has nothing to hang his head about.  Four fights in 34 days is a tough haul for any fighter (except maybe Jeff Monson).

In all, Team UK has three fighters in the finals this Saturday to Team US’ one fighter.  After its all done, Henderson wants to beat up “the douchebag” Mike Bisping.  Bisping thinks Henderson will underestimate him just like he underestimated Team UK.

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