CroCop Heads to DREAM Following UFC 99


Mirko Cro Cop FilipovicAfter winning his Heavyweight battle against Mostapha Al-Turk, Mirko “CroCop” Filipovic is heading to DREAM.

Mirko told Dana White following his UFC 99 bout that he would not re-sign with UFC following his one fight contract.

“Isn’t that a dirty [expletive] thing to do?” White asked rhetorically after being queried about Filipovic’s deal with DREAM. “He [expletived] me. The first time in the history of the company I do one over the phone. He promised me a three-fight deal and he [expletived] me.” …

“He didn’t keep his word,” White said, who said he’d had a two-hour talk with Filipovic on the day Filipovic texted and asked to be able to return. “He talked about honor and all this other [expletive] and he [expletived] me.

“He fed me this bull [expletive] about wanting to take a run for the title, and what I think he did was, he went out and did this. He turned down every other [expletive] fighter I offered him, because I needed him to fight Cain. He didn’t just poke Al-Turk; he poked me, too.”

Prior to UFC 99, UFC President Dana White said that he and Cro Cop agreed to an unprecedented verbal deal and that White had never in the nine years he’s been running the UFC allowed a fighter to step into the Octagon without a written contract in place.  After UFC 99, White said he felt that Cro Cop had betrayed him.

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3 Responses to “ CroCop Heads to DREAM Following UFC 99 ”

  1. GarthS. says:

    I wonder what happened behind the scenes that we don’t know…

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  2. Dream fan says:

    Well, what comes around goes around, Dana! I don’t blame Mirko, the ufc is an inferior organization compared to the action and entertainment of Dream. Step ya game up ufc.

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  3. Mirko CroCop has re-signed with the UFC after Lorenzo Fertitta went to visit him in Croatia. 3 fight deal.

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