Police Arrest Hells Angels and XMMA President


XMMABurton Rice, president of the XMMA, and his father Peter have been arrested as part of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigation into illegal cigarette and narcotics operations as well as organized crime.    Both the Cyberpresse and Rue Frontenac have named both Burton and Peter Rice as two individuals arrested as part of a massive SharQc operation.

A combined force of Montreal police, Quebec provincial police, RCMP and Kahnawake Mohawk Peacekeepers arrested 43 men and 3 women in Quebec and particularly around the Kahnawake Mohawk reserve.  (Update:  Police had warrants to arrest 156 people in Quebec and New Brunswick)

Last month, Top MMA News broke the story that XMMA 7 was cancelled.  At that time, Top MMA News contacted the Quebec commission regarding the XMMA cancellation in March.  Without going into detail, Commissioner John Judd mentioned issues with the XMMA promoters and the commission was not willing to sanction the XMMA promoters at that time.   One has to wonder if the commission had issues with Burton Rice and his connections to organized crime at that time and had no issue with MMA in general.  Since the XMMA 7 cancellation, Ringside has successfully held a professional MMA card with no issue.   MMA fans and fighters of the XMMA promotion will have to wait and see how this affects future XMMA cards.

18 Responses to “ Police Arrest Hells Angels and XMMA President ”

  1. Whao… Interesting development. o.O))

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  2. Nice find you would be better then most detectives lol

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  3. Jay Jacobs says:

    Burton Rice is no longer the president of XMMA, hasnt been for a couple of months, actually.

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  4. Gelatine says:

    Burton Rice is still the president of XMMA as of today.

    Information confirmed by the business registry of Quebec, the athletic commission and the XMMA staff.

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  5. Jay Jacobs says:

    Hmmm, according to the XMMA staff I talked to, including Joey Benoit(XMMA’s Matchmaker) Burton is no longer the president, and hasnt been for over a month now. But, that is contradictory to the statement sent out by Mr. Rice less than a month ago regarding the cancellation of their last event. I was merely passing on the information given to me by the XMMA.

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  6. Gelatine says:

    Joey Benoit is a slimy lizard

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  7. For as crazy as the Quebec scene has been, and rampant with all kinds of rumors, I’ve never heard one bad thing about Joey.

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  8. Doerksen says:

    I agree with Marc-Andre. Never heard even a hint of anythng negative about Joey Benot.

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  9. xLizardx says:

    Joey’s a great guy.
    Burton I wouldn’t trust for a second. He owes a lot of people money and I hear he thinks it’s safe to stay on the inside. Wonder if his dad will take the bullet.

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  10. I agree about Joey. He’s one of the best things to happen to MMA in Quebec.

    I’ve never met Burton but only ever heard good things about him.

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  11. UFCNIZZLE says:

    I did some flyer and design work for Burton Rice ten years ago. The guy never did manage to pay me that $3,000. Good to know someone finally came to get him.

    Stuff like this is giving fans and people trying to make names for themselves a huge barrier before they even get off the ground. There’s corruption in lots of sports, but I thinkt his guy has ruined it for everyone.

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  12. Vincent Tanner says:

    Burton Rice is a liar, thief, drug dealer, and generally bad guy all around. His magazine is a front for all of his other illegal businesses. Im not surprised you never got paid… every single writer at the mag had trouble getting paid… and the file at normes du travail is pretty thick against him.
    There is nothing honest about this guy and he should be avoided at all costs. XMMA is much better off without him.

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  13. mmafanstar says:

    I think all you people leaving negative comments, are LOSERS! You have no idea what your talking about! Get a life! XMMA have put on the best mma shows Canada has ever seen!Burton has respect where it counts and loyal soldiers! I guess it’s true ” When you are great, they hate!”

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  14. KLMRec says:

    That’s got all the intelligence of a Ricki Lake guest who’s been caught cheating. As soon as liars and cheaters get scared they turn it around and blame “the haters.” Yes son, it’s always the haters, never you, or facts. It is so transparent it’s actually very sad.

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  15. unknown says:

    bring justin doyon back

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  16. harry balls says:

    ^^^HAHAHAHA! You made my day…

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  17. Cori says:

    I somehow managed to only come across this posting NOW, 2 years after the fact. Just to state to the last poster if they are indeed following this thread, I am the Cori Simpson you said you heard was arrested. This is laughable even well after the fact. I have never been arrested, nor do I have ties to anyone mentioned in the articles.

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  18. Update: Removed Jason’s comment.

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