A Canadian Recap of TUF 9 US vs UK – Semi-Finals I


DaMarques JohnsonThe first round of The Ultimate Fighter season 9 is over and its all tied up 4.4.  The semi-finals start tonight !  Viewers should learn the matchups and be treated to the first semi-final fight.  All week long, Spike has teased tonight’s fight as a war.  Let’s see about that!

The episode starts off with the coaches deciding who will fight each other in the semi-finals.  Of course, they also consult the fighters.  Dana considers fighting US vs US and UK vs UK.  The coaches do not like this idea.  In the end, here are the matchups:

TEAM UK vs TEAM US Matchups

  • Nick Osipczak vs DaMarques Johnson
  • Andre Winner vs Cameron Dollar
  • Ross Pearson vs Jason Dent
  • James Wilks vs Frank Lester (rematch)

Interesting note, Lester is the first fighter to have lost, be brought back to fight again, and then win his second match.  Kudos to Lester who showed tons of heart in last week’s episode!

Jason Pierce is saying how Team UK came more prepared to win TUF 9.  Richie Whitson took offense to this and gets into an argument with Pierce.  Whitson is willing to jump up to Pierce’s weight class to fight Pierce.  “I don’t know why he’s here,” says Whitson.  “I don’t even know why they (Team UK) would want him.”  It sounds like Pierce is also giving Team UK information on DaMarques’ training as well.

Henderson loves DaMarques’ chances in the semi-finals.  Guess what?  So does DaMarques, who thinks he is the best in the house in everything.  Henderson believes that Johnson will win the show.  DaMarques is going to go out there tonight and “hurt (Nick’s) feelings.”

Henderson approaches Pierce and asks if he is giving Team UK inside information.  Pierce denies the allegations.  After commercial, Nick admits that Dave Faulkner got some great information from Jason Pierce about his opponent, DaMarques Johnson.  If Team US finds out, will they give him the boot?

Nick admits that this will be his toughest fight in his life.  He is prepared for war and believes that he is tougher than Johnson.  Johnson is going to smile his way through the fight as he takes Osipczak’s will to fight away from him.

Semi-Final:  Nick Osipczak vs DaMarques Johnson

Slick Nick Osipczak

The ring girls have strutted their stuff so the fight begins.  Thirty minutes are left in the episode so you figure this one must end up going the full three rounds.  Nice leg kick by Nick to start things up.  A nice combo by DaMarques and he lands some hard shots.  Nick has got to cover up.  DaMarques just misses a knee and then tosses Osipczak to the mat.  Nick scrambles back up.  “Hands up Nick,” Bisping screams.  DaMarques is dominating the first 2 minutes and h

e lands a nice body shot.  DaMarques is utilizing his left jab and then takes Nick down and is in Nick’s half guard.   DaMarques is working hard for mount but ends up in Nick’s full guard instead.   Nick does land some nice elbows from the bottom and probably lands more shots than DaMarques even though he is on the bottom.  Nick gets up and lands a ton of punches and DaMarques is rocked.  WOW!  What a ending to the round!  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 to DaMarques Johnson.  However, DaMarques Johnson looks the worse for wear heading into the break.  He took many huge punches in the last 15 seconds.

Round 2 begins and Johnson’s face is swollen.  Nick does look fresher at the start.  DaMarques lands a big knee to start things off and his left is still landing at will.  Nick goes for an ill-timed shot and DaMarques ends up in side control.   DaMarques looks for a Kimura, loses it, and lands some elbows.  Once again, DaMarques dominates the first half of the round.  DaMarques is controlling Nick on the ground.  Full mount for DaMarques but Nick gives up his back.    Nick is not doing anything with the round and DaMarques pounds on Nick to end the round.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 DaMarques Johnson

Third round for a trip to the finals.  Johnson’s jab is still very effective.  DaMarques is still winning the standup.  Johnson tries a flying knee.  Nick is so tough as he is taking big shots and still stands.  Johnson catches a kick from an exhausted Osipczak and takes him down and ends up in side control.  Two minutes left and it looks like Nick will lose this one.   Johnson lands nice elbows and maintains dominant position.  Johnson gets full mount and once again Nick gives up his back but then sweeps Johnson.  Nick is on top for the first time in the fight.  The round ends.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 DaMarques Johnson. DaMarques should win a unanimous decision by the Top MMA News score card.

DaMarques Johnson by Unanimous Decision is announced by Dana White.

Next episode: Two more semi-final fights !

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3 Responses to “ A Canadian Recap of TUF 9 US vs UK – Semi-Finals I ”

  1. Pete Mercer says:

    I know Andre from fighting the same shows in the UK, and Nick from sparring with him.

    Both guys are good guys and will be victorious!!


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  2. Peter….. nice to hear from a fighter.
    If you read the lengthy recap, you will see that Nick lost his semi-final bout. Tough guy though.

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  3. Ecko72 says:

    Nick didn’t fair to well against a precision striker like Demarques. He put up a good effort tho.

    HIT THE BRITS!!!!!!!!LOL

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