A Canadian Recap of TUF 9 US vs UK – Episode 9


Frank LesterTonight, an unknown US fighter will be taking on David Faulkner from the UK.  If you remember from last episode, Dana White will not let Jason Pierce fight as he was complaining about his sore leg.  Who will step up to fight for the US?

Dana is shown asking US fighters if they are willing to step up to fight again.  Welterweights Mark Miller, Frank Lester are both willing to fight in Pierce’s place.  The US are saying that Pierce did not fight because he was scared to fight.  Henderson comes to the gym and says that Miller is not cleared to fight due to his broken nose.  Lester is cleared to fight and as soon as he removes his teeth that are embedded in his mouthpiece, he will be ready to go.

Lester is happy to fight but at the same time he is scared to go after losing his first fight and being banged up.  DaMarques Johnson feels the odds are not in Team US’ favor as Lester is a “pitbull with his teeth filed down.”

Team US is forcing Team UK to wake up early as the US has been waking up early for four weeks.  Henderson thinks its time to switch it up while Bisping feels that a routine has been set and does not want to change.  Henderson says that “Bisping is being a little bitch about it.”  Bisping is complaining about it and eventually squirts water at Johnson.  Bisping is acting like a bitch and he goes to apologize.  Johnson does not accept it.  Henderson says Bisping acts like his little kids and “throws temper tantrums when things do not go his way.”

Bisping wants Pierce and Lester to fight over the early morning trianing time, but Henderson will not agree to the bet.  However, Bisping has been told that his UK team has to take the morning session.

Faulkner still has problems with his gag reflex.  He cannot keep his mouthpiece in and starts to gag when it is put in.  Bisping thinks he needs a better mouthpiece but Faulkner wants to go to a hypnotist to have his “subconscious mind reprogrammed.” Meanwhile, Lester is having doubts (which seems absolutely normal).  He figures if he can do this, he can do anything.  Team UK’s best Welterweight, Faulkner, is a bag of nerves as well. Both fighter will shake the nerves off once they enter the cage.

  • David Faulkner vs Frank LesterDavid Faulkner

The fight starts with the fighters circling – feeling each other out.  Will the two fighters stand and bang?  They exchange leg kicks.  Faulkner presses the action and pushes Lester to the fence.  The two wrestle for a minute against the cage until they break.  Lester lands a couple and goes for the clinch but Faulkner takes Lester down.  Lester quickly rises.  Faulkner lands a couple hard punches after breaking.  A big left from David in the middle of the cage may win the round for him but Lester starts throwing with 30 seconds left.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Faulkner in a close round.  Faulkner was warned twice about grabbing the cage during the round.  One has to wonder if he will get a point deducted if it happens again.

No mouthpiece problems for either fighter as Round 2 begins until Faulkner spits his out.  Lester presses the action and lands some strikes.  Lester is letting his hands go and Faulkner looks tired.  Lester lands knees in the clinch and Dave is hurt.  Faulkner will not keep his hands up and is just gassed.  All Faulkner can do is push Frank against the cage.  A huge uppercut from Faulkner and a second just misses.   Lester lands three more shots before getting pushed to the cage again.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Lester. The fight looks like it is going to a third round.

The fight is going to a third round but David Faulkner does not want to continue.  Frank Lester Wins the Fight. Team US 4 – Team UK 4. Faulkner will not return even though his team is telling him that he will regret it forever.  Bisping is upset with him for quitting.  Faulkner says he cannot breathe.  He enjoyed the fight but could not handle the stress of the fight.  Bisping leaves the room and says that “was pathetic”.  He tells his semi-finalists that they have a great opportunity and not to throw it away like Faulkner did.

Lester is overwhelmed.  He can still win TUF 9 even though he has lost.  “He is one step closer to the six figure contract.”

Next Episode: Pierce gets more heat for not fighting, semi-final matchups are made and the first matchup will happen.


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