RITC 35 – June 6

  • Date: June 6, 2009
  • Location:  Lethbridge, Alberta
  • TV: None
  • Tickets: Ticketleap

RITC 35 Lineup

12. Jason Day 185 CMC vs. Trevor Stewardson 185 Med. Hat  PRO

11. Spencer Rohovie 155 CMC vs. Brakham Saitov 155 CFC  PRO

10. Erik Stevens 185 Kensei  vs. Francois Bourassa 185 Calgary Ind.  PRO

9. Mark Aparicio 170 CMC vs. Mike Bell 170 A-Team  PRO

8. Advin Omic 170 Kensei vs. Robert Curtis 170 Calgary  PRO

7. Shawn Pauliuk 205 Wainwright vs. Devon Neis 205 Kensei  PRO

6. Jared Kilkenny 205lbs  vs. Dwayne Lewis 205lbs Fort Mac  PRO

5. Stephen Young 155 Med Hat vs. Jason Vandebancoeur 155 Fort Mac AM

4. Mark Jacobs 170 Pure vs. Mitch Pearson 170 Kenora  AM

3. Peter Neufeld 170 CMC vs. Landon Coderre 170 Fort Mcmurray AM

2. Brent Keryluke 155 Red Deer Ind. Vs. Reed Parson 155 CFC  AM

1. Terry Nichol 155 CMC vs. Matt Connors 155 Kensei  AM

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3 Responses to “ RITC 35 – June 6 ”

  1. Killer Bee says:

    Jason Day is in for a surprise! A definite KO for Stewardson in the first!

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  2. Nice matchup between the Olympic boxer and the ex-UFC fighter. You have to believe that Day takes this down to the mat and subs Stewardson.

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  3. Jomama says:

    I really don’t see him being able to sub Stewardson. Trevor should not be counted out as far as his ground game goes. He has some mad skills and this will be a great stepping stone to prove what he is made of. I agree with Killer Bee, I think that Day does not have the chin to handle Trevor’s power.

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