UFC 98 Bonus Winners – Machida, Hughes, Serra, Larson


lyotoshirtUFC announced their UFC 98 bonus winners.  Each winner of the Fight of the Night, Submission of the Night, Knockout of the Night earned an additional $60,000 bonus from the UFC.

Fight of the Night – Matt Serra vs Matt Hughes.  Both fighters win $60,000

Submission of the Night – Brock Larson wins $60,000 for his submission of Mike Pyle

Knockout of the Night – Lyoto Machida earns $60,000 for knocking out the Champion, Rashad Evans, and handing him his first loss.

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2 Responses to “ UFC 98 Bonus Winners – Machida, Hughes, Serra, Larson ”

  1. Dean says:

    Not sure of anyone else opinion but I for one would have rather seen the Edgar vs Sherk fight recieve fight of the night honors. There was a lot more action and at least they both at least tried to win. I thought Hughes made this a very boring fight to watch.

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  2. I agree that Serra/Hughes was not Fight of the Night. Every once in a while the UFC comes up with a weird FON winner like Coleman/Shogun.

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