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Doerksen Jabs BabeneCanadian Fighting Championship fans were treated to some well-matched fights tonight at CFC 2.  In the main event, Joe Doerksen had his hometown fans holding their breath as Greg Babene knocked him down  in the first round.  However, El Dirte came back in the second and submitted The Blade while on his back with a Triangle Choke.

Elsewhere on the card, Team Canada’s Justin Barnard controlled his bout with Nick Portieous.  Barnard finished his fight with a nice D’Arce Choke.  Barnard appears calm and workmanlike in his approach to fighting.  His last fight with Brandon McArthur had The Farmer in a few bad spots with McArthur almost sinking in a couple Rear Naked Chokes.  He calmly fought those off at CFC 1 and CFC 2 saw him dominate his opponent.  Barnard, now 7-0, is really flying under the radar in MMA and has quietly become one of Canada’s most promising Welterweight prospects.

Joe Doerksen submits Greg Babene by Triangle Choke in Round 2

Doerksen was scheduled to face an older grappler in Ron Faircloth but he pulled out and was replaced by France’s Greg Babene.  Babene has a 6-4 MMA record but has had numerous kickboxing matches.  Even though Babene took the fight on a week’s notice, he is in great shape as he was training for a fight that was cancelled at the last minute.

The main event starts with Babene landing some leg kicks and a jab at Doerksen while El Dirte responds with his own leg kick.  Babene then rocks Doerksen with a punch and the crowd is holding their breath because their fighting hero is in trouble and taking some shots.  Joe closes the distance but Babene throws him down.  Babene looks better in the standup and looks stronger than Doerksen.  Doerksen shoots in on The Blade but Greg sprawls.  Joe keeps hold of a single leg and gets him down but they quickly return to their feet with Doerksen having a body lock on Babene. As he pushes Greg into the ropes, he maintains position and throws the occasional knee into Babene’s thigh.  Joe is persistent and finally gets the takedown and moves to side control.  He throws a few shots to Babene’s body but Babene sweeps and goes to his feet.  On the feet, Babene throws a left.  Joe goes for a single and the round ends. Cyrille Diabate really has Babene prepared for this fight.  If Babene stays on his fight, Doerksen will have his hands full.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Babene

If it was not clear before, it is clear now that Babene is a strong, young striker looking to make a name for himself off of Joe Doerksen and the fans are nervous for Doerksen as round 2 starts.  Babene starts strong again and they go to the ground with Babene on top of Joe.  Babene lands some shots on the ground and they get back to their feet. Babene lands a couple of punches while Doerksen lands a left kick.  Doerksen goes for a takedown but Babene goes through the ropes.  They reset standing and Babene goes for a kick but Doerksen counters and rocks Babene with a punch.  They go to the ground with Babene in Doerksen’s guard and the wily veteran secures a Triangle.   The crowd erupts for their hometown star as Babene erupts.  Doerksen jumps to the ropes yelling his head off over his victory over the game Babene.

In his post-fight interview he admits that he was hurt by Babene’s early strikes and the younger Frenchman did have him worried.  A very good fight.  Doerksen continues to win and Babene looked fantastic in his loss.  The crowd is left wanting to see more of both of these two tough fighters.

Jesse Bongfeldt defeats Chris Fontaine by TKO (Knees) in Round 2, 2:28

Bongfeldt is moving up to Middleweight here but looks to be the bigger of the two fighters.  To start the first, Bongfeldt keeps missing high kicks while Fontaine is landing strong combinations.  After a good while, Bongfeldt finally lands a leg kick and side kick to Fontaine’s midsection, but Fontaine returns with three punches of his own.  Bongfeldt is standing southpaw with his hands very low.  Bongfeldt then takes it to the ground and sits in Fontaine’s guard.  With 20 seconds left, Bongfeldt lands some shots from the top position.  Top MMA News scores the round 10 – 9 Fontaine

They come out their corners and Bongfeldt misses a Spinning Back Kick but lands a side kick and some leg kicks.  Bongfeldt continues to kick and lands a nice one to Fontaine’s body.  Bongfeldt lands a nice combo when Fontaine lands a good head kick.  Bongfeldt responds with a hard knee and a kick to the body and the two are down on the ground.  Bongfeldt is relentless with the hammer fists and some brutal knees to the stomach of the downed Fontaine.  Fontaine is having troubles getting off the ground but is still defending when a big knee to the midsection crumples Fontaine and the ref stops the fight.

A tough fight between two warriors.  Bongfeldt now has recent wins over Fontaine, the UFC’s TJ Grant, and former IFLer Chris Clements.  Lets hope Bongfeldt gets a call up to a major international promotion later this year!

Dave Zuniga defeats Alex Ricci by Unanimous Decision – 5 Round Muay Thai

Alex Ricci and Dave Zuniga met once before with Ricci getting knocked out by Zuniga.  Round 1 was dominated by Ricci with crisp left jab and quick combos.  Zuniga is a slow starter and he looks slower than usual.  One hopes he is a slow starter or else he has really lost a step.  Zuniga takes a hard shot to the groin and time is called for Dave to recover.  He does and Zuniga does land some leg kicks in this round but Ricci combinations continue to rock Zuniga and you swear this one will end early as round 1 ends.  Top MMA News scores Round 1 10-9 Ricci.

Ricci is too fast for Zuniga and is landing at will.  Ricci is outclassing Zuniga and should avenge his loss to Dangerous Dave.  In the second, Alex is landing three strikes for every one of Zuniga’s.  Zuniga does land some leg kicks in the middle of the round but Ricci uppercuts Zuniga then catches Zuniga’s leg and lands a leg strike.  Two more lefts rock Zuniga.  Ten seconds left in the round and Zuniga suddenly pours it on.  Zuniga uses his right leg to land several very hard leg kicks to end the round. Top MMA News scores Round 2 10-9 Ricci.

Zuniga has awakened after giving up the first two rounds and the third round is very close.  It starts with another uppercut by Alex that stuns Zuniga and Ricci mixes it up with some great punch kick combinations that he throws.  Zuniga throws two baseball bat like legs to Ricci’s midsection but Ricci responds with more combinations.  A bigh right high kick from Zuniga rocks Ricci and Zuniga follows up with punches.  At the end of the round, Ricci thumps Zuniga twice.  A very close round.  Top MMA News scores Round 3 10-9 Zuniga as his strikes were fewer but appeared more damaging as many of Ricci’s punches looked like they were blocked as Zuniga was keeping his hands up high.

Zuniga lands several hard leg kicks.  Ricci does look fresher and quicker and lands some more punches.  Zuniga is moving forward and pins Ricci in a corner and lands hard shots to head and body.  Ricci punches out of the corner but receives a very hard body shot that knocks him down.  Ricci rises before the count and Zuniga is landing some nice combos now.  In the last 10 seconds, both fighters are landing body punches. Zuniga finishes it with a straight left.  Top MMA News scores Round 4 10-8 Zuniga

A big round of applause to start Round 5 and these two deserve it.  They have battled and entertained this crowd.  Ricci starts Round 5 with a big kick to the body. Zuniga’s front kick pushes Ricci down as these guys are slipping a bit as they are covered in sweat.  Ricci lands an uppercut but Zuniga returns with hard punches that snap Ricci’s head back.  Zuniga lands a knee that hurts Ricci and follows up with punches and Ricci drops to a knee for another knockdown.  Ricci gets back up but he has to do something special to make up for the knockdown.  Both fighters slip and the canvas must be wiped.  Zuniga finishes very hard landing knees and various strikes. Top MMA News scores Round 5 10-8 Zuniga.

This was the Fight of the Night in a card stacked with great fights.  Zuniga started slow and finished very hard.  Ricci looked great in the fight and really looked like he was going to shut Zuniga out after the first two rounds.

Eric Perez submits Dmitri Waardenburg by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:21Perez sinks in a RNC on Waardenburg at CFC - Photo by WheretoLook Photography

Eric Perez had a war with Dean Lewis at CFC 1 and loves striking and bloody battles.  Waardenburg has strong stand up as well.  I am flinching before the fight just imagining what I am about to watch.

These two fighters do not disappoint and this recap will not do it justice as the action was two fast and my writing just could not keep up.  These two stand and trade bombs and Perez goes down.  Perez throws a punch and Waardenburg hits the canvas.  Later, according to Perez, “(Waardenburg) threw a kick so hard that it sent me flying backwards so hard and so far that I almost landed on my feet.”  Then Perez goes down a second time.  While on the ground, Dmitri throws an illegal knee and the fight is stopped.  Perez can use the break as he “was getting (his) ass kicked,” he admitted after the fight.  Perez takes his time and then the fight restarts in the middle and the two go toe-to-toe and the crowd is eating up the action.  Perez is dropped a third time and Waardenburg follows him to the ground.  Waardenburg gets side control after escaping a Perez Triangle attempt.  Remarkably, Perez somehow finds the energy to get top position and the full mount !  Perez lands some heavy ground and pound lefts.  Waardenburg turns his back and Eric Perez wins by Rear Naked Choke submission.

INCREDIBLE FIGHT !  Thankfully XMMA cancelled their show this month and Waardenburg was available to fill in for Perez’ original opponent who pulled out.  These two guys took huge shots and Perez “Dispenser” (gotta love it) showed incredible heart and intelligence to stay in the game and change up his strategy and start looking for submissions.   WOW!  I gassed watching that fight.

Sebastien Garguier submits Dominick Blais by Ankle Lock in Round 1, 3:06

Garguier has been busy lately as this is his third fight in three months – the first two were wins!  Blais is on a four fight win streak so this looks to be a great matchup!

Action begins with Sebastien swinging and landing punches to Blais’ face.  As fans have seen Blais do in the past, he takes it to the ground after being hit and he pulls guard here.  Garguier lands some punches from full guard but Dominick, who is a huge 155 lber, powers his way to the top.  The next two minutes is pure dominance by Blais.  He goes from full mount where he throws huge rights, to an Arm Bar attempt, then back to full mount again.  Unfortunately for Blais, Sebastien somehow gets a hold of a leg and works on Dominick’s foot where he secures an Ankle Lock that Blais taps out to.  Blais dominated but just got caught.  Afterwords, word around the ring is that Blais’ ankle was injured a week before the fight but Blais fought anyways.  The rumour is unconfirmed.  Either way, Garguier pulled this one out of the fire with a nice submission as he looked outmatched in this fight.

Justin Barnard submits Nick Portieous by D’arce Choke in Round 2

As mentioned before, Justin Barnard is a very quiet 6-0 at the start of the fight, while Portieous is 3-2.  The two Welterweights start with Portieous pushing Barnard against the ropes.  Barnard has underhooks and takes Nick down where Barnard works to half guard.  Portieous bullies out and lands on top of Barnard.  Portieous looks to pass but The Farmer pushes out and both get to their feet.  Another takedown by Barnard lands him in Portieous’ half guard again.  He works to a North-South position then attemps a D’Arce Choke.  Barnard seems intelligent and calm in the ring – he realizes he cannot finish him so he releases the hold, gets Portieous’ back where he lands rights.  Portieous, from Cornwall, attempts a Kimura but Barnard slips out and has Nick’s back again.  He rides Nick’s back and drops huge fists and one big knee for good measure.  Top MMA News scores it 10-9 for Barnard

Barnard showed very good wrestling and maintained the dominant position throughout the first round and its more of the same in the second.  The two fighters trade punches to start the round and then Nick goes for a double leg but ends up on his back.  Barnard lands some solid rights and then gets full mount.  Portieous gives his back up but Barnard cannot or will not get his hooks in.  Barnard gets side control and then works to North South position.  Justin goes for a second D’Arce Choke and Portieous has had enough and taps out.  Impressive performance by Barnard and the only one sided fight of the night.

Mark Durant defeats Joseph Latour by Split Decision 29-28, 28-29, 30-27

Interesting story with Durant who is having his MMA debut after ten plus years of professional kickboxing.  After his kickboxing win after CFC 1, it was thought that he was done with fighting.  Instead, he is going to try Mixed Martial Arts.  After watching his last two kickboxing matches, no one was expecting the thriller of a match that these two fighters gave the fans tonight.

Round 1 starts and Latour goes for a standing Guillotine which Durant shrugs off and follows up with several effective leg kicks to Latour.  Latour then bull rushes Durant and they go through the ropes and must be restarted.  Latour looks the stronger of the two as he pushing Durant around and Latour knocks Durant down.   Durant looks stunned and the ref rushes in too stop.  The ref touches Latour but then backs away realizing that Durant is defending.  This is reminiscent of Pete Sell vs Matt Brown with Yves Lavigne who just happens to be reffing tonight at CFC 2.  They get to their feet and Latour picks up Durant and slams him.  Durant is resilient and gets back up.  Durant starts pressing Latour.  He effectively uses a left leg kick, right hook combination throughout the fight.  Durant then takes Latour down and lands some hard hammer fists.  At the end of the round, Latour gets Durant in a Triangle that is locked on, but the round ends. Top MMA News scores it 10-9 Latour.

Round 2 and Durant goes back to the leg kick right hand combo that has been effective.  Latour wants none of that and pulls guard.  The Team Canada corner screams “BODY BODY HEAD” and that is exactly what Durant throws while in Latour’s guard.  Some real effective shots are landed before Latour sinks in another Triangle.  Its in tight, but Durant flips and twists and escapes the sub attempt.  Durant has Latour’s back but the ground is not where he wants to be so he stands back up and Latour has to follow.  Durant lands a big right and follows with more shots.  Just when you think Latour is done for, he incredibly comes back and stuns Durant with a hard punch and follows up with a take down into full mount.  Durant gives up his back but the round ends.  Top MMA News scores it 10-9 Durant.

In Top MMA News‘ eyes, this final round will be the tie breaker in this exciting Lightweight battle and the two fighters hug to start it off.  Durant lands leg kicks and rights (notice the pattern?) and Latour looks tired and is not mounting offense.  Durant continues feeding Latour a steady diet of leg kicks and right hands.  All of the sudden, Latour lands a big knee that stuns Durant.  Latour now mounts offense and Durant is taken down.  Latour goes for the Rear Naked Choke but Durant escapes and ends up in Latour’s guard.  The two fighters are tired and Durant rides out the round on top.  The two could have been stood up for inactivity at the end but all in all a most exciting fight.

Major accolades go to both fighters.  These two gave it all.  Latour is 0-2 in his two trips to Winnipeg but looked good in both outings.  Congrats to Durant for his first MMA win.

Francois Lacombe defeats Serge Rochon by KO in Round 1, 1:28Serge opens the night of fights with a straight left that connects then takes Lacombe down.  Francois, who trains under Fabio Holanda, then attempts a Guillotine, but Serge “and Destroy” escapes.  Rochon is in Lacombe’s half guard but the fighters scramble to their feet.  Out of nowhere Lacombe judo tosses Rochon but they again get to their feet.  Lacombe throws a straight right that drops Rochon.  The ref stops the fight as Rochon is rocked.  KO of the Night goes to Francois Lacombe.

After the fight, CFC 3 is announced.  CFC 3 will be November 20.  If its half as good as this one, it will be worth the money.

*** Photos by WheretoLook Photography

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