CFC 2 Weigh-In Results


Chris Fontaine will fight Jesse Bongfeldt at CFC 2

The fighters weighed in for CFC 2 and the fights are official.  There will be eight fights at the Winnipeg Convention Centre on May 22.  All fighters made weight except for Welterweights Justin Barnard and his opponent Nick Portieous.  Barnard was first to weigh in and came in at 172 lbs while Portieous tipped the scales at 171.5 lbs.  Rather than sweating off the remaining 1 pound and 1/2 pound that each was respectively over, the two fighters agreed to fight at the weights they weighed in at.

The main event fighters finally got a look at each other.  Greg Babene, from Cyrille Diabate’ Snake Team, and Team Canada’s Joe Doerksen came in under their 185 lb Middleweight limit.

In the sole Muay Thai bout at CFC 2, Dave Zuniga and Alex Ricci both weighed in over the 170 lb limit.  Zuniga did come back and weigh in a second time successfully at 171 lbs.  His opponent Alex Ricci weighed a pound over at 172.  Forty five minutes later, Ricci came back and weighed in at 171 lbs.

CFC 2 Weigh-In Results

Serge Rochon (144.5) vs Francois Lacombe (145)

Mark Durant (152) vs Joseph Latour (155)

Justin Barnard (172) vs Nick Portieous (171.5)

Dominick Blais (156) vs Sebastien Garguier (152)

Eric Perez (135.5) vs Dmitri Waardenburg (135)

Dave Zuniga (171) vs Alex Ricci (171)

Chris Fontaine (183) vs Jesse Bongfeldt (184.5)

Joe Doerksen (184.5) vs Greg Babene (184)

*Barnard and Portieous agreed to fight at their weigh-in weights

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** Photo courtesy of Andrew Grienke

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  1. Derek says:

    Great card! I can’t wait!

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  2. Me says:

    185 is Middleweight man

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  3. Dale says:

    Sebastien Garguier is a small dude, Dom will likely be up to 170 today (at least he looked up quite a bit this afternoon). That fight isn’t going to last long! Dom by… well I can’t let the secret out!

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