A Canadian Recap of TUF 9 US vs UK – Episode 8


Jason DentThe UK is up 4 to 2 as Episode 8 is about to start.

Jason Pierce laments that he has staph infection on his leg.  He hopes that it subsides as he does not want to fight the UK’s best fighter without training and unprepared.

Dave Faulkner cannot keep his mouth guard in.  He feels sick and wants to gag when the mouth piece is in.

For a change of pace, Hendo decides Ultimate Frisbee would be good for morale.  Team US has a great time playing frisbee.  Pierce however is still worrying about his leg and he says that the doctor may not clear him.  Pierce says it hurts and is nervous that he did not work out prior to his fight.  Henderson does not like Pierce’s negative energy and would appreciate Pierce showing a little enthusiasm for being in The Ultimate Fighter.  Pierce says he will still fight.

Santino Defranco concurs with Henderson.  Pierce is grumpy and does not like anybody.  It also bothers them that Dent and Pierce never cook and are always looking for food.  Frank Lester jokingly says he wants Pierce “to die”.

Jason Dent now fights Lawson as Henderson announces.   Bisping thinks Lawon will take Dent down and submit him very quickly.  Dent does not like the TUF house.  Not a moment’s piece for Dent.  He’s twitchy and cannot stand being in the house.  Dent cannot wait to fight though.  Henderson states that Jason Dent is very technical although he is resistant to change and does not want to get better at his weaknesses.  “Dent wants to stick at what he is good at,” which irritates Henderson.   Dent seems to shut down when some yells at him.  Henderson says Dent is “tough to coach.”

Lawson’s personality is starting to show.  Jeff is a fun guy who really lightens up the house.   Lawson, Faulkner, and Amasinger and others  don Jeff Lawsonwrestling masks and get at it.  The highlight is a beautiful suplex off the diving board.

It turns out that Jeff Lawson is an Arm Bar specialist.  He has 21 Arm Bar victories.  He is going to come out punching, take him down, and win by Arm Bar just like every other fight.   Jeff started TUF with a chest infection but has caught up after a slow start.  I do not understand why being “ginger” is a bad thing, but it seems to be a curse to the Brits.  People do not expect much from Lawson because he’s ginger, but he always catches his opponents unexpectedly and they end up on their back.

Jason Dent admits he gets nervous before his fights.  Who wouldn’t be nervous?

Oh no.  Dana White comes to the gym to talk to Jason Pierce about his staph infection.  He admits that the doctor says he can fight.  A second doctor says that if his leg is injured seriously, he could be in trouble.  Pierce says he wants to fight, but also says he feels very bad and has the shivers.  Dana feels that Pierce does not want to fight.  Stay tuned as we will hear more from this I am betting.

The fight is about to start when, commercial.  While enjoying the brief interruption why not discuss who will win the Champions League final next week – Man U or Barcelona.  Or perhaps, who should have won the battle between the Mafia and the Yakuza.

Jason Dent vs Jeff Lawson

Fight starts and the fighters stand for the first minute.  Dent is tentative and Lawson a little wild.  Lawson tries to take him down, goes for a toe hold, and ends up pounding on Dent while in his guard.   Dent is very active from the bottom and lands some good elbows while being picked up and slammed.  Herb Dean warns Dent to watch his punches/elbows as they are hitting the back of Lawson’s head.    Lawson stands and reins down punches on Dent and then gets full mount.  ELBOWS ELBOWS everyone yells to Lawson who loses his mount but remains in Dent’s full guard.  With ten seconds left, Dent finally gets off his back.  Top MMA News scores it 10-9 Lawson.

Prior to Round 2, we hear from Stephan Bonnar who claims he has to beat Mark Coleman or his girlfriend will leave him and will take the dogs with her.  Seriously though, Bonnar needs the win as any loss could mean an exit from the UFC.

Round 2 starts and Dent stuffs a Lawson takedown.  Lawson is tiring and Dent goes on offense.   Lawson’s hands are low and he is very tired.  He manages to get Dent to follow him to the ground and the two attempt Heel Hooks on each other.  They scramble to their feet and Lawson lands a big knee.   Dent gets him down and submits Lawson with an Anaconda Choke.  Jason Dent wins and its UK 4 – US 3.

Although Dent wins, Dana says that after Lawson gassed, Dent should have taken advantage.  It took Dent too long to take advantage of Lawson according to White.  I concur.  Lawson bronchitis and chest infection really affected his stamina in this fight.

Back to Pierce, Dana says that he will not let Jason Pierce fight.  Pierce did not seemed enthused to fight, so Dana had to take the opportunity away from him.  Dana believes that Pierce “showed up at TUF and realized that he was not a fighter.  He just doesn’t have it.”

Next Episode: Who steps up to take Pierce’s spot for Team US?  Bisping and Damarques Johnson nearly come to blows.

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