Ryan Ford Hops on the Pain Train at TFC 7


Alaska's Dave Mazany Fights Ryan Ford at TFC

An unknown Dave “Pain Train” Mazany impressed many people with his performance at TFC 6 against Claude “Prince” Patrick.  So what does an impressive performance against a champion get you? A return trip to Edmonton to take on one of the biggest names in Canadian MMA. Mazany will return to the Shaw Conference Centre on Saturday, May 30th to face Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford, in his much anticipated TFC debut, in the main event of TFC 7 Full Throttle.

Ford is very excited to enter The Fight Club cage for the first time after signing with the company in March. “I can’t wait to get back to Edmonton and make my TFC debut. I have been to The Fight Club as a fan and now I get a chance to perform for my fans inside the cage. It is going to be awesome! I have sold a ton of tickets for the show and I am not going to disappoint.”

Shortly after signing with TFC, Ford headed west to train with Adam Vugec at Zuma Martial Arts.  According to Ford, it’s a trip well worth taking. Adam Vugec is an amazing guy to work with. I have learned so much in the short time I have been here it is incredible, and I still have 10 days left.  People will definitely see an improved Ryan Ford when I step into the cage.”

Dave Mazany may be unknown to most, but he is not unknown to Ford. “I saw his fight with Patrick at TFC 6. He did a very good job against a fighter he matched up well with. Claude Patrick is there to win, I am there to hurt. Mazany /Patrick was a very good technical fight, but Patrick was not going to hurt Dave, I will. I have very heavy hands and I am a big man for my weight. I will be very aggressive and I want to demolish Mazany.”

But don’t think this is going to be an easy fight for The Real Deal. Mazany was very impressive against one of the top welterweights in the country two months ago, and according to a very confident Alaskan, you can expect a fight to remember when he faces Ford; “I have been doing my homework on Ford. One of the biggest things I know about him is he is very popular in Edmonton. He is big, strong, and athletic, with very good wrestling skills.  This is a great formula for a great fight. I’m excited to feel his athleticism and it will be awesome to throwdown with him.”Mazany is also more comfortable this time. His last trip to Edmonton was his first fight out of his hometown Anchorage, Alaska. This time he is coming in with more confidence “I didn’t know what to expect my first trip to Edmonton. This time I know what I am in for. I feel way more comfortable this time.”

But how can a guy feel confident and comfortable taking on Ryan Ford in Edmonton? “It feels great to be the first guy to take on Ford in TFC. I’m very happy to step up and fight one of the top welterweight draws in Canada. Why the hell not, you only live once right? I’m the underdog in this Fight. I was against Patrick and I stepped my game up and put on a decent fight. Now I’m ready to come into the cage, a stronger, more skilled fighter ready to step up again but I would rather take home a “W” this time.”

Both fighters seem very confident and excited about this fight, but that is not the only similarities they share, both have something to prove. For Mazany it is to further his career, “I need a win against Ford to make that next step. He is a well known fighter and a win against him would do a lot for my future. I came to Edmonton the first time to put on a good show, this time I am coming to Edmonton to fight Ryan Ford. I don’t want a boring three round decision, I want an epic fight. I want to dig deep and make it a pure guts fight. I want us to beat the crap out of each other and I want my arm raised at the end of the night.”

Ford on the other hand has something else to prove; “Mazany gave Patrick all he could handle at the last show.  I will destroy Mazany and once I do I want a shot at Patrick’s belt.”

Full Throttle seems like the perfect name for the upcoming TFC show. The main event has the potential to be an all out brawl between two very talented welterweights with something to prove.

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