XMMA 8 Cancelled


xmma8_full1Unfortunately, XMMA 8 scheduled for May 16th has been cancelled. The promotion called the fighters to inform them of the late cancellation and in turn the fighters started calling around looking for work. (This is how I was informed)

I spoke with Joey Benoit who said it was a “technical problem with the commission” and that they would be back in full force July 18th with XMMA 9. “…it’s a sad day, but we will be there on july 18th for XMMA 9: NO ESCAPE”

The XMMA 8 card was part of the XMMA Challenger series. XMMA was going planning to use the Challenger series as a feeder for its larger cards.  Younger, less experienced fighters were to be featured on this card and as they got more experience would graduate to larger XMMA events like XMMA9: NO ESCAPE.

Stay tuned for more on this.

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