A Canadian Recap of TUF 9 US vs UK – Episode 6


Team US Cameron Dollar Victorious on Episode SixEpisode five of The Ultimate Fighter saw the US team crumbling and the UK team getting closer together.  The show also featured two fights, Dean Amasinger from the UK got Triangled by DaMarques Johnson and the UK’s Andre Winner TKO’d Team USA’s Santino Defranco.  Team UK is up 2-1 over Team US.

Episode six starts with Cameron Dollar being hated by his team.  Dollar predicts that  he will be picked next.  Guess what?  Bisping picks Dollar to fight Martin Stapleton.

“Stapes is perfect” claim his teammates.  “Stapes is a big dude,” claims Dollar.  “I got myself into this situation and I am going to get myself back out.”

Bisping admits that he slept through Amasinger’s fight due to fatigue from jet lag.  He hopes Dean forgives him. Amasinger shakes his hand, but you have to think he is annoyed with the Count.

Bisping says that Stapleton is going to have to stop Dollar’s takedowns and keep it standing.  He sees it ending by TKO in the second.  Stapleton? He says he is going to make it 3-1 for Team UK.

Henderson says that Dollar loves the ground work, but insists that he needs to work on his standup.  Hendo says Dollar needs the work and “we are going to make him do it.”  The strategy, push Stapleton against the fence, take him down, and win the fight on the ground.  If he keeps to the plan, Henderson says that “(Dollar) can’t lose the fight.”

Dollar is getting very anxious.  He seems to be getting very scared and nervous.  Who wouldn’t be?  Normal emotions for people entering the cage.  Not normal for people to admit it though.  Dollar admits he is scared and I admire him for telling the truth.  Very easy to say “I am going to take his leg home,” but very hard for a fighter to say, “I’m scared.”  Dollar’s advice to Stapleton – “Keep your head down, your  chin up, and let me knock you out.”

Cameron Dollar vs Martin Stapleton

The fight starts with the fighters feeling each other out, before Stapleton gets knocked down.  Stapleton goes for a takedown, but Dollar stops it and ends up taking Stapleton down with a toss.  Dollar gets  Stapleton’s back.  Dollar sinks the Rear Naked Choke in for the tap.  Dollar by Submission.  Team US 2 – Team UK 2. All tied up.

Henderson picks next.  Frank Lester from the US is going up against the UK’s James Wilks.

Lester is going to throw wide big bombs according to Wilks.  Thats good for him as he likes the jab.  Bisping thinks Wilks can beat him in all areas of this fight.  Team US does not respect James Wilks.  “He is a traitor.  He is a spoiled brat.  He lives in Orange County.  He is not American and he is not a Brit, ” are a few words that Frank Lester has for Wilks.  Lester wants to hurt Wilks badly.

Henderson says that Lester is too emotional.  Lester says he cannot control his brain.  He cannot sit still and he wants to take Wilks’ head off.  Henderson wants Lester to calm down and not to get so emotional.  DaMarques Johnson says he will give Lester $100 if he knocks Wilks’ tooth out during the fight.

James Wilks vs Frank LesterJames Wilks

Wilks has the reach advantage in this one.  Will he use it?  Wilks lands a couple jabs to start the fight.  Lester is winging punches and does land a right.  They stand for a minute and a half before heads collide and down they go.  Lester is on top but Wilks quickly gets side control on Lester.   Wilks goes for a heel and loses his dominant position.  Both are on their feet with 1:45 left in the round and Wilks pushes Lester to the cage.  The fighters exchange knees with Lester getting the worse of it.  Wilks throws Lester to the ground and rides the round out on top.  Top MMA News scores it 10-9 for Wilks.

Ref calls for fighters to start Round 2, but Lester is not coming out.  Bisping is screaming that if Lester cannot fight then it should be over.  Why the delay?  We will find out after these important messages.

After commercial break, we find out he cannot get his mouthpiece in as a tooth is stuck in his mouthpiece. ($100 for Wilks? Karma is a bitch) Henderson pries the tooth out and we start again.  The two exchange jabs.  Lester wings more punches while Wilks is tighter and also lands some kicks.  Bisping yells that “Lester is scared, he’s running” and indeed Lester is backing up.  The two get in close and land some elbows before Wilks takes Lester down.  Lester gets back up but looks tired.  Another Wilks’ takedown into side position and then full mount.  Wilks pries an arm free and Lester taps out to an Arm Bar.  Wilks wins by Arm Bar.  UK 3 – US 2.

Dana White and Frank Lester explain how a first round Wilks’ knee knocked out his four false teeth.  Lester previously lost his teeth as a youth.  Nice fight though.

Next Week’s Episode: Two more fights, infection in the house, possible Herpes outbreak, guys go through a cage door, coaches face off in a reward challenge,  and a Team UK fighter hurts himself with a sledge hammer.  Thats a lot to cover in an hour.

2 Responses to “ A Canadian Recap of TUF 9 US vs UK – Episode 6 ”

  1. Kat says:

    Bisping sleeping… ridiculous and irresponsible, i wouldnt want him representing my team! And another thing, Wilks shouldnt have been allowed to fight for the UK, not that the US wants him but for the simple logisitcs facts. He doesnt reside in the UK so how can he represent them??? None the less, good fights this episode!

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  2. Boots says:

    “Wilks shouldnt have been allowed to fight for the UK, not that the US wants him but for the simple logisitcs facts. He doesnt reside in the UK so how can he represent them???”

    Pretty simple answer. Wilks was born there and is still a citizen of the UK. Most of the best athelete’s in the world don’t train in their native countries but can still represent them at the olympics, why should this be any different. Wilks is british, was born in the uk and still has an accent even…lol, why shouldn’ he be allowed to represent them.

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