Yves Lavigne to Ref the Canadian Fighting Championship 2 – May 22nd


UFC 94 Machida Silva Mixed Martial ArtsThe Canadian Fighting Championship was recently notified by the Manitoba Boxing Commission that they have employed the services of Yves Lavigne for CFC 2 at the Winnipeg Convention Center on May 22nd.

This was great news for the MMA community as Manitoba already has two referees certified under Big John McCarthy’s COMMAND (Certification of Officials for Mixed Martial Arts Development). COMMAND is the only nationally recognized training and certification program backed by the A.B.C.(Associations of Boxing Commissions) for mixed martial arts referees and judges. This makes Canadian MMA history as there has never been an MMA card on Canadian land, including the two UFCs, with ALL refs certified in the system.

Yves Lavigne knows the sport of MMA better than anybody in this country when it comes to rules, regulations, and legalities of the sport. It is a great thing for the sport of MMA in Manitoba that the Manitoba Boxing Commission is bringing him in to help solidify the solid training and processes they are continuously refining.

In my opinion, the Manitoba Commission is a dark horse on the Canadian scene and could quite possibly be the most advanced commission when it comes to adjusting, staying with the times and doing their part to better the sport.

Elaine McCarthy, Big John McCarthy’s wife, has verified to Top MMA News that all three referees (Yves Lavigne, Jerin Valel, and Adam Cheadle) have all been certified.  The Manitoba Boxing Commission has also confirmed these will be the three referees for the Canadian Fighting Championship event on May 22nd.

In speaking with Yves Lavigne this week, he is a busy guy, but was gracious enough to fit Manitoba into his schedule and is very excited to be here. He will work the May 22nd card in Winnipeg and then leave the next day for UFC 98 in Las Vegas.

It’s obvious that Yves is very passionate about the sport and everybody in Manitoba is excited to have him.

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  1. Don says:

    Cool…. I wonder if I can get a picture with him raising my hand? I wonder how many before me will want to do the same?

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  2. At least one so far.

    Thanks for the idea :)

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