A Canadian Recap of TUF 9 US vs UK – Episode 5


TUF 9 Episode 5 RecapThis Canadian is becoming a fan of the UK team after watching the two teams interact in the TUF house last episode.  Here is the major difference between the two teams so far.  The Brits seem to be all business – they have signed up for a TV Fight Show.  The US team – they have signed up for a TV Reality Show.

Episode Four saw the UK go up 1-0 over the US as Nick Osipczak defeated Mark Miller.  Miller was no slouch either, having fought four times in the IFL – quickly beating Josh Neer by KO in one of those matches.  The preview of Episode Five foreshadowed the US team imploding while the UK team looks like it only gets closer knit.

Is the US ready to kick some A? Lets find out:

The episode starts with Jason Dent telling Team US to respect Team UK.  Team US’s DaMarques Johnson declares, “We are not a team.”  As they get back home last week’s loser Cameron Dollar states “he has slept with 70 women” including his friend’s wife.  It was her fault though.  Team US’ Jason Pierce has had enough and starts hanging out with Team UK especially David Faulkner, who is in his weight division.

The first of two fights are made and Bisping chooses Lightweight Andre Winner to face Santino Defranco.  Bisping feels Winner is explosive and has the advantage on the ground and on the feet.  Defranco retells the tale of his brain aneurysms that were discovered when he tried out for an earlier season of TUF.  He had to have brain surgery but was eventually cleared to fight again.  Henderson feels Defranco could win if they have a good strategy.

Santino Defranco vs Andre WinnerAndre Winner

In the fight, Santino Defranco tries a couple shots but gets stuffed.  Defranco has the reach advantage and lands a couple leg kicks.  Winner appears quicker and lands a couple punches.  Defranco has his takedown attempt stuffed again and pulls guard.  Defranco goes for an Omoplata and Winner escapes and proceeds to land a ton of punches before Steve Mazzagatti stops the bout.  Winner by TKO and UK 2 – US 0.

Jason Dent admits he does not like social interaction.  Dent complains about his team and admits he likes the UK better than the US team.  Dollar tells him to go hang out with them then and Dent humorously replies, “”Why don’t you pull your stupid wiggity-wack hat right over your [beep] dumb face,” Dent says. Johnson finds it hilarious. ”  Team US is rapidly decaying.  Finally, Dan Henderson tells them they are representing their country and must help each other because a fighter cannot prepare for a fight by himself.

Henderson gets to pick the next fight and he picks Damarques Johnson to face Team UK’s Dean Amasinger.  Bisping tells Amasinger that Johnson likes to use Triangles to get submission victories.  Henderson considers Johnson one of his best all-around fighters.

DaMarques Johnson vs Dean Amasinger

On fight day, Bisping mysteriously does not show up.  Dana White says this has “never happened in nine years of the Ultimate Fighter.”  Amasinger says he is ready to go and that after the initial shock, he is not bothered by it.

The fight starts and Amasinger is landing some huge leg kicks.  Amasinger goes for a take down and right away Johnson is looking for a Kimura.  Amasinger escapes but Johnson secures a Triangle and Amasinger taps out.  Johnson by Submission (Triangle) and UK 2 – US 1.

The US team is back in it and Henderson sees no reason for the US to lose another fight.  Henderson also says that Bisping did not show up because Bisping knew his team was going to lose.

Next Episode: What happened to Bisping and two more fights.

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3 Responses to “ A Canadian Recap of TUF 9 US vs UK – Episode 5 ”

  1. JJSFC says:

    I think you’re confusing Mark Miller with Cameron Dollar with the in-house fighting. ;)

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  2. I think I got it right. In the van, Dollar hit Miller when he was spitting. Milller got mad. Dent then got mad. Johnson tried to get them to settle down. Dent started talking about UK being better. Miller mouthed off and then Dent made the wiggety-wack hat comment.

    Mind you, these TUF fighters are starting to look the same.

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  3. I stand corrected. Dollar humped 70 or 80 girls and wore the wiggety-wack hat. I edited the post. Thanks JJSFC for your correction and sorry Mark Miller !

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