Forrest Griffin vs Anderson Silva Signed for UFC 101


Anderson Silva vs Forrest GriffinDana White said that he needed to line up a tougher opponent for Anderson Silva and that is what he has done.  Former UFC Light-Heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin will fight UFC Middleweight champion at UFC 101.

Silva has come under criticism for his latest five round decision win versus Thales Leites at UFC 97 as well as his three round TKO due to injury victory over Patrick Cote at UFC 90.  The UFC hopes that Griffin’s challenge will be produce a more exciting bout for fans at UFC 101.

Forrest Griffin will be coming off a broken hand injury that he suffered in his UFC 92 fight with Rashad Evans.  Griffin was rumored to be out for the year with his injury but appears to be healing faster than expected.  He was originally rumored to be fighting a different Silva on this card – Thiago Silva, but now that bout has been scrapped.

UFC 101 will be the UFC’s first venture to Philadelphia as the state of Pennsylvania recently sanctioned MMA.  The Silva/Griffin fight will be the co-main event on a fantastic card that already features a Kenny Florian versus BJ Penn matchup.

Silva’s manager told that “It’s a great fight for (Anderson Silva) and he’s anxious and excited about it,” Soares said. “Forrest is a bigger, stronger guy with a lot of cardio and he’s the full package. The other thing Anderson likes about it is that Forrest is a big name with a huge heart and is a fan favorite kind of a guy. That’s the kind of match that makes a legendary kind of a fight and that’s what Anderson wants.”

These are definitely the types of marquee matchups that fans crave.   The UFC really listened to fans’ UFC 97 criticisms and stepped up to the plate.

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9 Responses to “ Forrest Griffin vs Anderson Silva Signed for UFC 101 ”

  1. Don says:

    Well we can be sure that Forrest won’t be running away from him or dropping to ground like we saw with Thales Leites!! This looks like it’ll be a good fight but I really hope that Griffin is going in 100%

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  2. I am excited for this fight as well. I just wish that there was a way to make non-title fights like this five rounds rather than three.

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  3. Chad N says:


    If Forrest comes out fighting like he did with Ortiz,Bonner,Evans and everyone else that he has fought. All Silva will need is 2 rounds and he will KO forrest, yes forrest is a good fighter but when it comes down to it forrest has to much heart for his own good. He will stand there and trade punchs with Silva and get knocked out and if tries to do like he did with Rampage taken him down he wont be able too.

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  4. Thanks for the comment, Chad.

    While I give Anderson the edge in this bout right now, lets not forget that Griffin is a huge Light-Heavyweight. I read on one forum where the poster said “The only advantage Griffin has is with body hair.” I disagree. Forrest will have a size, strength, and, reach advantage. How Forrest uses those advantages is the question. At least this fight poses some questions and interests fans, unlike Silva’s last two fights.

    By the way, I was at UFC 72 where Griffin outpointed Hector Ramirez. Griffin has had unappealing, low action fights just like Anderson has had recently.

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  5. David Swanson says:

    I think Silva takes this one but it should be good as I think Forrest will actually engage enough to prompt a two-sided fight.

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  6. Mike Iwankow says:

    Forrest Griffin has a puncher’s chance. Just like Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre (the first fight). If he catches Anderson Silva, and doesn’t hesitate when he does, he can beat Silva. In my opinion, I think that’s the only way ANYONE can beat Silva. Griffin seems like a great candidate to do just that.

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  7. Dean says:

    Good comments. I am of the opinion that Silva has come to a point with his abilities that he is now showcasing his unbelievable skills against opponents that should not be in the cage with him in the first place. His opposition has been fighters that have been scared to engage. I believe Anderson, along with GSP, are the two best in the sport. Silva needs an opponent to bring out the best in him for us all to see. Griffin is, as we all know, not afraid to get in the trenches and is as gritty as they come and with his work ethic, he should be able to make this a fight worht watching!! Personally I hope “The Spider” shines and shows everyone why I think he is the man! Oh, for all your Anderson Silva walk out tees, hoodies and Canada’s biggest MMA apparel and gear selection at the best prices check out

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  8. The Creep says:

    this will be an exciting fight but forrest is tailor made for silva. if you come to him you go to sleep. we’ve all seen how silva is a counter puncher and the best there is in mma. silva is beatable but not by forrest. if forrest wins it’ll be like serra vs gsp. a once in a lifetime deal. i want forrest to win but wouldn’t put a penny on him.

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  9. Keith says:

    Forest has a better chance than any to win this he just needs to make sure his somewhat suspect chin doesn’t get touched

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