Top MMA Video: Kyle Maynard’s MMA Debut


I hate to harp on it, but somebody watch this and tell me there isn’t a major problem with this even being allowed.

This is demented, and disturbing, and jeopardizes the sport of MMA in Alabama and everywhere across North America.

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  1. Kat says:

    Where to begin! I think its great that Kyle is participating in MMA, im sure he inspire many physically challenge individuals out there. I mean it take alot of hard work and dedication to be in shape to fight MMA. However i dont think it is appropriate to put him against a vertically advantage ( dont know how else to say it!) idividual! Watching this did not give me a good feeling. If he was up against someone in the same condition i feel it would have been a more appropriate fight. i mean how could he ever choke that man out or submiss him, or even give him a fat lip. He was really quick but could he ever get up that high? I dunno i just dont think it was an equal match and really why would anyone of average stature even agree to take on this match…Good luck with your future Kyle

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  2. Don says:

    I admire Kyle’s spirit and tenacity but I don’t think that this it appropriate for him to be fighting in this league as he clearly has a few major disadvantages. Let’s not dance around the facts here for fear of hurting feelings or trying to be politically correct. I mean, they have special Olympics for a reason right?

    Might sound harsh but it is true.

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