Kyle Maynard an inspiration for all but should he be competing in MMA?


Last night congenital amputee Kyle Maynard made his mixed martial arts debut in Auburn, Alabama where he lived out his dream of competing in MMA, where he dropped a decision to Chris Fry who improved his amateur record to 1-2 by keeping Maynard at bay with jabs and refusing to allow the match to turn into a wrestling match where Maynard excels. Congrats to Maynard for pulling off what appeared to be the impossible.

I hate to sound like a party poooper here but I can’t say I agree with Kyle Maynard competing in mixed martial arts. I’m sorry if I come off as insensitve, and this is definately not my intention. Kyle has been somebody I’ve always looked up to, and most people who compete in MMA even up to the highest levels could benefit from having a bit of Kyle’s fortitude in them. This kid has a black belt in the things you can’t teach people. The inner strength required to do anything they set their mind to.

My issue with this in mixed martial arts is that the sport is still a young and growing sport, and although to some of us, the sport could never do wrong ,and we are sick in that we barely think of anything else. The sport is such a versatile sport in which you must be well versed in many aspects of the fight game, and not sure how it’s safe for Kyle to be competing in MMA. This is not a knock on Kyle but a concern for his safety. He wasn’t even able to wear gloves on his arms, thus not allowing him to throw any strikes. In a game as rough as mixed martial arts you need to be able to take advantage of all aspects of the game. How would it look for him to be KO’d with a kick? What would that do for anybody? The sport, the opponent, Kyle, and the naysayers who we’d like to ignore but unfortunately continue to hold our sport back.

Further to this, I’m not saying this was the case at all, but is it not possible that somebody is or could try and exploit Kyle just to get the media attention, and profit off of his story?

I have 1 question. Is Kyle Maynard competing in mixed martial arts a good thing for the sport?

I’d love to hear your opinion, and I’ll leave it at this. Watch the weighin video and tell me what you think?

Was it as awkward for you to watch, and does it make you want to see more of this in the sport of mixed martial arts?

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  1. Cara says:

    I have to agree with you Marc. Its a bitter sweet thing. I love how inspirational he is but it is unsafe for all involved. Would you like to be know as the guy that KO’d Maynard with a knee to the face or a kick to the head? Whats is that going to accomplish? Nothing, imho. As touching as his story may be, it may not be the best thing for the sport. As young as the sport is and as controversial as it is, anyone that gets seriously hurt in the ring/cage can have a negative effect, and I believe that allowing someone to fight that may not be able to defend himself fully (not being able to clinch, strike and leg check etc..) can only end in injury and more ammo to the naysayers arsenal.

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  2. Chad N says:

    I would have to agree with Marc. I have the utmost respect for Kyle I saw him wrestle in highschool and even saw the story real sports did on him a few years back. But as Marc said our sport is still young and growing we still have people that look at us and still compare us to human cockfights and still belive that we our not a true sport. I feel that it is the job of ever promoter and fighter to do there best to make sure that the sport that we love so much isnt turned into a circus side show. The safety of a fighter should never be jeopredized and that happened Saturday night when David Oblas matched Chris Fry and Kyle Maynard. It is bad enough this match was made but then not to allow Kyle to strike that is even more wrong. I think that David Oblas and Chris Frye should have both been taken behind the arena. Chris if you decide to fight people that can fight back and are not at a disadvantage shoot me an email.

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  3. George Carlos says:

    I think Kyle is an inspiration like you have mentioned but myself being an mma fighter I would never want to fight a fighter with a disadvantage like this in mma. In wrestling I could see it as he is strong and has a lower centre of gravity but in mma with the brutal striking such as elbows & especially knees in his case I think he is at a huge disadvantage but who are we to judge. He is enjoys the challenge and as long as he doesn’t get seriously injured then I admire him & his courage. Alot of people can learn from a special guy like Kyle. Now I am curious to watch his fight.. time to go find it!!

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  4. Barry Bailey says:

    I agree that Kyle being allowed to fight against a non-physically challenged fighter corrodes the integrity of the sport.I’m most definitely am not in favour of him competing unless it is against another physically challenged competitor.
    I have a question….so we don’t want to discriminate based on his physical challenges and I understand that ..but….what if he was mentally challenged instead of physical challenged? Would that be alright?

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  5. Great points guys, I appreciate the feedback.

    Check out the video here

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  6. Watching the video did nothing but make it feel like watching a freak show. Good luck to Kyle and all, but that was cringe-worthy. Maybe he can fight a kangaroo wearing boxing gloves next.

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  7. Joe L says:

    I have no problem with people chasing their dreams, however I believe we should all step out of the box on this one and be rational. As a pro fighter I am put through a rigorous heath check before and then again directly before and after the fight. I know people who have not been cleared to fight due to a cist. If he wants to compete he should compete with other people who have disabilities, please do not get me wrong I believe it is inspiring and I truly applaud this guy but I don’t believe it is safe and also not fair to his opponent. I know personally I would have a hard time turning on the killer instinct in a situation like that. Either way, great courage shown by Maynard and I wish him all the best.

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