A Canadian Recap of TUF 9 US vs UK – Episode 4


The Ultimate Fighter 9Top MMA News is back with another recap of The Ultimate Fighter 9.  My apologies for missing Episode 3 but I just could not handle watching Cletus Browning Jr. act like an ass.   Many thanks to Jason Dent for knocking the slack-jawed yokel out of the competition so that Top MMA News can continue its coverage of TUF 9.

However, for those who missed Episode 3, here are the results:

  • Frank Lester defeated Kiel Reid by TKO in Round 1
  • Jason Dent defeated Rob Browning by TKO in Round 1

Episode 4 Recap

The episode starts with Team UK’s coach Mike Bisping claiming that there is ” no way that Team US is training hard than we are.” For their part, Team US is tired of Bisping’s trash talking.  Dan Henderson is tired of it as well, but at least he “gets to shut him up by punching him in the face.”

Slick Nick OsipczakTeam US has the hammer and gets to pick the first fight.  Their fighters have had to cut weight twice already and had each fought 2 or 3 days in advance.  Now one fighter will have to cut weight again and fight within the week of his last fight.  Team UK has fought two weeks ago and could have an advantage.

Team US choses Mark Miller to fight Nick Osipczak.  Nick has a big height and reach advantage over the American.  Bisping and his team of coaches are shown breaking down Miller’s fight.  After watching, they come to the conclusion that it is a great matchup for them.  They notice that Miller is “one dimensional” and “drops his hands after throwing each punch.”

Remember Osipczak was not that impressive in the first fight although he supposedly fought southpaw to throw off his future opponents as it is not his style of standup. Miller fought his teammate in a tough bout in his first fight.  Dana White’s opinion?  Mark Miller will take this fight.

Mark “The Meat Missile” Miller has big hands and he wants to keep it standing.  His French coach Cyril Diabate says Osipczak is “a bit lazy in what he does.”

Meanwhile, Team US has taken to writing on Team UK gear that is left unattended.  First to be graffitied is a Team UK shirt.  Next, a pair of Team UK wrestling shoes.  Team UK is upset but Bisping counsels his team to not stoop to Team US’ level and not retaliate.  Bisping also counsels Nick to lure Miller into a striking match and then bring it down to the mat.

  • Nick Osipczak vs Mark Miller

Round 1 starts in the clinch and Nick throws Miller and is on top.  Miller looks for a Kimura from the bottom and Miller scrambles to the top position.  The two stand and trade solid knees.  After briefly on the ground, they resume standing and both land shots.  Osipczak takes Miller down before getting kicked off.  Osipczak goes for a Guillotine but loses it and Miller is in his full guard. They get up but Osipczak takes him down to end the round.  Its a very close round.  Top MMA News gives the razor thin advantage to Nick Osipczak.

Round 2 begins and Mark Miller lands some strikes then goes for a Guillotine.  Osipczak pops his head out and is in side control.  The British fighter works to full mount but finds himself in another Guillotine which Miller uses to reverse the position.  Both fighters seem more content to maintain the top position than inflict damage from the top.  With a little more than a minute left, Herb Dean stands them up.  Osipczak quickly KOs Miller with a big right high kick after the standup.

Henderson claims Miller did not stick to the game plan but admits that Osipczak “was tougher than he appeared from his first fight.”  Miller admits he “got caught being lazy with his hands down.”

Next Week: Two fights and the UK team gets tighter as the US team starts to splinter.

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