UFC 97 Results


Even though Anderson Silva won his UFC record ninth straight win, all he earned wasboos from the World of MMA Champions Wave 2 Anderson Silva Action FigureMontreal crowd who, along with the PPV audience, expected fireworks from the Middleweight champion.  Fireworks is what they got from Mauricio “Shogun” Rua as he knocked out fan favorite Chuck Liddell.  Will this be the last time fans see Chuck Liddell fighting in the cage?

Here are the full results from the card:

UFC 97 Results

Anderson Silva defeats Thales Leites via Unanimous Decision (49-46, 48-47, 50-46)
Sam Stout defeats Matt Wiman via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Mauricio “Shogun” Rua defeats Chuck Liddell via TKO (Strikes) – Round 1, 4:28
Krzysztof Soszynski submits Brian Stann via Kimura – Round 1, 3:53
Cheick Kongo defeats Antoni Hardonk via TKO (Strikes) – Round 2, 2:29
Luiz Cane defeats Steve Cantwell via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Denis Kang defeats Xavier Foupa-Pokam via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Nate Quarry defeats Jason MacDonald via TKO (Strikes) – Round 1, 2:27
Ed Herman defeats David Loiseau via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)
Mark Bocek submits David Bielkheden via Rear Naked Choke) – Round 1, 4:57
T.J. Grant defeats Ryo Chonan via Split Decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)
Eliot Marshall defeats Vinicius Magalhaes via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

12 Responses to “ UFC 97 Results ”

  1. Greg says:

    I would like to make a comment here. The Spider in his last short fight told fans that he would put on a longer show the next time he fought. After going 5 round folks, without a mark on him, maybe being hit only 4 or 5 times by an outstanding opponent like Thales Leites whom he made look silly, no disrespect to Mr. Leites, gave the fans what Joe Rogan hinted we wanted in the last and second last post fight Octagon interviews.

    Mr. Rogan eluded to Mr. Silva that we wanted to see more than his quick wins, more of a show and hinted that we are not happy with his wins? I for one am a huge fan of Mr. Anderson “The Spider” Silva and have never been disappointed by any showing. Tonight was a statement and I think people missed a point. Mr. Silva was disgusted by the Boos, and told the Fans, without taking away anything about what an accomplished fighter Mr. Leites is that he would do better to give us what we wanted next time, and that we can’t always expect what we want.

    I think he meant make up your minds. We want a show, we doubt, and we disrespect. However in the entire population of North America how many of us are real MMA Ring Fighters? I had kick boxed when I was younger, studied various Martial Art Systems for 28/29 years. I am a true Mixed Martial Artist, but so was the founder of American Kempo Karate Ed Parker, and so was Bruce Lee! There are countless others like me who learned from those 2 people who were 2 of greats that actually went out of their Arts and incorporated other Arts to make Mixed systems.

    I am no Anderson Silva or even a great modern fighter like Thalas. I fought for many years one way or another, being drunk in the crowd, booing a man who really show cased the Martial Arts in his fight is plain crazy from those that simply don’t get it. He was that Dam good that he went 5 rounds, barely having been touched, gave you your show, bashed by Joe Rogan, and won.

    So you know Anderson’s Martial Arts Display was epic! It was amazing to watch him not get hit. It was amazing to watch him go 5 rounds without seeming tired. It looked like a sparing match or a fun game. He showed the world he is the greatest and gave you what Mr. Rogan wanted to see, his show. I feel sorry for Thalas having to be on the receiving end and coming up so short, but that is Anderson’s talent. That was the best true spirit of MMA or the Mixed Martial arts I have ever seen. Simply a thing of beautiful skill.

    Yes Disgust was evident in his face talking to the fans. Joe Rogan had said that perhaps the Fans don’t relate to Anderson becaus he never gives them a show like other fighters? That perhaps GSP who I consider a great fighter and an inspiration to modern day warriors, is more of a fan favorite because he puts on such a great show. Perhaps Insulting to a man that has pinpoint strikes that have destroyed the so called best? To quick, not showy enough Mr. Rogan?

    Joe Rogan as a comedian and TV host forgets that sometimes what he surmises could be wrong?

    How many people do you know in history capable of the level of Skill Mr. Andrson Silva showed us tonight? Isn’t a show what we want? We get one and we boo? Way to go drunk Canadian Qubecers. Th man controlled his very capable challenger and beat him down, emotionally, and physically and did it with out getting hurt at all.

    That’s simply what the Martial Arts are suppose to be! Defend yourself from attack with KUNG FU (Great Skill) and with that Kung Fu defeat him/her quickly without taking damage yourselves. That’s what he did using Mixed Martial Arts.

    MMA is not modern day warriors from the slave pens of the Rome. MMA is simply Mixed Martial Arts. We have forgotten that someone gifted like Anderson could be insulted by the Fickle MOB. Maybe we are like the Romans of old.

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  2. First, thanks for your comments, Greg. However, I disagree with your comment “with that Kung Fu defeat him/her quickly without taking damage yourselves. That’s what he did using Mixed Martial Arts.”

    I would suggest that is what Anderson Silva did NOT do. He did not use “that Kung Fu” to defeat Leites quickly, he only used it to avoid damage.

    I can appreciate the fact that Anderson took no damage but many rounds he did not inflict or attempt to inflict any damage either.

    We have now seen eight consecutive rounds of this type of performance from Silva. I want to see more of Silva “using his Kung Fu” like he did versus Leben. He avoided Leben’s shots and quickly defeated his opponent. Silva was, by far, the most exciting fighter in the UFC and I want to see more of that old invincible Silva who was submitting Henderson and Lutter and knocking out Franklin and Leben.

    If Silva’s goal is to avoid contact, then he should become a capoeira dancer. If Silva’s goal is to be the best fighter in the world, then he should fight.

    I am really concerned that fighters are starting to model themselves after Lyoto Machida who is a very successful counterpuncher. What’s going to happen when these counterpunchers meet? Who is going to engage first?
    I guess we will find out when Lyoto meets Rashad Evans.

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  3. Johnny T says:

    Seriously? You are going to insult the Canadian Quebec fans and call them drunk?

    You know who else didn’t get hit on Saturday night? Tito Ortiz, Because he didn’t fight!

    There is more to it than ‘JUST” not taking damage.

    Silva was matched with a guy who didn’t like to get hit, and has good jiu jitsu.

    Is his grappling bettter than Travis Lutter (Couldn’t be cause Lutter Mounted Silva), Dan Hendesron?

    It was a gimmie to get him a knockout and big finish, and he chose to be boring and run around.

    I have NO problem with running if you are in trouble, but he was Never in trouble.

    If this is the way MMA is going, then I might ahve to start watching Track and Field if I like this.

    So you must have LOVED Kalib Starnes performance last year in Montreal at UFC 83. The drunk fans didn’t like that one either.

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  4. Greg says:

    First of all I’m Canadian and lived in Newfoundland the first 27 years of my life, second of all I have been to Montreal, 3rdly if you’re Canadian you should understand just how rude they can be in Montreal, while drinking at a sporting event. Also Quebec is our Canadian Champions home turf. Many a Canadian does not like hearing Anderson is pound for pound the best fighter in the world, especially not in Montreal. Being one of the stereotypical Newfies, while growing up I know about drinking from when I was younger and drank in Montreal at the Thunderdome.

    The Starnes – Quarry fight last year should never have happened after Kalib pulled the broken rib bit and I quit on the Ultimate Fighter. MMA is a rough sport and if you don’t like getting hit then don’t fight. So no I didn’t like to see Kalib on his bike and waste our time.

    You seem to have missed my point. Anderson did inflict damage, by the way. Perhaps Thalis backed up a lot? Anderson did out roll Thalis, watch the fight again. Sprawl is grappling, taking his back and ground and pound is grappling. Anderson is also an Expert in BJJ and I didn’t see either Lutter or Henderson beat him. Did you? Anderson didn’t run, either. He dodged, slipped, blocked, and weaved. Elements of Boxing, wrestling and the martial arts. Thalis simply wasn’t fast enough to hit him.

    Starnes ran, and actually turned his back and ran. That’s SKILL what Anderson did. My point was he gave the fans what he was told by Joe Rogan what they wanted. I also suggest you go look at those fights again and Rogans comments and the show boating by Anderson in the fights after every comment.

    The Kung Fu comment is that Kung Fu means great skill. The martial arts were invented by Monks or a Monk for self defense because they were getting robbed and beaten up. They have older roots if you believe as I do, and in combat, but were taught mainly as self defense for a lot of years. MMA is a new sport and the UFC had roots in finding out an age old question of which art/school is the best. Anderson showed great skill, and stayed to his game plan. He gave Joe Rogan his show and the man with 9 wins, the record, said to be the greatest pound for pound fighter in the world received boos. Each time he does get booed, he says he will try to do better for the fans next time. Why perhaps the comment about fans from him this time?

    Point is that I believe Anderson wants to make the fans like him. I think he listened too much to the critics and we got that display the other night. I will point out that Anderson was faster, and better, but you are right that it was not his usual style, but that was part of my point and perhaps his. He has been called in the media as boring and not endearing himself to the fans. So as a Canadian, who thinks George is one of the best Pound for Pound and perhaps as good or better than Anderson I think bullshit sports/fan politics has played into this now drama.

    No Anderson was NEVER in trouble, part of my point. Anderson did fight and used pin point shots, and his skill to put on a show. That was my point.

    I do like the point about counter punchers, but MMA is evolving and as a new sport people have to realize that only a few arts were and are still being used. Like Thai Boxing and BJJ. Then wrestlers, and boxers entered the mix. Now other arts and some different kicks or strikes are being introduced. Anderson used a few more tricks, and like I said look at the fight for some Wing Chun, and Karate or TKD style side kicks, at the knee of Thalis. Because he didn’t do his usual with Thalis, who was prepared for that, we boo him? Not exciting enough? Not a blood bath or a Knock out? I saw skill and intelligence used to fustrate and take a great fighter out of his game plan for 5 rounds while giving us our show. We use to applaud Ali for the same thing not so long ago.

    My point was, I thought, easy to understand. Yes I insulted the fans in Montreal but to be fair they were not all from Quebec, and I’ll say sorry for that. However I fought up there years ago and had been treated differently/ badly because I came from Newfoundland. Experience is a hard bias I guess.

    I will say that Lutter got his ass handed to him so did Henderson. Lutter insulted MMA by not being on weight for that fight, and Henderson, had Anderson the first round of their fight. I’ll have to go back and look at the Lutter Silva fight because I don’t remember a mount, but I could be wrong. I remember Lutter being gassed and in bad shape because he tried a big cut in weight. Anderson didn’t lose either, so his ground game was better because he did choke out Henderson. If Lutter mounted him your point is mute because he escaped and beat him.

    Personally I think there should be a fight between George and Anderson. If the fans don’t get what they want in that one are they going to cry foul again or boo?

    I remember before fans understood the ground game they would boo every time two fighters would jockey for position on the ground, or when a fighter in the bottom position was setting up a sub. Now they understand and most don’t think a ground war is as boring anymore. If you want knock outs only go watch boxing. If you’re into just submissions go to Brazil and watch two BJJ players roll, or catch a catch Wrestling match. Or be like the fans of yesteryear and go back watching the WWF / WW.

    You are right it was a gimmie. That was my point, but he chose to give Joe Rogan and the other Critics their show. Perhaps a mistake on his part, but he proved his conditioning, and won without damage to himself. Thalis was bleeding, and beat up, and he didn’t engage hardly at all. when he did Anderson, shrugged him off, or stuffed him. I’ll remind you Anderson had is back but chose not to finish him. Thalis’s ground game is suppose to be better than Henderson and Luttes by the way according to reporters. His ground game was suppose to be the answer to Anderson’s style. Guess the reporters and JOE ROGAN were wrong again!

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  5. Greg says:

    My prediction for Rashad, Leoto fight is Rashad winning by ground and pound, ref stoppage in the first round. Forest became a counter puncher and lost to Rashad because of it. There have always been counter punchers in fighting and it is part of good striking. Might not do so good here in MMA though because it might not help against a wrestler so much. As more use it, other will figure out how to beat it.

    One of Leoto other things is his timing from his Karate training messing up Thai style Kick Boxers. Like noted above too many fighters adopted the same skill sets and a different style not used as much is messing some of them up. Rashad is smart and will be prepared for Karate style movements. None the less it will be an interesting fight and I hope that the trend of adopting more and different techniques continues. Need more front kicks, joint locks. Someone uses a Darce Choke they all start using it. Someone uses a side kick and wait and see, other swill adopt it too. MMA is mixed martial arts after all and those with great skill will rise to the top and win in spectacular fashion. The trend might be why Chuck has been losing btw. Everyone started using more overhand hooks or off angle strikes like he was. People started counter punching after Rampage beat Chuck with his counter hook. Rampage was training a lot of Boxing and counter punching for his fight with him.

    Lyoto is just a different confusing fighter that does not engage, but in true Karate style waits and counters. What Anderson did and you’re right there. But both of you are right he should have finished in knock out fashion in the fifth or fourth. His point and the critic show would have been made. Fans would have been happier. It was a gimmie, but point is he knew that too.

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  6. Thanks for your comments, once again, Greg. You make some interesting points. I am not a MMA fighter either, but here are Jason MacDonald’s words on the Silva/Leites fight:

    “Of course, the main event was in my opinion a complete flop. Not only Thales Leites flopping to his back for most of the fight, but Silva refusing to engage him and finish him off.

    It’s his responsibility as the champion to go in and finish him off.

    Anderson just wouldn’t go in for the kill. He never threw more than three punches in a sequence and he never threw any knees. It was like he was just out there fooling around.

    I don’t think Anderson should have jumped down to the ground when Leites went down. But I think he has the skill to finish him off standing. He has the skill to defend the takedown and then knock him out.

    Leites spent the whole fight running backwards. When you think of the devastating finishes Silva has executed in the past — on Marquardt, Franklin, etc — it looked like he could have lit him up a number of times, especially facing a lesser calibre guy in the standup department. It’s almost like he’s choosing not to do it.”

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  7. Greg says:

    Say hi to Jason for me and tell him I’m sorry for his loss. His fight and TJ Grants fright should have aired. TJ and Ryo should have won fight of the night btw.

    I’d like to say that Jason got it mostly right, can’t say I agree with the not going to the ground comment but different opinions I guess.

    Anderson was out there fooling around and that was my point. Thales didn’t engage and Anderson put on a show. All in all it was an interesting comment on MMA today. Looking a bit too much commercial and scripted.

    We don’t see the earlier fights and pay 70 bucks for mostly crap fights? We miss some of the better ones in the prelim? Eventually Dana White should realize there are too many shows lately, not enough air time for all the fights on the card, and the hype and media are creating a beast that we may not like.

    I want to see Joe Rogan fight. He says a lot but he has not proved much in my eyes. I have seen him flip flop with comments and I see a lot of people making comments on him. The George Vrs Matt fight where, George lost the belt to Matt is an example of Joe’s nonsense comments.

    I got hurt and that ended my career before it really started in MMA. I had a good record and some people remember me from back in the day, my name anyway. Bad breaks and learning to walk again sort of messed me up for too many years. I might have made the UFC 6 years ago when I was in ring shape, maybe not. I believe I could have. With more street fights when I was younger than brains as a kid, these days I sit here with the skills to fight, matured a bit I understand fighting.

    I’d personally like to see a am division in Canada. I’d also like to see a TUF with older guys like me between 35 and 45 get a shot. I know TUF fighters, UFC fighters, and talk with legends here and there. I’ve rolled with Jason before his Gidion Ray fight. My friend was TJ Grants first pro opponent. I know female soon to be champs from out west. I am a great fighter and trainer but never got a break. The UFC needs to add women to their cards and quit the nonsense associated with sex. I know Bodogg fighters and some from all over the world. My life took a bad turn and I ended up not catching the train.

    I know the martial arts and I watch with a keen eye. An a keener eye lately. Seems to be some really crappy stuff going on aimed at sports entertainment. I have regrets up the ying yang but that’s life. Bad business deals, telling people my ideas and having them stolen, has put others out front and me behind the shadows. People asked me to train them and then after injury and a bout with staff I lost all my fighters. I thought my friends would stick by me but business is business and I forgot to run it as such. Back stabbing, is rampant in my area. I could help Jason win again but will he listen? Would I cut his trainers grass, like happened to he? No. I could help Jason from watching his fight the other night, but poor and not respected I’m usually forgotten by people who crave the spot light, or feel threatened by my ability.

    Point is that anyone can fight. That don’t make them an expert. MMA has been my life for 20 plus years and I was speaking from experience about sports entertainment and the media. I was a kickboxer but accidents and getting into trouble took me out of the game. I hate to hear nonsense aimed at great fighters, by those like Rogan, and watch those comments hurt a fighters rep. I have my own system but because I’m injured I may never see any recognition. I taught for free because I love this life. Free or cheap must equal not any good in peoples eyes because once I tell them the price I lose them. Just wanted 1 fighter to take to the UFC but my stable was stolen from me and bad business decisions at a gym by my friend and common immaturity ruined things. I can’t even get a job writing lol.

    Any way I am not talking about anything but the WHY to what happened the other night. Jason brings up a more to the point, point. however like I said MMA and MMA media is still evolving.

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  8. Greg says:

    Watch and listen to the 5th round again. My point is made by the commentary.

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  9. Greg, I want to thank you for your contributions to our post with your opinions.

    I don’t agree with everything you say, but you definately know your stuff, and we appreciate it.

    I just think that Champions should be held to a bit higher standard. Further to that, it’s the fact that we’ve seen greater performances from Silva. Even in this fight we saw moments of it.

    I don’t think anybody should have to fight a certain way, other than to the best of your abilities, and that I don’t believe Anderson did on Saturday. Maybe it’s because he had a lackluster performance last time against Cote also, he seems unmotivated.

    This business is a very dirty business and there are few people that can be trusted. Sorry to hear about the so called friends backstabbing you :(

    The problem comes when you have people who are passionate about the sport and have the sport in their best interests vs. those trying to make a quick buck.

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  10. Derek says:

    After back-to-back lackluster performances by Silva, I wonder if he is the pound for pound king that Dana so defensively claims him to be. There is no doubt that skill wise he is up there, but he doesnt have that finishing instinct that he had when he first arrived to the UFC. Its almost as if he just wants the win and doesnt really care how he comes by it.
    At one point in that fight I thought Anderson was setting him up for something with all those front leg kicks but he never really followed up on it.

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  11. Greg says:

    Thank you Marc.

    Champions in any sport are usually held to higher standards. Why? They are just like anyone else and put their pants on 1 leg at a time. The why is idol worship and people wanting to be like them.

    For Anderson I can say motivation probably is a huge thing in his lackluster fights. I think he should fight a few more times and then quit while on top. Make his money and then get out. Obviously he knows that he is head and shoulders above everyone else and until someone gets his thing down and how to bat him, he will be there for a long while. Thing is how can you motivate a fighter like him? He’s very bored and it shows. So make a few more million and move on is my advice for him. Also as I said above, Dan Henderson almost had his number and I was shocked not to have seen a rematch?

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  12. Dean says:

    Just one mans opinion but cmon! Silva kicks ass. He came out totally unscathed and did things none of us have ever seen. The standing charlie horses were hilarious. The reverse behind the leg thai kick, what was that?? Awsome! It is hard to impress everyone all the time. Thales is dangerous on the ground and Anderson knows this. He did what he could to make a fight with an opponent that didn’t want to engage. As for the fans booing…I for one felt ashamed as I am a true fan and would never boo a fighter unless he/she was using “dirty” tactics. These are well trained athletes that are entertaining people that for the most part will never have the skill or the balls to do what they do. Booing is pathetic and those fans should re-evalute their love of MMA. I agree that Anderson needs to step his game up but people should also realize that at the end of the day he wants to in the win column. All that being said, for all your Anderson Silva, Sinister Brand apparel, check out http://fulltimefighter.ca or if in Winnipeg, head in to 1072 Main and check us out!!

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