UCW 16 – June 19

  • Date: June 19, 2009
  • Location: Convention Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • TV: None

UCW Card

Main Event

Ian Asham vs Jordan Murray

Kurt Southern vs. Mike Dizak

Jose Rodriguez vs Eric St. Pierre

Adam Lorenz vs Dwight Sutherland

Scott Richardson vs. Chris Cunningham

Matt Veal vs. Roland Delorme

Warren Phillips vs Phil St.Pierre

Jason Geiger vs. Kris Donaldson

David Letourneau vs Vanja Vojvodic

* card subject to change

45 Responses to “ UCW 16 – June 19 ”

  1. bob says:

    card looks like someone took a dump on it

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  2. You are entitled to your opinion, Bob, but I think that is extremely harsh. Just because Starnes had one bad fight does not mean you should write off UCW 16. If this tentative card holds up, I look forward to watching Bergmark or Starnes take a step towards the big leagues. Two fighters that I am particularly interested in watching are Vanja Vojvodic and Adam Lorenz. As well, any regular reader on the site should also be familiar with the Scheer’s fighters (Rodriguez, Phillips, Richardson, Tatlow) who are undefeated in Winnipeg – maybe TBA will defeat one of them at UCW 16 or maybe UCW will give Top MMA News a call to let us know who TBA is?

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  3. Dmitry Kalikhman says:

    Card looks sweet. Personally, i’m looking forward to Ian Isham fight against sean souza. I’ll be rooting for Ian even though I can’t make the trip to canada to watch this event.

    Matt veal, dwight sutherland are also pretty good fighters from what i hear. I was supposed to fight lorenzo at ucw 15 and he’s really good from what I hear, so i think the dwight vs adam would be a good fight.

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  4. Rotten Johnny Appleseed says:

    Ian Asham isn’t a fighter. He doesn’t train, and he spends his time talking instead of working like the rest of the athletes in this sport.

    He’s backed out of more fights than he’s won.

    Don’t confuse Ian being a driver for UCW with him being an actual fighter.

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  5. haha, a little harsh Johnny.

    But I have to agree about Asham. I’ve heard him talk more than act like a true professional athlete.

    Don’t even get me started on that being a semi main event LOL

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  6. Curtis B says:

    Lorenz is a stud, always puts on a show, and i’m looking forward to
    Watson vs Tatlow

    Kurt Southern vs. Mike Dizak should be a really good match up too!

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  7. Great to see Jason Tatlow back in the mix. He is too good to not be fighting!

    Southern is always exciting also.

    The fights that have the best potential are unfortunately not the fights getting promoted. Either way, some great fights on this card, and some stinkers.

    Looking forward to the WAMMA fighters on the card too.

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  8. Tink says:

    WAMMA, Alliance and Scheers are the cats balls. But only Regina Infight and SIAM Muay Thai have the most handsomest man in fighting.

    Hint: It’s me, fucko.

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  9. Ian Asham says:

    mark you talk alot of shit for someone that wanted me to fight on the cfc show. and for someone that doesn’t know anything about me to. I’ve backed out of 1 figth because I was hurt in a car accident.

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  10. Ian Asham says:

    that is fights I had contracts for

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  11. Gabriel says:

    Hey guys thanks for all your great comments! (good and bad) people love to talk about the UCW we always do our best and put on pretty good shows with 10 fights (bang for the buck)! just for the record we try to give our fans the very best of fights! Good Luck to Ian and all the others I am sure they will do their best to put on a great show for UCW fans!!!

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  12. Gabriel says:

    Nice poll guys LMAO!!!

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  13. I’m sorry if I thought you were a perfect match for the 49 year old we had looking to make their MMA debut at the time.
    We also changed our mind when you announced the fight when we were just in the preliminary stages of putting it together. How professional is announcing a fight that hasn’t been signed, cleared by the athletic commission?

    I don’t think saying you aren’t a top calibre fighter considers me talking shit.

    No disrespect intended to you but I think there are other more qualified fighters to be in that semi main event spotlight is all.

    I know more about you than you think.

    Since you brought up the car accident incident. Is this the proposed fight against Lee Mein’s where you told everybody out west you got in a car accident and then told everybody in Winnipeg that your opponent didn’t show up?

    I got a question, how many hours a week do you train, and what do you feel qualifies you as a professional fighter? And where do you train?

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  14. I’m actually really excited to see Tatlow back, and the Scheers crew always comes ready to fight. Looks like they are getting a step up in competition, so I have to congrulate you on that Gabe.

    Also looking forward to hearing who the Wamma guys are fighting, and which Wamma guys. They are always ready to go, and just went 5-0 in Regina this past weekend. Lots of up and coming talent.

    will be interesting how everybody is matched.

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  15. Ian Asham says:

    just goes to show you don’t know shit about me car accident was Lee’s card and the guy that didn’t show up was Mason Hunter on the C.C.F. show.

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  16. josiah says:

    jason tatlow vs maka watson FIGHT OF THE NIGHT for sure cant wait to see this one. I saw both fight ben a while for tatlow and watson aint an easy tune up fight .

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  17. Tink says:

    Now I dont know anything about Ian, or this Marcy-Andrea Goulet guy, but i do sense some sexual tension. Perhaps, Ian had come on to and was shut down by Marcy-Andrea?? hmmmmm??? I bet thats it. Get over it Ian, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Plus, from what i hear, youre ugly as shit anyways. Marcy-Andrea sounds hawt.

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  18. Killer Bee says:

    Keep your eye on Jason Stewardson…his debut fight, but that man is a killer. Don’t blink it will be a fast fight!

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  19. dirty says:

    This Tink feller speaks the truth. He is wise for one so young. Also, he is the most handsome man in all of professional fighting,

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  20. KILLERBEE says:

    anybody know about or who Patrick Culligan is?

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  21. biggie says:

    patrick culligan is some “ex” gang banger, i dunno where he trains out of, i know him from back in the day when he was a street brawler, would sucker punch anyone who looked at him the wrong way, i am looking forward to seeing him in a real fight, with a real fighter and hoping he gets whats coming to him…ktfo

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  22. Tink says:

    You are so right dirty, you dont even know it. The spider disappeared. I think its stalking me now.

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  23. Killer Bee says:

    Then Jason Stewardson is the man to teach him a lesson. Glad to hear he is such a punk…it is going to make it that much sweeter! I’ve got Jason by 1st round tko (body shot)

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  24. Gabriel says:

    Come down and see the action first hand!!!

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  25. lilpitbull says:

    kalib starnes will dominate this guy

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  26. hawkes says:

    there is going to be some good fights on this card for sure!!!

    roland delorme vs matt veal is a super even match that will be great to watch… mike dizak vs kurt southern will be awesome!! its another even match thats hard to call… lorenz vs sutherland is one im looking foreward to. i cant wait to see tatlow fight…..i think the controversy being created around the asham fight only makes it more entertaining to watch. there is a reason they are making this the semi main event. asham certainly talks a big game!!! now we all get to see him try to back it up.

    all and all im happy with the fights on the card. there are a few 155ers that i have my eye on!!

    Can we get an updated lineup??? i know there are some guys signed to fight that arent on that list.

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  27. tomas says:

    Really excited to see UCW picking up fighters from hawaii. any one else on the card besides Maka Watson from hawaii

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  28. Hawkes, Top MMA New is always updating this lineup as we hear new bouts been signed or old bouts being modified. Right now it sounds like you are in the know more than us !

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  29. hawkes says:

    i may be in the know… but im not at liberty to say anything!
    not my buisness.

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  30. Hope the training is going good for all the fighters on the card.

    And hopefully the non fighters are doing the best they can to prepare.

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  31. Fallon says:

    This card is a farce, and nobody even knows who’s on it yet.

    NO advertising, and nobody even knows the card is on.

    I heard the card was happening at the Cavalier now instead of the Convention center.

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  32. I heard the weighins could be at the Cavalier but there is no way the fights are there.

    We aren’t sure where the weighins though, as we have been told a few venues.

    We’ll try to cover this event as best we can, but it’s not really easy.

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  33. Curtis B says:

    weigh ins are at the cavalier at 6

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  34. Ricky says:

    Watch for Mike Dizak, as per Randy Couture & Shawn Tompkins “He’s Dangerous.”

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  35. Killer Bee says:

    No more starnes fight? or Culligan-Stewardson?

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  36. Killer Bee, they all have been pulled from the card. Check it out here: UCW 16 Lineup Finalized – Starnes/Bergmark Bout Scrapped

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  37. Killer Bee says:

    Thats too bad

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  38. Jason Tatlow says:

    Hey guys, pretty bummed that i couldn’t fight as I have been training for a war and ended up cornering my teamates from scheer’s. Oh well, next time I guess. Props to all the fighters at the event for stepping up and especially to Scheer’s Jose, Warren, and Scott. When i first started fighting, guys were like ‘you are from where?’ and now Sask is pumping out some solid fighters who all have big futures. Thanks Gabe and ucw staff for having us out! Hotel sucked though…

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  39. keegan says:

    Did patrick culligan fight?

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  40. Keegan….Culligan did not fight.

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  41. BIrdman says:

    This is the worst amature show around. Any fighters that were decent, had stupid matchups.

    1 victory between both main eventers? WTF?

    Why was the main event pulled??

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  42. Tink says:


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  43. natashia broden says:

    Let me up date you on the real Ian Asham!!! First he has never played any hockey let alone fight anyone!!! He makes up so many stories that if you ask anyone other than his family from The Pas they will tell you he is a real fake. He can not fight and should be banned! He needs to get a real job and start catching up on his support payments for the four kids he has. He also needs to stop making more kids and leaving the mess for the other women to pick up!!! He is afraid of his own shadow!!! If you all read the newspaper the http://www.grassroots.com you will see very off the walk crap he talks about. He did not put his father in the hospital but rahter maybe visit him!!! He is a true embarressment to the people that know him. PLEASE BAN HIM FROM THE RING!!! Ask him about a workout he doesn’t know the meaning of it. We have been told by Ian that he played for Portage Terriiers NOT!!!! If you start the trail you will see that even a hotel in The Pas has posted either the article out of the sun or Free Press and people in The Pas are having a huge laugh. Get a real job Ian and cut the crap!!!

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  44. spaz says:

    Does ucw sell dvds? i want to buy 2 or 3 ucw 15 dvds.

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