Doerksen vs Faircloth at CFC 2


cfc-metalThe Canadian Fighting Championship previously announced the signing of hometown MMA star Joe Doerksen.  Now the CFC has announced Doerksen’s main event opponent for their second show – Ron Faircloth.  Faircloth is a former UFC fighter who, like Doerksen, has been fighting professionally for the past ten years.  Faircloth has a 34-16 record and has fought top opponents like Wilson Gouveia and Alessio Sakara.  The Wisconson Middleweight has never been afraid to take on all comers, including former Chuck Liddell training partner from John Hackleman’s famous “Pit” Fight team – 6 foot 10 inch 325 pound super heavyweight Gan McGee.

Faircloth was  very active in 2008 – fighting seven times.  Lately, he has been reflecting on his fighting career and focusing on his Madison gym – Chosen Few.  As well, Ron operates his Madtown Throwdown promotion in Wisconsin and spreads the MMA gospel over the radio on 94.1 WJJO every Wednesday.  However, when Ron was offered the chance to fight Joe Doerksen, he jumped at the chance to fight a top Middleweight opponent. In fact, this fight has been talked about for years but has never come to fruition for one reason or another.  Now that its signed, the easygoing Flaircloth is excited.  Ron spouts adjectives towards his Faircloth victorious over Avera at MFC 17opponent.

Joe is solid.  You can’t take anything away from the guy.  He is well rounded.  His ground game is world class.  Joe is just a great fighter and it is an honour to fight the guy.

“I am feeling good and training is going really well,” states Faircloth, who is working with good submission guys to prepare for the Winnipeg fighter.  How does he see the fight going?  “Joe is top notch on the ground with great takedowns.  If Joe wants it there, I need to be prepared. ”  Ron would like to maintain the dominant position in the fight – “If it hits the ground, I would rather not be underneath.”

For his part, Joe Doerksen is taking this CFC bout as seriously as any of his Sengoku, UFC, or WEC fights.  “El Dirte” is not taking the veteran Faircloth lightly.

Ron is a tough and experienced competitor. He has fought in the UFC, and other big shows as well. I expect him to come to this fight well prepared, and not in any way intimidated. This will be a real fight, and will be won by the better fighter.

The CFC has also announced three other fights:

  • The undefeated Justin “Farmer” Barnard will take on Nick Portieous (4-2).
  • Serge “and Destroy” Rochon will try to give Canuckles’ Luis Huete his first loss.
  • Professional kickboxer Mark Durant will have his MMA debut against Joseph Latour.

Tickets are still available for the May 22 Canadian Fighting Championship show at Ticketmaster or call (204)772-2599 for one of the few available tables.

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  1. Tink says:


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  2. Thanks Tink. Faircloth did in fact jump at the chance to fight a top Middleweight like Joe Doerksen. I updated the article.

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  3. Keith says:

    Doerkson will win this easily in my opinion

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  4. bro jo says:

    I heard Faircloth had to back out (injury?). I also heard that his replacement is a former training partner of Hendo . can anyone confirm this?

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  5. I can confirm that he will be a sparring partner of Hendersons in preparation of the Bisping fight.

    This fight is a serious threat to Joe Doersken.

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  6. Don Cameron says:

    This sounds like it is going to be an awesome fight!

    BTW guys, I love the new look and feel of the website.

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