Pro MMA in Saskatchewan Suspended


Top MMA News has obtained a letter from the head of the Saskatchewan provincial sport body that oversees all legal Mixed Martial Arts events in the province. The letter states that the Saskatchewan Mixed Martial Arts Association have changed their policies and will no longer allowing professionals to take part on their cards.

This letter was sent to a number of Canadian commissions to let the MMA world know where they stand.

To all MMA commissions,

The Saskatchewan Martial Arts Association would like to apologize for misunderstandings on our part in regards to governing MMA in Saskatchewan. Discussions with our governing body and other sources led to misunderstandings between the differences in sanctioning MMA and other types of Martial Arts styles that we have been governing for years. These misunderstandings and conflicting opinions on the issue led us to believe our association could sanction professional MMA bouts.

We realize now that this was incorrect. We realize this has caused many issues for athletes who have competed in Saskatchewan and concerns from commissions. We are attempting to rectify our position.

The Saskatchewan Martial Arts will no longer allow professional athletes on our events. We will continue to govern amateur events and will continue our record keeping process but will also go to great lengths to ensure other commissions are aware of the events held under our sanctioning, outcomes and suspensions. We would also like to become involved in any record sharing processes available to us.

If you have any questions please contact the undersigned,

Kim Delesoy

Saskatchewan Martial Arts Association

Top MMA News contacted the top promoter in the province of Saskatchewan Nolan Coller, and asked what his thoughts were on the recent policy change, and how it will affect his show UMC. Nolan is not worried about how this will affect hm as he sees this as a temporary move while a new body is being formed and within 6 months will be sanctioning professional mixed martial arts.

Sask Sport and the Saskatchewan Martial Arts Association previously allowed us to hold pro fights as long as half our card was amateur and those amateur fighters were from our province.

Nolan also sees this as a positive move for mixed martial arts in Saskatchewan as well as for the fighters who compete on these shows.

“It will no longer be neccessary for the Alberta and Manitoba commisions to ban fighters who fight in our province.”

Top MMA News will be bringing you more coverage of this as it unfolds, and will be talking to everybody involved and doing it’s part to help the commission spread the word on where they stand.

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  1. Martin says:

    Good news.
    I was one who always thought the fights were legal. Glad to see this will be fixed soon.

    Keep up the good work Marc-Andre!

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  2. brent green says:

    i like turtles

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