TUF 9 UK vs USA Fight Results – 8 UK Fighters Eliminated


Team UKThe first show featured all 16 UK fighters live from Mike Bisping’s Wolfs Lair gym in England.  At this point of filming, Dan Henderson has not beaten Rich Franklin yet so Dana White, Mike Bisping, and both Dan Henderson and Rich Franklin are at the elimator fights.

These first episodes are all business and feature strictly fighting.  Last season had one show were they showed parts of every eliminator fight.  This season it appears that every fight will be shown.  These UK eliminators featured four UK Lightweight fights and four UK Welterweight fights for the right to enter the TUF house back in Las Vegas.

No alcohol is involved yet, so there are no shenanigans to report although Ross Pearson greatly impressed me with his dirty boxing and power.  Heel hooks are rarely seen outside of Japan but a couple heel hooks were executed which resulted in James Wilks and David Faulkner get their pass into the UFC House.

Here are the results from the Episode 1 fights:

U.K. Welterweights

  • James Wilks (5-2) submits Che Mills (7-2) by Heel Hook in Round 1
  • Nicholas Osipczak (3-0) defeats Tommy Maguire (5-2) by TKO (Punches) in Round 1
  • David Faulkner (2-1) submits James Bateman (2-1) by Heel Hook in Round 1
  • Dean Amasinger (4-1) defeats Alex Reid (10-9-1) by Decision in Sudden Victory Round

U.K. Lightweights

  • Andre Winner (9-2-1) defeats Gary Kelly (2-1) TKO (Knee) Round 1
  • Jeff Lawson (13-2)  submits James Bray (3-1) by Arm Bar in Round 1
  • Martin Stapleton (5-1) submits Dan James (3-0) by RNC in Round 1
  • Ross Pearson (9-3) defeats A.J. Wenn (7-2) by TKO (Punches) in Round 2

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