Ex-NFLer Defeats Ex-UFCer in M-1 After Appeal


When former NFL running back Herbert “Whisper” Goodman left the Mladhost Sports Hall in Bourgas on Saturday night, he did so under the impression that he had suffered his sixth career loss. However, Goodman was informed a few short hours later by M-1 Challenge officials that the decision had been overturned and that he had recorded his ninth career victory courtesy of a second round knockout over ex-UFC veteran Jordan Radev.

Goodman was matched up against the former Bulgarian National wrestling team member as a part of a best-of-five head-to-head match between Team USA East and the host country, Team Bulgaria. The overturned decision allowed USA East to walk away with a 5-0 shutout over the Bulgarians.

Radev was originally ruled the winner of the fight via unanimous decision. However, the 32-year old veteran was knocked out cold by Goodman with just seconds remaining in the final round. With referee Mika Sinkkonen deciding that the knockout took place a split second after the bell, the fight was turned over to the judges’ scorecards, with Radev being announced as a winner.

However, a formal appeal was lodged by Team USA East owner/manager Reed Wallace and replays showed that Goodman’s knockout transpired just prior to the end of the fight.

“Upon further video review, it has been determined that the knockout punch occurred prior to the bell ending round 2,” International Mixfight Association President Eno Alberga wrote in a released statement. “As such, the punch was legal, and is thus counted… It has been determined that the protest filed by Team USA East is upheld, and the initial ruling on this fight has been overturned.”

Goodman did not learn of Alberga’s ruling until after having returned to the team hotel. The former Green Bay Packer expressed satisfaction that justice had been served.

“I was just real curious how a referee could come in and initially stop me and all of a sudden declare him the winner? That sort of just through me for a loop,” stated Goodman. “It’s a big relief and now I can inform all the people who view my record on Sherdog’s fight finder that I am the winner.”

In addition to Goodman, Team USA members Renato Migliaccio, Steve Carl, Charles Grigsby, and Lloyd “Kadillac” Marshbanks were all victorious in their M-1 debuts.

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