W1: Live Results


Our good friends at W1 and No Shit MMA are providing us updates via text and twitter from the fights in Gatineau.

Live Results below

Xavier Desrochers def Tim Chessel by Submission (Arm bar) Round 1
Fred Belanger def Ian Shirley by TKO (strikes from Mount) at 2:24 of Round 1
John Macphearson def Denis Poirier by TKO at 3:53 of Round 1
Stephane Bernadel def Fred Pilon by TKO in Round 2
Tom Waters def Aaron Thompson by TKO at 4:24 of round 2
Mustafa Khalil def Daryl Pinter by Submission (Arm bar) at 56 sec of Round 1
Mike Hong def Mike Clark by Submission (RNC) Round 1
Remi Morvan def Sean Quinn by Submission (Guillotine) at 3:30 of Round 1
Hosier Bruno def Glenn Kulka by KO at 1:17 of round 1
Craig Brown def Dean Martins by Submission (RNC) at 4:01 of Round 1
Martin Grandmont def Mark Holst by KO at 4:13 of Round 1
Carlos Newton def Nabil Khatib by TKO at 3:12 of Round 1

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3 Responses to “ W1: Live Results ”

  1. brent green says:

    i like turtles

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  2. joey says:

    RA RA RA

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  3. chrismackee says:

    Great night of fights, i liked the Newton and Nabil ,Grandmont fight. I also thought that Dean Martins Fighter he wasa tough guy , he did catch Farmer with some great shots at one point even rocked farmer then Martins was taken down ..I would like to see Martins Newton, Brown and Grandmont back again.

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