MFC 21 Main event: Travis Lutter vs Dean Lister


travis_lutter listerLast night on Carsons Corner, MFC President Mark Pavelich announced that Travis Lutter will be taking on Dean Lister at MFC 21 on May 13th.

This is really turning out to be a stacked card with Travis Galbraith vs David Heath , Aron Lofton vs Mike Nickels, Bryan Baker vs Solomon Hutcherson, John Alessio is tentatively scheduled to meet Jake Ellenberger, and Marcus Aurelio set to be on the card.

Mark Pavelich was also on No Shit MMA earlier this week with Jonathan Baldock and Robin Black.  On the show, he addressed the Ryan Ford signing with TFC and XMMA and that Ford will not be getting the exposure with those organizations as he would with MFC and HDnet. Pavelich also mentioned that Ryan is still under contract with MFC until July 25th, 2009 and cannot fight for any other promotion prior to  that date.

Stay tuned as we learn more of this MFC Mega card.

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5 Responses to “ MFC 21 Main event: Travis Lutter vs Dean Lister ”

  1. Candid Hank says:

    Link to Carson’s Corner where I can hear this firsthand?

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  2. joe l says:

    I heard Dean will not be fighting on this card? Thats what he has been posting anyway. ???

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  3. TheTruth says:

    This fight is NOT happening. From what I have read on different websites niether Lutter or Lister ever signed to make this happen. Looks like another promoter trying to play two fighters into fighting by telling them the other has already commited. LMFAO!

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