Joe Doerksen to Fight at Canadian Fighting Championship


Joe Doerksen Headlines CFC 2 on May 22Winnipeg MMA legend Joe Doerksen will be headlining the Canadian Fighting Championship on May 22.  His opponent, to be announced in the coming days, will be “an experienced UFC veteran,” assures CFC promoter Giuseppe Denatale.   “We promised before our first show that the Canadian Fighting Championship would be the best show to ever hit Winnipeg and what we produced was one of the best shows to ever hit Canada. ”  The CFC is looking to build off the momentum from their successful debut with the announcement of Joe Doerksen headlining CFC 2.

Joe “El Dirte” Doerksen is well known to all MMA fans having fought in the UFC, WEC, IFL, and the Japanese promotion Sengoku.  It was in Sengoku where Doerksen last fought – defeating Izuru Takeuchi by TKO with a series of punches and knee strikes. El Dirte’s 41-12 record features battles against some of the top fighters in the world including Matt Hughes, Denis Kang, Patrick Cote, and Nate Marquardt.

How does Manitoba’s most accomplished mixed martial artist feel about fighting in front of his hometown?  “I love it,” claims Doerksen. “Its the best place in the world for me to fight. No better feeling for me at all.”  Doerksen, currently training at Jeremy Horn’s Elite Fitness,  feels no distractions fighting in Winnipeg and has fought in the city before.  “My friends and family are very supportive and understanding and I get more and more focused as the fights get closer.”  Doerksen will be returning to Winnipeg to continue his training camp at Team Canada with his teammates.Joe Doerksen fought in UFC, WEC, IFL, and now the CFC.

Several of those teammates will also be on the May 22 card, including Chris Fontaine, Justin Barnard, Mark Durant and Dave Zuniga – all of whom appeared on the CFC 1 card.  Doerksen will actually spend less time ringside at CFC 2 than he did in CFC 1 as he usually corners four or five of his Team Canada team mates.  “It going to be different for me this time,” adds Doerksen, “as I won’t be able to corner the guys I train with.  It will be tough to watch from a distance, but they will train hard and be ready to do what they have to do.”

The second event promises to hold even more fireworks than the inaugural show.  Dean Lewis and Eric Perez put on a war at CFC 1 and both will be back for the second event.  “Dean Lewis was a warrior at our first event and I will be flying him back as my special guest for CFC 2,” says the CFC promoter.  “Eric Perez became a local cult favorite after his CFC 1 fight and he will be back in the ring once again.” Perez’ WAMMA teammates Dominick Blais and Lindsey Hawkes are also scheduled for the card.

The Canadian Fighting Championship, which is currently being televised nationally on The Fight Network, will once again be held at the Winnipeg Convention Centre and tickets are available at Ticketmaster.  For VIP table tickets, call (204)772-2599.

13 Responses to “ Joe Doerksen to Fight at Canadian Fighting Championship ”

  1. Sean F@#$ing Quinn says:

    I think Joe looks scarier without the tattoo.

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  2. Billy says:

    Wonder if they can get Travis Lutter?

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  3. Robin Black says:

    Sean: How dare you usurp my middle name?

    -Robin F@#$ing Black

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  4. Dean M. says:

    Doerksen is the best fighter ever to come out of Winnipeg. CFC 2 sounds like it’s going to be a great show!

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  5. brent green says:

    i like turtles.

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  6. travis says:

    Big deal JOE DORKSON,.
    A guy who couldnt make it in the UFC to headline a card,.wow cant wait

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  7. Ok there anonymous internet guy.

    Who do you think would be a bigger draw in Winnipeg? Seriously.

    He’s also Canada’s most experienced MMA fighter.

    Opponent will be announced soon.

    Travis Lutter is signed with another Canadian organization.

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  8. Dean says:

    Easy Travis. Why dont you get in the ring with him and then yip your mouth

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  9. Joe Doerksen says:

    Maybe you could help me train for the next one Travis? Lol.

    Seriously though, why the hate? Did I sleep with your girlfriend or something? If not, I’m probably going to…

    Cheers lil buddy. See you at the show.

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  10. Gabriel says:

    Joe has a world of fight experience he fought on our show Ultimate Cage Wars and he always puts on a good show. Get a life dude! Lets see you get in a cage and fight not! Lmao!!

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  11. "The Real" Greener says:

    I really like turtles.

    travis, shut your mouth or my facebook BFF wil punch you in the lips.

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  12. Karen says:

    Way to funny comment Joe…

    Seriously Travis, get a life..

    Cannot wait for this one…….so very still pumped up from the last one…Kick some ass Joe!!

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  13. Kenora MMA Academy says:

    Hey Joe, give em hell man! Hope your training camp is going well…should have abunch of poeple up from Kenora for the show….

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