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Our good friends at Xtreme Couture Toronto are giving away 2 passes to each of the following Excellent Seminars to a few lucky Top MMA News readers. Simply comment on this blog post with a valid email address in the form (NOT public) and we will draw 2 names and verify they are able to attend these seminars and free passes will be arranged.

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Don’t miss out on an opportunity to attend two killer MMA Training Seminars in Toronto on March 22nd, 2009. Brought to you by, Xtreme Couture Toronto and CrashMMA.


Seminar #1 – Kevin Kearns, 10-12am $50

Learn the ins and outs of strength and conditioning training with professional MMA coach Kevin Kearns. Kearns’ cutting edge work with star UFC fighter Kenny “Ken Flo” Florian has brought him substantial recognition from both the MMA and fitness industries.

Kearns will teach you moves and conditioning techniques that will maximize your fighting potential. Seminar includes Kevin Kearns’ Basement Tapes Series for MMA Conditioning (3 DVD Set).

Kevin Kearns is the strength and conditioning coach for a growing number of MMA fighters including Kenny Florian, Stephan Bonnar, Patrick Cote, Alberto Crane, Marcus Davis and others.


Seminar #2 – Kenny “Ken Flo” Florian, 12-2pm $75

Since making his MMA debut in 2003, Florian has fought his way to the top of the UFC. Confronting opponents with a mixed style of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, Ken Flo’s devastating razor sharp elbow strikes are feared throughout the MMA world.

Florian will walk you through his personal training regiment, share stories about his UFC experience and describe what it’s like to step into the octagon with some of toughest men on the planet. Seminar will be followed by an autograph session.

Kenny Florian is currently the No. 1 contender for the UFC Lightweight Championship belt.

10 Responses to “ Win a Free Kenny Florian Seminar ”

  1. Mark Lelievre says:

    I hope Florian kills BJ Penn in their upcoming fight.

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  2. jeff brown says:

    Bj better focus on something other than gsp or ken flo will put a hurting on him

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  3. Diego Sanchez thinks Penn’s wreslting is too much for him;
    ButI ‘ll be cheering for Florian as well, I think he can outsrike him.

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  4. Justin Schaffer says:

    Florian is a true UFC champ and deserves a title shot and will win it unlike BJ who is crying over vasoline.

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  5. Mark Lelievre says:

    Florian is going to win by stoppage due to an elbow and BJs mom is going to come into the ring and appeal the decision.

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  6. Justin Schaffer is a retard says:

    Justin BJ is bringing a a viable case to court because GSP CHEATED…It doesn’t matter how badly he lost, he lost to someone who was CHEATING. All you GSP nuthuggers/BJ haters need to step back and realize that what went on in GSP corner was NOT LEGAL in the UFC. Damn retards, all of you.

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  7. Kris Lee says:

    Florian has the potential to be a champ one day.

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  8. Jordan brooks says:

    Florian has every tool he needs to be a champion and there are few Lw fighters as confident and humble as he is. Bj Penn really needs to put all his focus on kenny if being a fighter is important to him because kenny aint trying to lose. I have a lot of respect for both of them and they are my two favourite lightweights and i just hope its an amazing fight where they both gain respect from their peers i cant pick who i want or think is gonn win

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  9. Mike Degaz says:

    After Kenny wins I hope BJ doesn’t try to get his mom to over turn the win.

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  10. MaxMortem says:

    Kenny by decision.
    Hope he brings his samurai hat to the seminar.

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