Ryan Ford gives his take on his deal with MFC



I would just like to clear things up here and let you know my side of this. Mark sent me a new contract because mine is up with the mfc and I did not like what he was offering.

I am not asking for money that I dont deserve, When I have been the main Event for 4 shows out of the 8 fights I have had with mfc and hand Mark in his hands over 30 thousand dollars cash from tickets I have sold everytime, I think I deserve more than what I am getting.

Starting off with my 5th fight Main Event against Pete Spratt- $850 show and 750$ Win???

6th Fight CJ Fernandes Main Event $1100 show $1000 Win??

7th TITLE Fight Main Event Pat Healy $2500 show $2500 Win

8th Fight Lavern Clark $2500 show $2500 win

9th Fight Went to Raw Combat against Nabil Katib $4000 show $4000 Win. Then I take a 2 thousand dollar pay cut to fight in my home town as a Main Event for a Title.

10th Fight Title Fight $3000 show $3000 Win.

Mark is supposed to be my Manager. What manager contacts your sponsors and tells them to sponsor his show and not you?? Mark to this day has got me 1 sponsor and I have been on live tv and the main event.He holds me back from fighting anywhere else that is offering good money because he says its a micky mouse show.

I believe when you have a manager and team they are there for you when you win or you lose. Mark dont call you or show up to your afterparty when you lose, but when you win your his best friend.

Mark has been to one legal issue with me and it was a parole hearing end of that discussion. As for him taking me under his wing now thats a Joke. I chose to go down this path, he did not steer in any direction.

I am who I am from what I have gone threw.

I have never fought in the UFC and I havent won a title.I am still new in this sport. I have been training and fighting in this sport for exactly 1 year and 9 months.

With the work I put in and the focus and determanation I have, I will be in the UFC one day and have a Title.

I dont need Mark Pavelich to get me there. Like he has told me I do.

If you know me or ever meet me you what kind of person I am.

Ryan Ford

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