UCW 15 Medical Suspensions


The Manitoba Boxing Commission has released their medical suspensions for the Ultimate Cage Wars 15 card that took place on Friday, March the 13th at the Winnipeg Convention Center.

Chris Stranger – Indefinitely suspended until cleared with an eye exam.
TJ Coletti – 60 Days
Tiago Tavares – 60 Days
Brett Pearson – 60 Days
Graydon Tannas – 60 Days
Matt Veley – 30 Days

The rest of the competitors received a standard 14 day suspension.

Dave De Lorenzi
Scott Richardson
Sebastien Garguier
Chad Kozicki
Warren Phillips
Billy Hua
Matt Veal
Dwight Sutherland
Dmitry Kalikhman
Luis Huete
Jose Rodriguez
Chad Sherman
Jay Alexander
Ferrid Kheder

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