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Warren Phillips and Team Ring Shark at UCW 15Another Ultimate Cage Wars has come and went and Troy Scheer’s Team Ring Shark went undefeated once again.  The team, eminating from Saskatoon’s Scheer’s MMA, went 3-0 with Warren Phillips, Scott Richardson, and Jose Rodriguez all finishing their opponents.  The team is now an undefeated 10-0 in Winnipeg competition.

In the main event, Ferrid Kheder from Joe Stevenson’s Cobrai gym in Victorville, California, knocked out Canuckles’ Graydon Tannas with a big right hook.  Unfortunately, Winnipeg’s Chris Stranger lost his Winnipeg debut to Jay Alexander in a three round standup battle.

  • Ferrid Kheder defeated Graydon Tannas by KO (Right Hook) in Round 3, 0:18

Round 1 starts with Graydon being knocked down right away but he bounces Kheder Lands Straight Right against Tannas - Photo by Jim Beattieright back up.  Kheder looks good with a big right hook and solid leg kicks. Tannas responds with multiple jabs.  The fights engage in a clinch and Kheder has his back against the cage.  Kheder, an Olympic judoka, sweeps Tannas’ leg and drops Tannas to the mat.  From Tannas’ guard, Kheder drops some big right hands.  Tannas scrambles back up but Kheder trips him back down and the round ends with Kheder grounding and pounding on Tannas. Top MMA News scores it 10-9 Kheder.

Round 2 starts with Tannas charging at Kheder.  As the two engage, Kheder takes Tannas down and lands in Tannas’ half guard.  Kheder moves to full mount and is bumped off to side control before he is bucked off and Tannas is on top.  Kheder strongarms Tannas to the mat and lands in side control.  Kheder throws huge rights and tries for a Kimura.  Top MMA News scores it 10-9 Kheder

As round 3 starts, Tannas and Kheder are trading in the center of the cage.  Kheder lands a huge right hand that knocks out Tannas.  Kheder jumps on Tannas and throws a few more for good measure before the ref stops the fight.  Tannas complains but it was a very good stoppage.

  • Jay Alexander defeated Chris Stranger by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Stranger and Alexander Exchange Jabs - Photo by Jim BeattieWinnipeg resident and Peguis First Nation member Chris Stranger comes out to a huge ovation.  This is the loudest that I have heard the crowd at any UCW.

Round 1 starts and Stranger has the reach advantage but Alexander has the quicker hands standing up.  Stranger favors a leg kick, left jab combo but is not landing many with force.  Alexander has a crisp standup and frequently lands punches.  Stranger’s leg kicks are his most effective weapon as he is not finding his range with his punches.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Alexander

Stranger immediately closes the distance as round 2 begins and starts using dirty boxing.  The Peguis native is landing strikes and finding his game.  Alexander, from Orangeville Ontario, gets some distance and starts landing some hard shots.  Stranger charges back again and lands three or four shots which bloodies Alexander’s nose.  Stranger goes for a single leg but cannot bring Alexander down and lands some foot stomps on Jay.  The two fighters trade knees as the round ends.  This was a close round and Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Stranger.

Jay Alexander looks fresher as round 3 starts and he lands a right hook right away.  Stranger gets Alexander against the cage and again foot stomps his opponent and fails to drag his opponent down.  Stranger needs to get his opponent down and use his strong grappling game but he cannot get the strong Alexander to the mat.  The two fighters trade lefts and Stranger is cut under his eye.  Alexander lands a nice combination as Stranger tries to close the distance.  Alexander lands some big knees to Stranger’s midsection.  The two finish in a flurry as the round ends.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Alexander.

  • Chad Sherman defeated Brett Pearson by TKO (Ground and Pound) in Round 1, 2:14

Round 1 starts as the two swing wildly and exchange kicks.  Sherman gets Pearson to the ground.  Pearson goes for a heel hook but Sherman escapes and is in Pearson’s full guard.  Sherman works for a full mount and repeatedly lands hammer fists from top.

Jose Rodriguez defeated Tiago Tavares by TKO (Ground and Pound) in Round 2, 0:42

Tavares did not make weight for this 155 lb match between two hungry undefeated prospects.

Round 1 starts and Rodriguez quickly get Tavares down and in full mount but Tiago sweeps and is in Rodriguez’ full guard.  Tavares gets in side position.  Now its Rodriguez turn to sweep Tiago and then the two scramble up.  Rodriguez knees Tavares in the groin and the round stops.  As action continues, Tavares goes for a takedown but Rodriguez sprawls and lands some lefts.  Tavares bullies his way to top position and again gets full mount and lands some shots.  Rodriguez attempts a triangle but Tiago moves to half guard and lands some more punches.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Tavares.

Rodriguez executes a nice hip toss on Tavares who lands on his back.  Rodriguez works to full mount and is dropping hard punches.  Tavares gives up his back and Rodriguez continues to rain bombs down on Tavares as Tiago works to get out of the position.  However the referee steps in to stop the fight.  Tavares jumps up to compain right away.  There is no doubt that Tavares was in a bad position but it was a questionable stoppage.

  • Luis Huete submitted Dmitry Kalikhman by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:34

Kalikhman looked like a deer in the headlights coming out for his debut fight and that was exactly what the Canuckles’ corner was yelling to their man Luis Huete when the fight started.  Huete took this one quickly in 34 seconds with a Rear Naked Choke.  Huete has looked great in his two wins at UCW.  This man needs a step up in competition.

  • Dwight Sutherland submitted Matt Veal by Triangle Choke in Round 2, 3:23

Veal and Sutherland both lost in their last UCW fights and were looking to get back into the win column.

The fight initiates with Veal executing a single leg takedown and landing in Dwight Sutherland and Matt VealSutherland’s full guard. Veal gets full mount and drops some punches before Sutherland gives up his back.  Veal tries to get his hooks in but Sutherland reverses.  Both fighters scramble to their feet and Veal lands three solid leg kicks and the third one brings Sutherland to the ground.  Somehow Dwight gets Veal’s back and tries to sink in a Rear Naked Choke.  He cannot lock it up and Veal now turns into Sutherland’s full guard as the round ends.  Top MMA News scores it 10-9 for Sutherland as the Rear Naked Choke was very close to ending the fight.

Round 2 starts with Veal landing a huge knee after two strikes by Sutherland.  Sutherland looks tired and Veal’s striking is sharp until Sutherland ducks under a high kick by Veal.  Sutherland takes Veal down and gets side control.  Veal sweeps and Sutherland is on his back.  Sutherland tries for an Arm Bar from the bottom but cannot secure it.  However, Sutherland locks in a Triangle.  Veal tries to fight it but is eventually forced to tap.

  • Warren Phillips submits Billy Hua by Kimura and Triangle Choke in Round 1, 1:38

Phillips is down early but gets up and lands a big right.  The two trade kicks and Phillips tosses Hua to the mat.  Hua turns his back and Phillips takes it.  He is high on Hua’s back and he locks on a Triangle.  Phillips tries to tighten the Triangle and adds the odd punch.  Phillips takes an arm and gets a Kimura while the Triangle is still on.  Hua taps out at 1:38

  • Sebastien Garguier submits Chad Kozicki by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 0:53

Joe Stevenson at UCW 15 - Photo by Keith GrienkeGarguier comes out with coach Joe Stevenson.

Garguier and Kozicki immediately trade punches but Kozicki’s are rather wild while Garguier exhibits crisper tighter punches.  The trading of punches are fast and furious before Kozicki rushes Garguier who locks in a Guillotine that Kozicki taps out to 53 seconds into the first round.

Afterword, Joe Stevenson talks to Top MMA News explaining that he has 13 French speaking students at his Victorville dojo.  “One day Ferrid Kheder showed up and 13 French men trickled in after him,” said Joe “Daddy”.  The Cobrai Kai gym is ecstatic at Garguier’s first win.

  • Scott Richardson defeated Matt Veley by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 4:40

Veley starts this one off with a left kick then Richardson gets a plum clinch and the two trade knees up close.  Veley pushes Richardson to the cage and then trips Scott to the mat.  Veley gets in Richardson’s full guard and lands a bunch of punches.  The two get up and Veley again takes down Richardson with a double leg.  In full guard, Veley executes a ground and pound offense but Richardson stays calm until he can escape.  On their feet, Richardson drops Veley hard and gets his back – dropping huge rights.  Veley looks hurt.  Veley is not defending himself as Richardson drops more punches and the ref stops the bout at 4:40.

  • Dave De Lorenzi defeated T.J. Coletti by TKO (Ref Stoppage) in Round 1, 1:25

This was a strange fight by Coletti who did not look like he belonged in the cage yet.  It was a frenetic start with Coletti winging punches and kicks with no technique at all. Coletti immediately looks winded and cannot keep his mouth guard in.  Coletti has De Lorenzi in a headlock and De Lorenzi yells that Colletti’s finger is in his eye.  Coletti escapes and the two stand and De Lorenzi gets low blowed.  It gets real strange now as De Lorenzi is given time to recover.  While he is recovering the referee talks to Coletti asking him to keep his mouth piece in.  Coletti does not respond and the ref asks him if he wants to continue.  Coletti does not respond and the ref asks again.  Coletti says no and the ref calls a stop to the fight.  Coletti was too green for the cage and needs more gym time before fighting again.

** All Black and white photos courtesy of Jim Beattie Photography.

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  1. Me says:

    Where’s round 2 of Sutherland vs Veal boss?

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  2. Thanks for pointing that out, Me. I went back and added Round 2 of the Sutherland fight. Cheers.

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  3. Me says:

    Cool, thanks. I like the idea of the play-by-play for the local shows. Keep up the good work!

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  4. Calgary says:

    Where can I watch the fight videos? Or can I at all?

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  5. I have not seen a UCW fight video in years.

    UCW continues to say that their shows will be broadcast on the Fight Network but I have not seen any of their recent shows on any station. They do have a few video cameras at the event though.

    Stay tuned, I guess.

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  6. Steven Marks says:

    I was just reading about TJ Colleti and Dave Delorenzi, the fight was stopped from a low blow?

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  7. Thanks for your comment Steve. Let me clarify.

    Coletti was debuting at UCW 15, was very much the green rookie, and looked out of his element. He gassed extremely early, was pushing out his mouthpiece, was not facing his opponent when striking, and looked extremely uncomfortable during the short fight.

    Then De Lorenzi got low-blowed by Coletti. While De Lorenzi was given time to recover, the referee started talking to Coletti. From my cage side seat, it sounded like the ref was telling him to not low blow, to face his opponent when fighting, and to keep his mouthpiece in. Coletti was not responding. The referee rightly asked him if he wanted to continue. I believe that Coletti did not respond and then said no and the referee then waved his arms and stopped the fight. Coletti did not argue this call at all.

    There you have the story of De Lorenzi recovering from a low blow and surprisingly winning the bout due to a ref stoppage that had nothing to due with Coletti’s illegal strike or any injury to Coletti.

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  8. Steven Marks says:

    Thanks for the speedy reply Keith, will there be any videos posted of this event, I tried to make it to UCW but due to work i was unable to go. so by my assumpsion we will not be seeing Colletti fighting in UCW again.

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  9. Steven Marks says:

    Will the Colletti vs De Lorenzi fight be posted?

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  10. Steven. Top MMA News did not tape any UCW fights. The code for the Veal/Sutherland fight was found elsewhere on the internet and Top MMA News posted a link to it.

    UCW said at the event that UCW 15 will be on the Fight Network.

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