UCW 15 Weigh-Ins – Tavares Misses Weight


Tiago Tavares Over Weight for UCW 15Ultimate Cage Wars 15 will be at the Winnipeg Convention Centre this Friday, March 13.  All fighters made weight except Tiago Tavares who showed up three pounds heavy.  Tavares’ opponent Jose Rodriguez agreed to take 20% of Tavares’ purse in lieu of Tiago not making weight.

Now that the weigh-ins are over, the line-up is official and 11 fights will be on Friday’s event.

UCW 15 Card

Main Event

Ferrid Kheder (170 lbs) vs. Graydon Tannas (169 lbs)

Semi-Main Event

Chris Stranger (187) vs. Jay Alexander (187)

Keto Allen (169) vs. Kenny Calonego (169)

Dwight Sutherland (142) vs. Matt Veal (144)

Jose Rodriguez (156) vs. Tiago Tavares (159)
** Tavares forfeits 20% of his purse to Rodriguez

Luis Huete (144) vs. Dmitry Kalikhman(136)

Billy Hau (153) vs. Warren Phillips (153)

Chad Sherman (187) vs. Brett Pearson (189)

Scott Richardson (154) vs. Matt Veley (154)

Chad Kozicki (170) vs Sebastien Garguier (169)

T.J. Coletti (179) vs Dave De Lorenzi (181)

Chris Stranger vs Jay Alexander

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6 Responses to “ UCW 15 Weigh-Ins – Tavares Misses Weight ”

  1. Boots says:

    Tavares missing weight is weak…..especially by 4lbs. Hopefully Jose teaches him a lesson in there tonight !!

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  2. GRANNY says:

    When Jose loses the fight his excuse is gonna be “”we was 4lbs more””” poor baby, missing weight is weak YOU say why aren’t u fighting? An old lady could probably beat u up with her PURSE now thats WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA

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  3. hockey bitch says:

    What’s weak is the fact that you have to comment on Tavares’s weight. I bet you have never stepped into a ring nor have ever had your ass kick cause you were tooooooo scaried to fight. You probably hid under a table. I know this cause if you did you won’t be making such WEAK comments. I suggest you keep your BOOTS on and keep walking.

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  4. GRANNY says:

    BTW BOOTS Dora is looking for u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. hockey bitch says:

    Yeah I agree Grannie and probably Barney and Elmo

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  6. Boots says:

    It’s an insult to not only your opponent but also the company (UCW) when you come in that much over the limit. Very unprofessional.

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