Jose Rodriguez Displays Scheer Dominance


Jose Rodriguez after UCW 14 Fight

There is a Lightweight factory in Western Canada called Scheer’s Martial Arts that invades Winnipeg every Ultimate Cage Wars.  Under the guidance of the gym’s namesake, Troy Scheer, Team Ring Shark has been storming the prairie fight scene and fighter Jose Rodriguez has been leading the charge. Rodriguez’ game has a maturity and fluidity that belies his 23 years of age.  Unlike many young fighters who have one discipline which dominates their MMA game, Rodriguez brings an exciting blend of styles to the cage.

Rodriguez (2-0) debuted professionally at UCW 13 where he dismantled Ryan Bawn early in the first round with a vicious Ground and Pound game.  UCW 14 brought a step up in competition for Jose. Mike Walton was also a previous UCW winner and together, Jose and Mike, put on a Fight of the Night performance.  Rodriguez exhibited solid standup in the fight, was looking for submissions off his back (he almost secured a Triangle), and ultimately submitted Walton by Arm Bar in the second round.  Not only is Rodriguez quite sound technically, he has so far brought a level of endurance and intensity that his opponent’s have not been able to match. Amazingly, Jose has only been involved in martial arts for less than four years. Ring Shark trainer Troy Scheer sums it up best, “Jose’s fighting style is well rounded and he can take the fight in any direction.  He has an aggressive style so his fights are very fast paced which make for exciting tilts for the fans.  He has a bright future in the sport.”

Rodriguez Victorious at UCW 14

Not only is Jose training to fight, he is also raising a young family (baby daughter is less than one year old), taking classes at the University of Saskatchewan (he wants to obtain his Masters in Psychology and Sociology), and working full time at LA Weight Loss.  How does a young fighter have such a workload yet improve so much?  Jose credits the support of a loving wife, Krish, his coach, and his strong team of competitive fighters at Scheer’s where “we have four Lightweights who are always looking out for each other, pushing each other while we are getting  ready for fights in Winnipeg or Lethbridge.” Rodriguez also embraces the mixture of martial arts – “I don’t let my brain get fogged by a single martial art as its best to have an all-around game.”

“Jose is blessed to be surrounded by a very strong team so this pushes him and keeps him honest. (Team Ring Shark) has a lot of depth in the 155lbs class, so you are always being pushed by your teammates every session so this keeps you sharp!” spouts Troy Scheer.  Indeed Jose does belong to a strong team at the lighter weights as shown at UCW 14 where Rodriguez and teammates, Warren Phillips and Scott Richardson, all took home win  bonus cheques.

Next up for Jose is Tiago Tavares (1-0) from Xtreme Couture Toronto.  “Everyone says Tiago was tough last fight and he has strong Jiu-Jitsu.”  UCW Matchmaker Gabriel Santos talks of the upcoming Lightweight bout between Rodriguez and Tavares at UCW 15 on March 13,

Jose is a very tough skilled fighter who will go far in our sport.  He always comes in shape and ready for his fights!  Jose will have his hands full with Tiago Tavares who trains with Chris Horodecki, but Jose trains with the world famous Scheer’s Ring Shark MMA under Troy Scheer who no doubt will have a great game plan.
One thing is for sure, if both Rodriguez and Tavares bring the same level of aggression to their UCW 15 fight as they have in past fights, fans should not miss this bout.  This one has ‘Fight of the Night’ written all over it.

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