BJ Penn Files Formal Complaint Against GSP


On March 9, Raffi Nahabedian, on behalf of BJ Penn, filed a formal complaint against Georges St-Pierre with the Nevada State Athletic Commission.  The complaint asks for the suspension of St-Pierre, his corner, and others.

As is well known by now, BJ Penn alleges that Georges St-Pierre used illegal greasing agents in their UFC 94 fight.  In the fight, GSP dominated Penn and Penn withdrew from the match after four rounds of brutal pounding at the hands of St-Pierre.

During the match, the NSAC was alerted to the use of Vaseline by Phil Nurse during the first and second rounds and the NSAC wiped GSP down with towels as a result.

The documnent asks for the suspension of Nurse, Jackson and St-Pierre, fines of up to $250,000, and the declaration of the fight as a “No Contest”.  It also requests that St-Pierre take a shower prior to his fights.

The complaint also mentions unnamed mixed martial arts fighters who complained about St-Pierre using greasing agents.

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