March is Featherweight Month


This month, your favorite MMA Featherweight is working a little extra harder for you.  Why not pick up your favorite Featherweight a little something nice just to show that you appreciate them?


On Sunday, Jose Aldo kicked off Featherweight month showing that he is becoming a dominant Featherweight with another KO victory.

Also on the March 1 WEC, Mike Thomas Brown successfully defended his WEC Featherweight title and proved once again that he is the top Featherweight in the world.

This upcoming weekend, UFC 96 is not the sole event on the planet.  DREAM 7 debuts its 2009 Featherweight Grand Prix with a plateful of top Featherweights for your enjoyment.  DREAM has assembled a nice assortment for their tournament including WEC veterans Micah Miller, Chase Beebe, Yoshiro Maeda, and Hiroyuki Takaya.  Also on the bill is the last man to best Mike Thomas Brown – Masakazu Imanari.  Rounding out the first round of the DREAM tournament is Atsushi Yamamoto, Kim Jong Won, Joe Warren, Bibiano Fernandes, Takafumi Otsuka, Akiyo Nishiura, and former EliteXC Featherweight title challenger, Abel Collum.

To view the entire DREAM 7 card including the Featherweight Grand Prix brackets, go here.

LC Davis in the Sengoku Featherweight Grand Prix

Featherweight action in March (or Grand Prix for that matter) does not end there!  World Victory Road is holding their Sengoku 7th Battle on March 20th.  Sengoku will be holding their own Featherweight Grand Prix and the first round starts at 7th Battle.  Top-ranked Featherweights Hatsu Hioki and Hideki Kadowaki lead the Sengoku Featherweight field.

Watch out for Miletich fighter LC Davis try to launch himself into the Featherweight Top 10 by putting a streak together in this tournament.  Other names to watch out for are the 12-0 Nova Uniao Brazilian Marlon Sandro and Mike Thomas Brown’s undefeated training partner Chris Manuel. You can find the remaining Sengoku Featherweights and the Sengoku 2009 Grand Prix brackets here.

Noticeably absent from Featherweight month are two of the long time greats – Urijah Faber and Kid Yamamoto.  It is exected that Faber will try to regain his Featherweight title from Mike Brown this summer and Kid will enter the second round of the DREAM tournament.

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