CFC 1 Prelim Play-by-Play: Perez and Lewis Bring the House Down


Dean Lewis vs. Eric Perez

The CFC inaugural card feature some great fights in the preliminaries including a closely fought Justin Barnard/Brandon McArthur contest and the hands down Fight of the Night – an all-out brawl between Eric Perez and Dean Lewis.


  • Justin Barnard defeats Brandon McArthur by Unanimous Decision

Barnard came into the fight undefeated at 5-0 while Brandon McArthur had a 3-2 record.

Barnard’s standup looks crisp at the start as he rocked McArthur with a right. McArthur wants to be on the ground and that is where he takes it – landing in Barnard’s half guard.  McArthur gets side control and as Barnard rolls, McArthur gets his back.  This could be over quick as McArthur tries to slap on a Rear Naked Choke.  Barnard slips out but McArthur has his arm and tries for an Arm Bar.  The Farmer tries to slam out of it but its tighter.  Using good defense, Barnard now stays close to McArthur from top and finally escapes to McArthur’s full guard.Here Barnard is active and Grounds and Pounds Brandon.  From half guard, Barnard drops a bunch of lefts and McArthur starts bleeding from his nose.  The round ends.  Although McArthur had two submission attempts, Barnard showed great sub defense and inflicted more damage. gives the round to Barnard 10-9

McArthur takes down Barnard to start but Barnard sweeps and lands in McArthur’s full guard.  Barnard looks fresher and he drops some lefts and a huge right from top position.  McArthur tries for an Arm Bar but it does not work and Barnard drops some bombs from the top.  The fighters start scrambling and they are back on their feet.  Suddenly McArthur has Barnard’s back again.  This time he is much closer to finishing as he has his left arm under Barnard’s chin but Barnard uses both hands to fight off McArthur’s right and McArthur cannot grab his left arm to cinch the choke.  They are battling like this for a while when Barnard flips to McArthur’s full guard and starts throwing punches – one bloodies McArthur’s mouth.  The round ends.  Great defense from Barnard but that Rear Naked Choke was so close to ending the fight, Cageplay has to give the round 10-9 to McArthur.

Its very close to start the third.  Barnard starts with a right and a kick that land.  Then he tries an ill advised throw on McArthur who is winning the ground game.  McArthur lands on top of Barnard but will not throw any punches.  Barnard gives up back a third time and McArthur gets his hooks in but cannot finish.  Barnard switches position and is now in McArthur’s full guard.  He throws some heavy Ground and Pound from top.  Both fighters are tired, but Barnard keeps top position and scores with the odd right.   Late in the round, McArthur reverses and lands on top.  McArthur maintains position but will not throw his hands.  The round ends.  A very good matchup with some great bjj defense from Barnard.  Third round goes to Barnard 10-9 on Cageplay’s card.

McArthur looked good on the ground but could not finish.  He needs to incorporate some ground and pound into his ground game and realize it is not a grappling match but MMA.  Nice win for the undefeated Barnard who admits that McArthur “was a tough opponent…and he felt threatened when he had my back.”  Nice fight.

  • Dominick Blais submits Corey Knapp by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1 1:01

4-2 Dominick Blais was begging promoters to get on the CFC card and he almost did not get on until Corey Knapp accepted the fight on short notice. Dominick entered the room to huge applause as there were ten full tables of Blais supporters.

Blais started the round with a couple of leg kicks.  Corey Knapp responded by trying to take Blais down with a single leg attempt.  Blais displays great sprawl and stuffs Knapp’s efforts. Blais works for Knapp’s back, gets it, and Knapp taps out to a Rear Naked Choke one minute into the fight.

Dominick’s supporter will go home happy tonight.  Like his WAMMA teammate Lindsey Hawkes, Dominick needs a step up in opposition next time out.

  • Mark Durant defeats Neal Fox by Unanimous Decision (Muay Thai)

Durant and Fox met once before in Winnipeg with Durant winning the decision at last year’s Gladiators card. Nothing changed at CFC 1.  Durant was more active and Fox was always going for the clinch.

In round one, Fox was clinching while Durant landed some kicks.  The round was highlighted by Durant’s left high kick which caught Fox in the head and a spinning back kick by Fox to end the round.  Cageplay scores the round for Durant.

Round 2 is more of the same.  The fighters do exchange kicks to start the round.  Durant does try a couple spinning back kicks, one of which lands. Later in the round, Mark misses an axe kick attempt.  The two exchange knees to end the round.  Cageplay scores the round for Durant.

The third starts with Fox landing a hard leg kick and following up with left and right straight that land.  Durant is limping near the end of the round as Fox’s leg kicks were obviously effective.  Fox is more active this round and Cageplay scores the round for Fox.

  • Eric Perez defeats Dean Lewis by Unanimous Decision

Eric Perez and Dean Lewis had the bloodiest fight that I have ever seen live.

The fight starts with Perez kicking Lewis.  Dean catches a kick and takes Perez down and lands some lefts.  The fighters are then stood up by the referee.  While standing, Perez draws first blood cutting Lewis under the right eye.  Another Perez kick is caught by Lewis and Perez is taken down.  Perez quickly reverses but stands up.  Perez scores with leg kicks and Lewis responds with effective jabs that bloody Perez’s nose.  Lewis is persistent and takes Perez down for a third time and lands in Eric’s guard.  Perez grabs hold of a leg and attemps a heel hook.  The fighters scramble and Perez lands on top and throws some fists from the top.  Perez gets up and Lewis takes him down again – this time landing a lot of lefts from top position.  The action pack round ends with Perez going for a triangle attempt.  Cageplay scores the round 10-9 Lewis.

The crowd is really getting into this fight and the second starts with Lewis landing a right.  Perez answers with a combination and low kicks.  The fight is stopped as Perez caught the edge of a glove in his eye.  After it restarts, Perez and Lewis and the crowd are all standing as the fighters are trading brutal punches.   Perez is winning the standup and Lewis is stumbling and missing with his punches.  Perez’s left jab lands at will and is really cutting Lewis up and he looks like a bloody mess.  Lewis lands a right front kick and Perez loves it and is all smiles.  The round ends and Perez is waving his arms, pumping up an already appreciative crowd.  Cageplay scores the round 10-9 Perez.

Dr. Pilat examines Lewis during the break and gives the OK to go.  Lewis looks terrible to start the third.  Perez is definitely fresher of the two and wants to stand.  Lewis is tired and spits his mouthpiece out twice – the second time it is replaced the referee tells Lewis he will lose a point if he does it again.  Perez is dominating the standup and lands a huge left to the body and a right front leg kick.  Amazingly, Lewis has the energy to take Perez down and gets in Perez’s half guard and drops some rights.  Perez scrambles to get out and illegally upkicks Lewis in the nose.  The referee does not warn Perez or allow Lewis to recover and Lewis’ nose is pouring blood.  Lewis is exhausted on top of Perez but somehow gives some knees on the ground to Perez.  Lewis is quite a warrior and does not stop right to the final bell despite all the punishment that he has received.  Cageplay scores the round 10-9 for Perez.

Winnipeg veteran Eric Perez won the entertaining fight but Dean Lewis was in terrible shape after the fight.  Doctors attend to the fighter lying prone on the canvas and convulsing.  Unfortunately, Dean must be rushed to the hospital.  Due to receiving numerous hard blows to the head, Lewis has bad swelling in the head and has suffered a terrible concussion.   Lewis was able to talk and walk around twenty four hours later, but he will not be able to continue training MMA according to ringside physician Dr. Pilat.  Everyone at wishes Dean Lewis a full recovery.

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  • Jon Henderson defeats Justin Smethhurst by TKO (Ref Stoppage) in Round 2 1:46

The night of fight starts with both fighters circling and trading knees with Justin Smethhurst delivering the harder blows.  Later the fighters found their range and Jon Henderson started taking control late in the round.   Cageplay scores the close round for Justin Smethhurst due to the early one-two combinations that were landing.

The second round begins with Henderson repeatedly landing knees.  Smethhurst lands a big right but Henderson chops down Smethhurst with some seriously hard leg kicks.  Smethhurst gets back to his feet and Henderson inflicts heavy damage chopping at the front leg of Smethhurst.  Henderson scores with a right front kick.

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