CFC 1 Results: Munduruca Dominant, Holst Wins War


Zuniga and Holst Put on a Great Fight - Photo by Where To Look Photography

What a fantastic debut effort for the Canadian Fighting Championships.  Over 2,000 fans came out to support the CFC and its roster of fighters and they were treated to some dominant performances and some toe-to-toe wars.  In the main event, Mark “Boots” Holst took a split decision victory from hometown fighter Dave Zuniga in a bout that had fans on the edge of their seats. In the co-main event, local BJJ ace Rodrigo Munduruca did what he does best and arm barred his Heath Roth in under a minute.

Cageplay’s Fight of the Night went to Eric Perez and Dean Lewis for an absolutely bloody war that went three rounds and unfortunately sent Dean to the hospital. The Knockout of the Night was taken by WAMMA’s Lindsey Hawkes who high kicked Joseph Latour, kneed him and pounded him out for the quick win.  Submission of the Night went to Robin Black who put on a BJJ clinic on his way to his first professional victory – stopping Stephane Poirier with a Triangle Choke that must have been on for a couple minutes while the two combatants rolled around the ring.

CFC 1 Results


  • Mark Holst defeats Dave Zuniga by Split Decision (48-47, 46-49, 48-47)

Fans were treated to a fantastic Muay Thai bout between two top-ranked Canadian fighters.  Fans were on the edge of their seats for this close fight and when this one was finished everyone was wondering who would be declared the winner.

Round one starts with Mark Holst scoring early primarily with rights and lefts.  This fight looks like it could be over quickly as Zuniga is wobbly on his feet and Boots keeps coming at him with punches.  Zuniga gets out of his opponent’s corner using his push kick like a jab to get Holst backing up.  Highlights of round one include a straight right kick to Zuniga’s head and some nice knees to Dave’s midsection as Holst surprise Zuniga with a dominating first round.  Zuniga does hit a nice back kick to end round 1.  Cageplay scores it 10-9 Holst

Round two begins with both fighters working each others’ legs with low kicks.  Zuniga has found his rythym and is punishing Holst’s left leg.  Holst has his hands down most of the round and one wonders if he punched himself out in the first round.  Zuniga lands a lot of big lefts during the round to knock Holst back while continuously punishing Holst’s plant foot.  Zuniga wins the round landing three left kicks to end round 2.  Cageplay scores it 10-9 Zuniga

Holst comes out in Round three mixing things up nicely often leading with a leg kick and the moving up and landing some straight left and rights to Zuniga’s head.  One thing is clear.  Holst is picking Zuniga apart with his hands while Zuniga strategy is a continuous attack on Holst’s plant foot.  During the round, Holst slips and when the ref restarts, Zuniga starts pushing the pace with body shots and kicks and a couple punches for good measure.  At the end of the third, Holst tosses Zuniga to the mat.  Cageplay scores it 10-9 Zuniga as Zuniga pushed the pace and was attacking but it was a very tight round.

Holst starts listening to his corner in the fourth round and starts leg kicking Zuniga and the two fighters exchange kicks.  Early on a big right and left combination rock Zuniga but Dave continues to press the action.  Eventually, Zuniga leg kicks are paying dividends as it appears that he is buckling Holst’s left leg due to the continuous attack on it while Zuniga pushes the pace and has Holst backing up.  Near the end of the round Holst catches a Zuniga kick and delivers a hard kick to Zuniga’s planted leg.  As they trade kicks, Holst now picks up the pace and starts pushing the pace winning the exchange at the end with some hard punches.  Cageplay flipped a coin and scored it 10-9 Zuniga. Holst landed harder shots.  Zuniga landed more.  This was the determining round of the fight.

The final round has Boots throwing hard shots to Zuniga’s head.  The fighters exchange knees and Zuniga lands more kicks to the lead leg of Mark.  Zuniga is trying to win the round and is throwing punches in bunches when Holst starts rocking Zuniga.  Zuniga is more fatigued than Holst as Holst rocks him with some huge rights and left punches to end the fight.  Holst clearly takes the final round.  Cageplay scores it 10-9 Holst.

Holst won the split decision to a fantastic fight between two warriors.  Zuniga has nothing to be ashamed of.  Lets leave the embarassment to the official who scored the fight 49-46 Zuniga.  It was clear that Holst won the first and last rounds so there was no way that Holst could have less than a 47 score.  Regardless, the real winner was the fans who should thank the CFC for making this fight happen !


  • Rodrigo Munduruca submits Heath Roth by Arm Bar in Round 1 0:36

Once again, Rodrigo Munduruca tore through an opponent.  This FILA World Grappling champion did not break a sweat going to the ground and armbarring Heath Roth to no one’s surprise.

Roth started this match with a nice leg kick but that will be all the offense the crowd will see from Roth.  Munduruca landed a hard jab and followed up quickly with a double leg takedown.  If you blinked, you missed this 262 lb man unbelievably quickly passing to side control before dropping back to land some huge bombs to Roth’s head.  Roth stuck out an arm and Rodrigo took it and submitted him.  Rodrigo was hanging halfway out of the ring while arm barring his opponent.  After the fight, Rodrigo explains that he wanted to stand up more but his body dictated what to do and he is 100% jiu jitsu.


  • Lindsey Hawkes defeats Joseph Latour by TKO (GNP) in Round 1 0:41

Latour is a southpaw and one wonders how WAMMA fighter Lindsey Hawkes will deal with this.  Quickly in the first round, Latour lands some big lefts but Hawkes returns witha couple punches and leg kicks of his own.  Hawkes scores with a tremendous left high kick and then a huge punch.  Lindsey smells blood and launches some strong knees and Latour crumples to the canvas.  Hawkes adds some ground and pound for good measure before the referee realizes that Latour is knocked out and jumps in to rescue the fighter.  Good stoppage by the ref.

A very solid performance again by Lindsey Hawkes who earns Cageplay’s Knockout of the Night for his performance.  Afterwards, Hawkes demands a tougher test in the ring next fight.  He is ready to go and wants to get to that next level.  Lets hope the CFC can give it to him!

  • Robin Black submits Stephane Poirier by Triangle Choke in Round 1 2:57

Black Submits Poirier - Photo by Where To Look Photography

Fans are treated to some smack talk on the big screen prior to the fight as the undefeated Poirier mocks Robin Black the winless rockstar while Black predicts Poirier is going to learn a hard lesson about respect in the ring.

Black starts Round one with a right body kick that lands.  As the two face each other, Robin gets Poirier in a standing Guillotine.  Poirier’s corner shout for their fighter to slam Black and that is what he does.  Poirier gets his head out and is in Black’s full guard.  Black then grabs a free arm of his opponent and promptly attempts an Arm Bar but he cannot straighten it out.  Robin finds himself on his back but he looks confident as he now gets Poirier in an Arm-In Triangle Choke.  The two fighters roll around the ring with Robin getting top position while maintaining his triangle.  Although his opponent is defenseless, Black appears reluctant to tag his opponent with some punches though his corner yells at him to strike.  No worries !  Black and Poirier roll a bit more and Robin tightens the vise around Poirier’s neck.  Poirier looks pretty unresponsive and the referee stops the fight.

Poirier gets up mad at the stoppage, but it is clear that he was out and the stoppage was warranted.  Another good stoppage by the referee.

Robin Black takes the mic and says how good it is to get that first win in Winnipeg.  The fighter originally from Pinawa then stated he came ready to brawl but he realized that he was too much for Poirier on the ground.  After a brilliant display of bjj topped off with an impressive Triangle Choke, Cageplay awards Submission of the Night to Robin Black.

  • Chris Fontaine submits Dan Chambers by Guillotine Choke in Round 1 1:10

A great matchup to start the main event as Chambers and Fontaine have fought a lot on the Canadian MMA circuit and have a lot of experience behind them.  Quite frankly, I am surprise it has taken this long for a promoter to match these two up.

Both fighters start off wrestling a bit before Chambers tries a big upper cut.  Chambers comes on strong landing punches in combinations and follows up with a clinch and some dirty boxing.  Chambers then makes a mistake and sticks his head out while attempting a double leg takedown.  Fontaine quickly slaps on a Guillotine forcing Chambers to tap out to a Guillotine Choke.

A difficult loss for Chambers who started out strong but made one mistake that cost him.

PRELIM Results  (Prelim  Play by Play can be viewed here.)

  • Justin Barnard defeats Brandon McArthur by Unanimous Decision
  • Dominick Blais submits Corey Knapp by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1 1:01
  • Mark Durant defeats Neal Fox by Unanimous D ecision (Muay Thai)
  • Eric Perez defeats Dean Lewis by Unanimous Decision
  • Jon Henderson defeats Justin Smethhurst by TKO (Ref Stoppage) in Round 2 1:46
    Munduruca and Perez were Winners are CFC 1: Revelation

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    Perez, truly i didnt think you could get any uglier…I was wrong.

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