Win Sean Sherk Fantasy Betting on Ultimate Fight Night 17



You are on the home stretch of a MMA marathon so do not stop when you are so close to the end. You have Cageplayed UFC 93, Affliction 2, WEC 38, and UFC 94 in the past three weeks and now its time to finish off with Ultimate Fight Night 17 this Saturday before taking a breather.

Today’s first place prize is sponsored by Round 5 MMA, the creators of a fantastic line of MMA fighter figurines including Randy Couture, Anderson Silva, and in the future, Frank Mir or Fedor Emelianenko!

Prizes for the UFC 94 event are as follows:

1st Place in Predictions: Round5 MMA Sean Sherk Collectible Figurine and $2,500 Cageplay bucks.

2nd Place in Predictions: $2,000 Cageplay Bucks

3rd Place in Predictions: $1,500 Cageplay Bucks

4th to 6th place in Predictions: $1,000 Cageplay Bucks

7th to 10th Place in Predictions: $500 Cageplay Bucks

If you have not already, sign up at now for your chance to win these great prizes.

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