GSP Vaseline Controversy – Penn to Protest


Georges St-Pierre dominated BJ Penn at UFC 94. However, between rounds GSP’s corner men were reportedly rubbing Vaseline on St-Pierre’s shoulders and back.

Dana White was quoted after the post-fight press conference saying:

I saw the commission jump up there and flip out. They said that one of the guys was rubbing Vaseline on GSP’s back… in between one of the rounds, one and two, I think.

I personally didn’t see it, the commission did. And that’s about as illegal as you can get… I’m sure the commission is going to deal (with it).

You could have put Vaseline on from head to toe, that wasn’t the point, the point was you don’t do it. It’s illegal. The guy who did it needs to be punished, it’s not (St. Pierre’s) fault.  The question is what happens to a guy that does that. You’ve got to put the smack down on him. He should lose his license.

It seems that at some point between the first and second rounds, a St. Pierre cornerman allegedly applied Vaseline to St. Pierre’s back, an infraction of the rules.I don’t think that impacted the fight, I don’t.

An NSAC official is clearly shown trying to wipe down GSP between rounds on the UFC 94 telecast.

Penn’s camp alleges St-Pierre’s cornerman was applying Vaseline to his back in between rounds.   Josh Gross of Sports Illustrated commented that Rudy Valentino of BJ Penn’s camp stated that Penn will file a complaint with the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

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21 Responses to “ GSP Vaseline Controversy – Penn to Protest ”

  1. Ian Brewster says:

    And here we go lol =)

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  2. Sanguebom says:

    I wonder what will happen here.

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  3. LL says:

    Any fighter knows that by not replying to the Doctor when being asked questions (as BJ did), the fight must be stopped, as the Doctor was unable to assess BJ’s mental condition…Because of this fact, BJ took the easy way out and quit! And, by the way, every corner uses Vaseline…But I didn’t know Vaseline can contribute to a person fatiguing themselves out; or that it would prevent a fighter from defending themselves in the stand-up action…After hearing of the Vaseline b.s., I think my grand-father said it best: “A warrior is someone of honour, who does not seek death but is neither afraid of it…BJ Penn is definitely not a warrior, but simply a little whiner!”

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  4. Tru blu BJ fan says:

    LL- maybe instead of talking smack about an art such as MMA that you probably know nothing about and a warrior like BJ Penn WHOM you know nothing about, you should not quote your grandfather before he rolls in his grave. The trainer who applied the Vaseline to GSPs back even apologized for his actions. As for BJ penn, I see more of a warrior in him and is still one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world. He’s got more warrior in his heart and blood than most , and until you get in the octagon and know how it feels to actually fight, you might keep calling “whiner” for yourself.

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  5. Chris says:

    LL-braddah do you know what advantage of having vaseline rubbed all over your back and shoulders? we’ll here it goes…BJ PENN one of, if not the greatest BJJ Blackbelt in the world and on his own back is deadly and especially with his incredible flexibility. yeah GSP might have won the stand up battle but on his back he could not grip GSP because of the vaseline. how many times did his legs slip off? i would like to see you gain 15 lbs. in a couple months and fight someone who comes in 30lbs heavier than your natural weight…then we’ll see who’ll be whining…

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  6. whhhaaaaaaaa says:

    BJ Penn fans are all the same… they whine, they cry, they lost… and they were going to make him tap and GSP was to think he was GOD!!.. hahahahahaha he got destroyed, and it wasn’t close… if it was close you could argue it… he was checked at the beginning of the first round, and had nothing on him, he one that round easily… the second round when the infraction occured, it was wiped off…

    and for you guys who complain about him gaining weight for a fight and having to fight someone bigger… he wasn’t forced to do it, he was dumb enough to agree to it… YOU LOST!!!! GET OVER IT.

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  7. Sean Quinn says:

    Maybe, just maybe, the whiners need to go home, take off your shoes, lay down in bed, take 20 or 30 minutes and go fuck yourself.
    Maybe thats what you should do.

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  8. Stopcryin says:

    ha ha sean, I guess ole BJ ate his own words, thats all he does is cry from what I saw he got smoked and it had nothin to do with vaseline he is just a sore loser.

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  9. CJ says:

    GSP had his back greased,… i also heard he borrowed the plaster from margarita to put in his gloves….he used pine tar in the gloves….he was eating extra food and thats not fair… its also not fair he jumps before the fights… gsp was also farting in the octagon which is cheating because bj cant focus while smelling that. poor BJ! he didnt want to answer the doc, all he was able to do cry. can u blame him. leave him alone guys, i hear he has a bigger brother.

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  10. lol says:

    It was a wicked fight. If Dana didn’t see it, it most likely didn’t happen. They want BJ to come back and be the top light weight, so need an excuse for the lobsided outcome. If it happened, have a rematch and GPS would kick his ass again! Is sweat slippery – u betcha. What a red herring to pull on the best guy MMA has seen to date. George deserves better. BJ fans – go back to the correct Division for the lightweight. If GPS gets up against Silva – probably a mismatch as well. Best for these guys to stay in their natural weght classes, except if your Randy Coutier that is!

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  11. justin says:

    Wow! BJ Penn really is a pussy. I called this one months ago guys. Now he is gonna lose to Ken Flo. He needs to stay focused on his own weight class. Oh yeah…and he’s a pussy. I would put vaseline on my dick and slap him with it.

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  12. Sean Quinn says:

    justin, yer a moran.

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  13. jackson says:

    Here is my take. Fighters checked prior to entering the ring to make sure no substances applied to their bodies so GSP is clean then. GSP not touched during intros. According to forums and Dana White the incident supposedly occurred between rounds 1-2. Commisioner or representative saw it being applied. Stopped the application and supposedly had it removed. If the commision rep thought there was a serious infraction then the fight should have been delayed while it was removed. Have seen countless examples of this with globs of vaseline on eye wounds. If the commision rep was content and one suspects the referee was informed of the inicident and the fight progressed then no foul. Doesn’t tarnish win in my opinion, just tarnishes Penn’s image further.

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  14. Cactus says:

    Sounds like a bunch of whining BJ penn fans if you ask me. The big, bad prodigy brought down by some vaseline. Amazing. He got beat down horribly, could the vaseline have made all the difference no. Could it have saved him from having to quit out of the fight, possibly. The end results were inevitable. He needs to stay in his own weightclass and forget about the delusions of him owning multiple belts. He can’t handle it, he looked horribly out of shape. He got owned regardless of how you look at it.

    As for having to be in the ring to know wtf is going on? Spare me the fanboyism. I have much more respect for GSP than I ever would BJ penn. They both work hard, they both fight hard, they both train hard. To say that anyone who fights as hard as either of those fighters in UFC is not as much of a warrior is quite simply, a fanboy and has no valuble information to add.

    Personally, BJ penn brought this on himself by talking all that unnecessary crap to their crew. Maybe he should watch his mouth and not try to piss on the world around him.

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  15. shamarie says:

    fact is that GSP had vaseline which is a major major advantage
    GSP would have knocked BJ without it.

    it’s really about playing the game right.
    and vaseline on the body is illegal,
    also the Nevada State Commission people are the ones who called it
    get the facts straight

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  16. Dave says:

    If BJ Penn really believes that GSP cheated,then he should follow through with the complaint. The match should be declared a “no contest” the title held up and they should fight again. If you look at Penn in the corner the first round, you can see his corner man rubbing his face and then rubbing his back in the same motion with the same hand(Is this not the same thing GSP’s corner was doing). GSP has a very wide top(Lats) back frame, Penn has short legs he could not get his legs stretched far enough to hook them properly to maintain the hold(Look at the frames), not because GSP was oiled but because Penn could barely get his feet hooked. Without the leverage he had to slide his legs down to the middle of his back maintain the guard position. If you look at all of Penns previous fights he has not fought anybody with such wide lat muscles( Including Matt Huges).

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  17. Bodey says:

    From the Nevada State Athletic Commissions Unified Rules:

    “NAC 467.598 Physical appearance of unarmed combatants. (NRS 467.030)

    1. Each unarmed combatant must be clean and present a tidy appearance.

    2. The excessive use of grease or any other foreign substance may not be used on the face or body of an unarmed combatant. The referees or the Commission’s representative in charge shall cause any excessive grease or foreign substance to be removed.”

    Seems like a non issue to me….

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  18. doosh says:

    I love both fighters, but would have to say it looked real good on Penn talkin all kinds of shit, sayin he wanted to kill gsp during the fight. Then again reiterated he wanted to KILL him. The evidence is on you tube, the cornerman(men) clearly were trying to gain an edge. I really would have figured that gsp would have told them to stop if he knew about it, there is way too much pride in that man to cheat. The vaseline was wiped off in between rounds though, which means that Penn was getting KTFO by gsp regardless, just wish there was no controversy. The cornerman who did this shit needs to be dealt with for tarnishing the fight, what a douchebag! Hey Justin, you from San Fran, isn’t that where guys lube up their cocks and slap each other you fuckin’ homo.

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  19. Derek says:

    Pen is the man, gsp is an animal to say the leasat. But everyone says that gsp woulda messed em up anyway…dont think thats so much true. If penn coulda got his rubberguard locked up he woulda had way more control and he coulda worked his bjj alot more. But when a guy is slippery, and the slippery guy has you one your back and your a bjj guy all you know how to do is grapple and go for subs and revs, wellllll cant do any of those if the guy is more lubed up than a porno chick…=see my point? standing up i think gsp would get him regardless but the ground game is tough gsp is just a wrestler likes to lay on you and beat you up…and if you cant hold onto him thats exactly what hes gonna do…so say what you will but i think its bullshit that gsp even let his guy do that…i mean how dumb can you be he had to know..and secondly those vids show a can of what looks to be vasoline…in the end gsp was scared of penns ground game and subs, or his corner was anyway and they took penns only advantage away….thats not cheating? o

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  20. BJ PENN FAN says:

    BJ PENN DOMINATES FOREVER THE GROUND AND STAND UP. gsp cheated and got away with it. so unfair, the fight should have been declared no contest. the judges and the dana white saw the oil. fuck you all dam it. there’s one thing thats illegal in the octogon and its vasoline. not whatever you all are saying, stop trying to be apart of the octogon. dumb pompuses

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