Predator Coming to XCW 28 in Saskatoon



On Saturday, February 7th, XCW will hold its 28th edition of its MMA fights in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  XCW will also be flying in Patrick “Predator” Cote to the show as a special guest.  Cote last fought Anderson Silva for the UFC Middleweight title and is currently recovering from injury.

The event, XCW 28: Caged Gladiators, will feature a mix of professional and amateur MMA.  Once again, the show will be held at Ryly’s Nightclub.

XCW 28 Card

Mark Kahpeaysewat (Saskatoon, 0-1) vs Thomas Ross (Prince Albert, 1-0) 135 lbs

Bryce McCallum (Saskatoon, 1-0) vs Brad Allerie (Estevan, 0-0) 205 lbs

Nick Bell (Saskatoon, 1-0) vs Tyler Dunbar (Calgary, 0-0) 155 lbs

Chris Leduc (Assiniboia, 2-1 vs Eric Andre (Calgary, 0-0) 155 lbs

Junior Bigchild (Sunchild, 0-0) vs Kris Meyer (Calgary, 0-0) 155 lbs

Dustin Martins (Estevan, 0-1) vs Brandon Molinger (Humboldt, 0-0) 205 lbs

Fate Smith (Saskatoon, 1-1) vs Cody Molinger (Humboldt, 0-0) 185 lbs

Roddy Busler (Saskatoon, 1-2) vs Eric Wilson (Saskatoon, 0-0) 145 lbs

Kirk Thibault (Saskatoon, 0-3) vs Mitch Migneault (North Battleford, 0-0) 170 lbs

Marc Beausoli (Lloydminster, 2-0) vs Pierre Dumont (Lethbridge, 1-2) 145 lbs

Also may appear on the card (if opponent can be found):

  • Kurt Bailey (Estevan, 1-2)
  • Pat Sinclair (Estevan, 0-0)
  • Alex Kay (Regina, 4-2)
  • Gary Kopas (Saskatoon, 0-0)

For information or tickets call 1306.261.5425.

Cageplay encourages all MMA fans to support your local Mixed Martial Arts promotions!

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3 Responses to “ Predator Coming to XCW 28 in Saskatoon ”

  1. Mitchell Shott says:

    Eric Wilson should do good tonight, I grew up with the guy, he has the best attitude in any situation, and he’s a excellent fighter. Go for Eric!

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  2. Bob Hope says:

    Are the results up for this card on the net yet ?

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