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Canadian Fighting Championship has released their lineup for their February 6th event at the Winnipeg Convention Center.  There have been some last minute changes and the lineup is solid from top to bottom. This event has a unique blend of the best Kickboxing and MMA stars in the country.

In the Main Event, two of Canada’s best Strikers in Dangerous Dave Zuniga and Mark “Boots” Holst will be squaring off in a Muay Thai match at a catchweight of 160 pounds.  Zuniga is arguably the best 170 pound striker and Holst is arguably the best 155 striker in the country.  The catchweight of 160 pounds could help decide who the most feared striker in Canada is.

The Co-Main event will be Rodrigo Munduruca taking on Heath “The Messenger” Roth as the American Roth looks to ruin Munduruca’s undefeated record by using his superior striking skills to his advantage and do what he does best.  Munduruca on the other hand will be looking to take Roth down and submit him keeping his unbeaten streak alive.

When asked about this matchup Roth had this to say, “I would like to start by thanking the CFC for the opportunity to come and fight Rodrigo. I highly respect him as a fighter and what he’s accomplished in his jiu jitsu career.  I have been and will continue to train very hard for this fight and I will definitely be coming to put on a show for all the MMA fans in Canada.”

Robin Black, Rockstar and MMA competitor, is coming back to Winnipeg to take on the tough American Chad Vaudrin.  When asked about this matchup Black had this to say, “I love this sport, and I always try to treat it with the respect it deserves. I’ve trained so hard for this and I’m going to come into Winnipeg and get a win in my home town. I know there are people that have their doubts about me and I understand that. I’m just gonna respectfully win them over one fight at a time, one fan at a time. It starts February 6th at CFC in Winnipeg. With CFC being broadcast on The Fight Network, this is gonna be the first time most people will see me fight. So I’m gonna let it all hang out. There’s no way this guy will stop me. He’d have to kill me. With a gun.”

Top Canadian Middleweights Chris “The Warrior” Fontaine and Dan “Torture” Chambers are going to be competing to see who the best 185 non signed fighter is from Canada. The rest of the 185ers have deals with major organizations and this fight will have alot of people watching.

The rest of the card is as follows:

Lindsey Hawkes vs. Gabe Wallbridge (MMA)
Justin Barnard vs. Brandon McArthur (MMA)
Mark Durant vs. Neal Fox (Kickboxing)
Jon Henderson vs. Justin Smethhurst (Kickboxing)

Opponents are also being secured for Eric Perez, and Dominick Blais to round out the card with  two more MMA matchups. Canada’s MMA Sportsbook

3 Responses to “ Canadian Fighting Championship Lineup ”

  1. londonbum69 says:

    gsp is the best 170 pound fighter in canada,sorry to burst your bubble

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  2. Sean Quinn says:

    ummm i believe he said “best 170 lb STRIKER” thanx k bye

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  3. Unless GSP can outstrike Zuniga, I’m sticking to my guns.

    Zuniga has a KO win over Alex Ricci who won the Canadian Contenders Asia Tournament.

    He’s the real deal, as well as Mark Holst is.

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