RITC 33 Live in Lethbridge January 24


Rumble in the Cage is putting on the 33rd show this Saturday in Lethbridge, Alberta.  The event, taking place at the Roadhouse Bar, will feature a main event of Sean Merkl (3-1) vs Todd Mabbott (1-1).

Tickets are available from Ticketleap for $30.

RITC 33 Card

Sean Merkl 185 CMC vs. Todd Mabbott 185 A-Team

Neil Berry 185 CMC vs. Mike Rowbotham 185 Toronto

Mike Bullin 230 Inferno vs. Steven Ben Boon 250 Edmonton

Terry Nichol 155 CMC vs. Walter Swan 155 A-Team

Tim Tamaki 150 CMC vs. Rob Roy 150 Fernie

Kyle Coleman 170 BDB vs. Brent Keryluke 170 Wetaskwin

Landon Floen 170 Scheers vs. Jason Warshawsky 170 Fernie

Jonathon Cummings 170 CMC vs. Travis Brunner 170 Scheers

Brandt Dewsbery 170 CMC vs. Cody McDuff 170 Rocky Mt

Anthony Savino 253 IND vs. Ryan Fortin 260 Wetaskiwin

Shawn Locke 200 CMC vs. Francois Bourassa 203 Calgary

Eric Andre 155 Scheers vs. Mike Page 155 Rocky Mt

Spencer Rohovie 145lbs CMC vs  Mike Muise  Edmonton

Cageplay encourages all Canadian MMA fans to support their local promotions.

4 Responses to “ RITC 33 Live in Lethbridge January 24 ”

  1. Sean Quinn says:

    RITC always puts on a good show, its missing the Irish Touch, but its still a good show. But it really is missing the Irish, but its a really good show, even though it is definately lacking in Irish.
    Love you Lee and Jason.

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Would anyone happen to have the results from this card? It’s a long shot but a guy can try!

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  3. LOL… you crack me up Cody!

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