UMC Visits Yorkton on January 30



On January 30th, Ultimate Martial Arts Championships will be live at the Gallagher Centre in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.    This will be the 16th UMC event and it will feature a blend of Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing bouts.

UMC 16 Fight Card:

Rob Jones (Estevan, 0-0) vs Louis Fissette (WAMMA, Winnipeg, 0-0)  MMA

Brad Klassen (Ruha Muay Thai, Yorkton, 0-1) vs Mike Swatske (PFA, Lethbridge, 0-1) MMA

Tyler Dobko (Yorkton, 0-0) vs Rob Irvine (Estevan, 1-1) MMA

Justin Haugue (Alliance, Saskatoon 0-0) vs Kenny Weaslehead (PFA, Lethbridge, 1-1) KB

Brayden Whiting (Carlyle Infight, Carlyle 0-0) vs Jordan Davis (Ruha Muay Thai, Yorkton 0-0) KB

Phil Koldyck (Siam Kickboxing, Regina (0-0) vs Ryan Proux (WAMMA, Winnipeg 1-1) KB

Kolton Menzak (PFA, Lethbridge, 0-0) vs Vern Musqua (Ruha Muay Thai, Yorkton, 0-0) KB

Jason Unger (YMATC, Yorkton, 0-1) vs Troy Delamare (Regina, SK 1-7) MMA

Monte McNaughton (Carlyle Infight, Carlyle, 1-1) vs Joe Keesick (PFA, Lethbridge, 1-1) KB

Sergii Olstropoloski (Ruha Muay Thai, Yorkton 0-1) vs Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz WAMMA, Winnipeg, 1-1) MMA

Clay Belitski (YMATC, Yorkton 3-0) vs Dakota Kuntz (Moose  Jaw MMA, Moose Jaw 0-1) MMA

Tyson Steele (Alliance MMA, Saskatoon 2-0) vs Derek Boyle (PFA, Lethbridge 2-2) MMA

Tickets are on sale now at Cab Clothing, the Spot Night Club, and at the Gallagher Centre.  Cab Clothing can do credit cards over the phone, 306-782-4747

General – $30
Front row – $75
Corporate table – $800 for 8 people (ringside) encourages you to support your local MMA scene !

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20 Responses to “ UMC Visits Yorkton on January 30 ”

  1. Sean Quinn says:

    Those guys are all ugly as sin.

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  2. Sean Quinn says:

    Im bored, so i think i will just start talking with myself…or maybe ill do a monologue. Lets see what happens. Ill be in Yorkton, there could be some interesting fights, Sask has a lot of up and comers now. I know that Tyson Steele is a big ugly Saskabeast. I think that he will be enjoyable to watch. Last time i saw him fight he choked a dude out cold while dude was standing ala…damn, cant think of which fight that was. Oh well, im sure Luke knows which one i was thinking of. Oh by the way, i dont do paragraphs when im rambling, sorry. Where are these fights again? Oh ya Yorkton, i was there at the last fights and they were good. I know Jeff has been pretty busy with the new gym so Nolan has had to pick up the slack for him. It will be interesting to see how Nolan is able to put this all together. My understanding is that everything is coming along quite nicely. Robin, you sux. So do you Doerkson. Joe Doerkson may be in attendance, i know he was talking about it. Havent heard from him since he went to Ireland to corner Jeremy Horn. Im Irish you know. I love potatoes and fighting. I like Guiness too, but tend to get drunk way too easy. On New Years eve, i got drunk by drinking a Mickey of Irish Whiskey. Marc-Andre likes boys. On New Years day i vowed never to drink again. On January 17th i had a Guiness. Ive gotta go check another website to see whats happening. I will check in again soon.

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  3. haha Nice! You should do a daily monologue.

    Can post it on the Sean Quinn page when we set it up!

    We love the Irish and we love our Quinn!

    Cya on Feb 6th at CFC!

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Quinn, how may different rooms/forums/boards/ my facebook are you currently zinging me on?

    I’m moderately impressed.

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  5. Sean Quinn says:

    I trash tal you all day long. Mostly because I like and repect you, but partially because you wore a pink tank top with a pink bandana.

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Some may call it an obsession. I just think you are in love with me.

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  7. Sean Quinn says:

    What is love anyways, i mean really, who’s to say a guy cant love another guy without it being gay? Seriously. Doerksen loves me, but i doubt that he is gay. Well, maybe a little. Not totally gay though, for the most part.

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  8. I love all you guys and I’m not gay.

    To quote Foreigner.
    “I wanna know what love is
    I want you to show me
    I wanna feel what love is
    I know you can show me”

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  9. Sean Quinn says:

    This weekend bitches.

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  10. Adam Lorenz says:

    I will be there as well to corner two “Saskabeasts” (including the aforementioned Tyson Steele)…but mostly to cuddle with Quinn once he is drunk, he apparently gets drunk fast so lucky me.

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  11. Sean Quinn says:

    I am happy to see you post on here Adam. I am also looking forward to cuddling you this weekend. No drinking though, im training for UFC fight soon. I joined an ultimate fighting gym and have been doing a LOT of push ups on medicine balls.

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  12. Adam Lorenz says:

    Nice, I hear that is good for a real deep burn.
    I have been putting in lots of time on the stationary bike…in a sauna suit…it gets me super hot, like so haaawt *ssssssizzle*

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  13. Sean Quinn says:

    ooooooooooooo that sthounds stho hawt im justh sthweaty thinking about it.
    now sthtop being ghey.

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  14. Sean Quinn says:

    I forgot to ask, have you guys taught Tyson anything yet OTHER than a RNC? I mean, its kinda been done.

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  15. Adam Lorenz says:

    One day he will be 10-0 all by RNC lol!
    I am sure he will be trying for #4 on Friday.

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  16. Sean Quinn says:

    I had 4 in a row!! Then i lost a damned fight. Now its been a mix of submissions, decision and KO since then.

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  17. svlen texas says:

    i dunno which fights yous guys were watchin but the real ones were out side . awsome stuff. girls usin mace, bunch of people jumping one guy. it was all good

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  18. Sean Quinn says:

    I avoid those fights, and i hate mace.

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  19. The real action is in the Cage.

    Cageplay will have people there covering the event.

    Quinn better stay away from the shenanigans out there!

    I prefer when Quinn is the shenanigan, not where there are people being Maced and jumped with multiple attackers. That’s not MMA related at all.

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  20. svlen texas says:

    yeah true but its f&^%$^$#^%$ing yorkton related

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