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Today, Fedor Emelianenko met with the media to promote his upcoming fight with Andrei Arlovski at Affliction Day of Reckoning January 24th in Los Angeles.  Tom Atencio, Vadim Finkelstein, Donald Trump Jr, and Cageplay.com were all on the call.  The Day of Reckoning fight card looks great and it promises to be one of the best cards in 2009.

Donald Trump Jr. started the call off stating, “We are very excited to put on the show.  Phenomenal. I have been going since early elementary school with my father to these fights. I  really look forward to the Fedor fight.”

Later, Trump was asked about the UFC.  He responded, ” The UFC recognizes the  quality of our fighters. We want to put on a great show.  With a one horse race, you lose sight of that.  We want to put on enhanced events.  We are not throwing some cards out there. We are not throwing out 20 shows a year and hoping someone will watch.  We have a great base, best fighters in the world.  UFC does not have a good business model assuming they are the only game in town.”

The majority of the questions were posed to Fedor:

Why won’t the UFC co-promote?

Fedor – “It would be better for the evolution of the sport for UFC to work with others.  Who knows what is on their mind?”

What do you think about Freddie Roach questioning your boxing skills?

Fedor – “He is entitled to his opinion.  I know that I don’t have a perfect boxing style.  I have certain flaws and I work on those.”

How is going leading up to Day of Reckoning?

Tom Atencio – “Things are going extremely well.  Sales are going well.  We opened up more seating.  I am like a little kid in the candy story. Very excited.”

What do you think of the belt you won at the last Affliction card?

Fedor – “It is an honor.  I don’t place significance on the belts.  Most previous belts are kept at my sports school…I left this (WAMMA) belt in America with Tom Atencio as its very heavy.”

If you look to the future, where will you get new Affliction prospect?

Tom Atencio – “M1 Global is already our farm system.  Kiril Sidelnikov is fighting on this card.  We are looking 2, 5, 10 years down the line.”

Andrei compared you to Mike Tyson.  Are any opponents intimidated getting in the ring with you?

Fedor – “I concentrate on my preparation and how I am feeling and not on my opponents.”

What are Andrei Arlovski’s strength and weaknesses ?

Fedor – ” He is one of the best fighters in the world today.  He is dangerous.  Difficult preparing for him as he is so well rounded. ”

Last fight you got up from playing cards, did not work up sweat, went out and beat Tim Sylvia in 36 seconds.  How are you so calm?

Fedor – “That is not an accurate account.  I don’t come into the fight cold.  I am completely stretched out and worked out.  I come prepared as if it will be the most difficult fight in my life.”

Are you as calm on the inside as you appear?  Did you always have that ability?

Fedor – “When I am in the ring, I am calm inside and outside.  It is something that comes with time.  It is part of the training process.  I work at controlling my emotions.  Early in career I had trouble controlling emotions.  I put more and more emphasis on that as part of the training process.”

How do you compare Andrei’s striking to other fighters you have faced like Cro Cop?

Fedor – “Andrei is a different type of fighter but just as dangerous.  He is not like Nogueira.  He is not as dangerous with submission moves, but there are many ways that Andrei can hurt you.  His striking is not any lesser than anyone else I have fought.”

What are your thoughts on getting MMA sanctioned in New York?

Tom Atencio – “I am focused on this event.  I would love to see MMA legal in New York.”

“Who should we look for as up and comers from your camp, Vadim?”

Vadim Finkelstein –   “We have a lot of guys that worked with Fedor and other camps that will be on the show.  Kiril Sidelnikov will be on the show.  A lot of fighters on M-1 Challenge will be on a higher level next year including Mikhail Zayats and Gegard Mousasi.”

How are kicks coming in training camp?

Alexander Vasilyevich Michkov (Fedor trainer) – “We are training like usual.  Our routine has been more or less the same.”

Is he going to show up and just fight wherever the fight goes?

Alexander Vasilyevich Michkov – “Two aspects.  Getting ready for the fight is always the same and there are nuances that we work on depending on who the opponent is.  There are definitely specific ways that we prepare for different opponents.”

Fedor – “Mentally, I am always there.  Physically we are still working on speed and accuracy.”

Fedor what is your strategy to win this fight?  Do you find pressure to maintain your #1 fighter in the world standing?

Fedor – “I don’t have any specific strategy for Arlovski.  It depends on what he has to offer to me and what I have to offer to him.  Depending on what may occur in the fight, we have specific strategies.  I honestly never think about number one ranking.”

You have pride in russia and fighting for Russia.  Arlovski is from your region of the world – Belarus – comment on that.

Fedor – “First and foremost when I come out I will be representing Russia.  For my people and my countrymen.”

Is it difficult to be in Russia winter for training?

Fedor – “The training camp went just as usual.  Winter or weather pose no difficulties for him.  I am always there to get maximum effort and winter makes no difference.”

Vladamir Vronov (Head Trainer) – “weather does not make a difference.”

Vladamir, can you respond to Freddie Roach’s comments on Fedor’s boxing?

Vladamir Vronov – “I like people who talk less and perform more.  Women are the ones who talk a lot and men are the ones to get in the ring.”

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  1. Don says:

    “I like people who talk less and perform more. Women are the ones who talk a lot and men are the ones to get in the ring.” – Bwaaa haaa haaa Perhaps Freddie Roach and Vladimir Vronov should get in the ring too :)

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  2. Kevin says:

    You beat me to that one, That comment is almost as good as the “how tastes my pee pee” by Arlovski

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  3. Jason says:

    You hear that ladies? Less talky, more fighty. ;)

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