Dan Severn in the Cage for Iroquois MMA 7


Iroquois MMA 7

At 53 years of age, is Dan Severn too old to enter the cage once again?  I will not be the one to tell him that.   In fact, last year he even beat recent UFC fighter Colin Robinson.  Maybe Severn is slowing down though, he only fought four times in 2008 going 3-1 and has since had an eight month layoff.  In 2007, the Beast fought an incredible eight times finishing the year at 7 – 1!!!

Severn, who fought last year and won at Iroquois MMA Championships (IMMAC), will be returning to Hagersville to face Will Richey (1-1) as previously announced by IMMAC matchmaker Jason King in an interview with Cageplay last month.  The card will be held on January 24 at the ILA Arena.

In other action, IMMAC will hand out their Lightweight title to the winner of a bout between Scott Bickerstaff and William Davis.  As always, there will be a sprinkling of Muay Thai on the card. David Hale from Iron Tiger Muay Thai will fight on the card.  A women’s Muay Thai match will also be fought between Cotofana Anna Marie and Petra Jannsen Van Doren.

IMMAC 7 Card

Dan Severn vs Will Richey

Scott Bickerstaff vs William “Stryder” Davis
155lb Lightweight title fight

Cotofana Anna Marie vs Petra Jannsen Van Doren (Muay Thai)

Chris Vorano vs Stephan Lemarche

“Money” Mike Roberts vs Ben “The Hitman” Jamieson

Keith “Hammer” Nesbitt vs Dave Hale (Muay Thai)

Denis Puric vs Sean Torrand

Jay Dewnf vs Louis Philipe Carle

Ivan Zenku vs Kevin LaRose

Ticket prices have been reduced to $60 and $30 for this event.  “Its a little gift from IMMAC,” Jason King tells Cageplay.  “We have lowered prices to give people a chance to recover from the holidays.”   Ticket information is available on website at www.iqmma.ca.  As well, fans who cannot make the event in person can watch it live on the website for $9.99.

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  1. Card Update: The Scott Bickerstaff vs William “Stryder” Davis fight is no longer on the IMMAC 7 card this weekend.

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