Canadian Fighting Championship Debuts Feb. 6th



Canadian Fighting Championship is set to host their inaugural event on February 6th at the Winnipeg Convention Center. The card is full of top Canadian talent, as well as some of the best up and comers.

So far 7 fights have been finalized for the card. More news to follow.

CFC Card

Rodrigo Munduruca (Undefeated – Canada’s TOP Heavyweight) vs. Kirk Klosowsky (Undefeated – Brock Lesnar’s sparring partner)

Dave Zuniga vs. Douglas Edwards (5 Rounds Muay Thai)

Chris Fontaine vs. Dan Chambers (TOP Canadian Middleweights)

Robin Black vs. Chad Baudrin (The return of Robin Black as he looks to redeem himself and show the world what he is capable of)

Mark Durant vs. Neil Fox (3 Rounds Muay Thai)

Eric Perez vs. Dean Lewis

Jon Henderson vs. Justin Smethhurst (3 Rounds Muay Thai)

Opponents are being secured for top local rising starts Lindsey Hawkes, Domnick Blais, and undefeated Justin Barnard.

9 Responses to “ Canadian Fighting Championship Debuts Feb. 6th ”

  1. Sean Quinn says:

    Perez and Black fighting in the same night!!!!! I will do everything i can to make it there. Robin you need to bring me a pink bandana and i will make my own shirt, dont you worry, it will be, umm, classy…

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  2. Would love to have you out at the event.

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  3. chelle-girl says:

    i dont know about Rodrigo Munduruca being Canada’s top heavy weight.

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  4. Who would you have rated higher at Heavy?

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  5. chelle-girl says:

    both Tim Hauge and Nick Penner.

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  6. Neither guy would fight him.

    I’m a fan of both Tim and Nick, but believe Rod to be in a different league. (NO disrespect intended)

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  7. mmafan says:

    I agree Tim and Nick have not really taken on any high caliber guys. Rod has finished lots of experienced guys.

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  8. Dwight Sutherland says:

    This looks to be an exciting card with great fighters!
    Im looking forward to it.
    And Good Luck To The Fighters.

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  9. Chris says:

    For Heavyweight… Krzysztof Soszynski even though he currently is doing the LHW thing… but really how many talented HW Canadians is there? Saying Rodrigo is #1 isn’t a far fetched statement.

    Now saying those two guys are top canadian middleweights… I would probably put 5-10 canucks ahead of them….

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