Cageplay UFC 93 Breakdown by Luke Boutin


UFC 93 Breakdown by Luke Boutin

UFC 93 is set for Dublin, Ireland this Saturday, January 17.  Since Cageplay went 0-3 in picking winners of the top three fights at UFC 92, we have decided once again to get one of the top Cageplay players to make picks for us.  Luke Boutin defeated the field for the last Cageplay event, K-1 Dynamite.    Luke had a fantastic 70% success rate when picking fights in 2008 so this Cageplayer knows his MMA.  Interestingly, Luke did not take the easy road with his UFC 93 predictions.  He has chosen a different winner than the rest of the Cageplayers in 40% of the UFC 93 fights. 

Cageplay would like to thank Luke Boutin for being a good sport and doing a great job with these predictions!!  Make sure you make your own picks at to win some fabulous prizes including fight gear and MMA tickets.

Franklin vs Henderson
Tough fight to pick.  Both guys have great stand-up.  Henderson obviously has the wrestling advantage, while Franklin has the better ground game.  I think it might come down to toughness and with that I’m picking Hendo by UD.  I’m expecting Hendo to stand for a while, then use his superior wrestling to get the job done.

Luke Boutin’s Pick: Hendo Unanimous Decision

Cageplay Readers’ Pick (so far): Franklin 57%

Coleman vs Shogun
Should be an easy fight to pick providing Shogun has fully recovered from his knee problems.  Coleman has not fought in over two years and he is 44 years old.  He was already looking tp have lost a step 2 years ago.  More time away from the cage will probably only further that problem.  Shogun takes this one in the first.  I’m thinking he overwhelms Coleman with strikes to get the TKO.

Luke Boutin’s Pick: Shogun TKO R1

Cageplay Readers’ Pick (so far): Shogun 89%

Kang vs Belcher
Finally Denis Kang gets a shot in the UFC.  Kang should be the better fighter in every aspect of the fight.  It’s a question of whether Kang gets lazy and makes a mistake like he did vs Mousasi.  Kang looked great in a dominant TKO victory over Marvin “the Beastman” Eastman in October and has the potential to be a top 5 MW. I think he will pull this one out in his debut with the company and catch Belcher with strikes in the second.

Luke Boutin’s Pick: Kang TKO R2

Cageplay Readers’ Pick (so far): Kang 90%

Davis vs Lytle
Expect a war.  Lots of bombs standing and not a lot of ground work.  Both guys are tough as nails and it will probably come down to the judges.  I think Lytle will take it.  He looked a little spent after his last fight with Paul Taylor.  I expect Lytle to either have better cardio this time or to be smarter with the punches he throws so he does not get so winded this time.

Luke Boutin’s Pick: Lytle by Unanimous Decision

Cageplay Readers’ Pick (so far): Davis 59%

Horn vs Palhares
There are not too many fighters with more experience than Jeremy Horn.  With that being said, Palhares has looked very impressive in his first 2 fights inside the octagon (Dominating Salaverry and losing a tough decision to Hendo).  Horn has had a rough go in his lastfew fights.  I think Horn will struggle to keep the fight standing but in the end Palhares will get it to the ground and get the submission win.

Luke Boutin’s Pick: Palhares by SUB R2

Cageplay Readers’ Pick (so far): Palhares 74%

Drwal vs Serati
Poland vs Italy in this one.  Both fighters come in with solid records Drwal (14-2)-Serati (10-2).  Tough fight to pick.  I am going with Drwal in theis one.  While Serati is 4-0 in his last 4 fights, he has been fighting guys with losing records.  Drwal has been fighting the slighty better competition lately and I expect this experience to help him out in this one.  Drwal by TKO in the second.

Luke Boutin’s Pick: Drwal TKO R2

Cageplay Readers’ Pick (so far): Serati 55%

Egan vs Hathaway
I’m gonna be honest on this one.  I haven’t heard anything about either of these fighters so I’m going entirely based on their records.  Egan is 3-0 against guys with a combined record of 1-7.  While Hathoway’s opponents haven’t done much better at least he’s fought a lot more and on a bigger stage (Cage Rage).  Hathoway takes this one, since he’s won his last 3 by TKO I’ll go with that.

Luke Boutin’s Pick: Hathaway TKO R1

Cageplay Readers’ Pick (so far): Hathaway 81%

Siver vs Mohr
Couple of big Lightweights taking each other on in this one.  Siver has had a rough go in his last couple fights having to take on Guillard and Maynard, but showed his toughness in the Maynard fight.  I think Siver withstands Mohr’s boxing skills and takes him out by sub in the second.

Luke Boutin’s Pick: Siver SUB R2

Cageplay Readers’ Pick (so far): Mohr 67%

Kampmann vs Barros
Kampmann finally drops to welterweight which should be a much better weight class for him to showcase his abilities.  Barros is coming into the fight on a 7 fight win streak, most being by decision.  I don’t think Barros will be able to last the entire fight.  At 5’7″ Barros will be at a big height disadvantage to Kampmann’s 6′.  5 inches for a striker like Kampmann could mean all the difference in this fight.  Kampmann by TKO.

Luke Boutin’s Pick: Kampmann TKO R2

Cageplay Readers’ Pick (so far): Kampmann  95%

Schafer vs Mendes
Mendes has shown some solid stand-up in his MMA career.  Rumour is Mendes has joined ATT to improve his ground game which would be a great move for any fighter.  I think it just happened a little too late.  Ravishing Red has a solid ground game and I think he will use it to wear the Samurai down and grind out a sub in the second round.

Luke Boutin’s Pick: Schafer SUB R2

Cageplay Readers’ Pick (so far): Schafer 66%

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  1. Bad jUjU says:

    I’m with you 80%. Same choices I made except for Davis in UFC fantasy. Good call.

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  2. Luke put it on the line with some public predictions and got 8 out of 10 correct. Very nice.

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